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Austione chapter 5 . 4/16
They are so perfect as a new couple, judging by the many chapters to come this can't last!
carococo09 chapter 60 . 4/8
Loved it all ! The music, the coast living, the caracters… I smiled, laughed, blushed… I was touched by your story so much. Being grateful is a huge part of my day to day life…I leave on a small island, with my little daughter and my husband witch I'm blessed to love for almost 20 years now with this special connection your Wil and Lizzie have… thank you very much Cat for this great great journey ! I'm about to start your another fic…can't wait !
ebdarcy.qt4good chapter 60 . 3/31
Cute! Such a well-written, intriguing, and captivating story. I enjoyed reading it a lot!
Dimac99 chapter 60 . 3/16
Really loved this; so much drama, angst and love. The descriptions of the wonderful setting were great and I feel bad that I forgot to tell you as much when I reviewed your other long fic. You really made the unusual settings come to life, especially that fabulous island in the other fic.

Your characterisations were great and the prickly start and later problems between Lizzie & Will were very believable. Honestly, Will was such an arse, there was a part of me thinking he didn't deserve to get Lizzie back! I really didn't like how judgmental he was about about either his sister or Lizzie taking erotic photos (before the truth came out) and I feel like both let him off too lightly, but obviously they had good reasons for forgiving him. And his reaction to Richard's relationship was well out of line. I'm absolutely against violence, but I would have cheered if Richard had punched him! Lizzie's parents were wonderfully awful and you've really made me look at Mr Bennet in a different light. I think perhaps I've been to lenient on him in the past. And Mr Collins was wonderfully useless-creepy!

I liked that you weren't afraid to have Lizzie make mistakes and show questionable judgment at times, I know how difficult it can be with the most author-identifiable character. I thought she was well rounded and I loved her choice of career. (I do wish she had been eager to get back to it after motherhood, but that's one of those things that no-one knows how they'll feel about till it happens to them.)

My only real criticism is that no-one ever explicitly said to Georgiana that she did NOT have a responsibility to go to the police. A sexual assault survivor's only responsibility is to themselves and what they need to do for their own good and they are never responsible for anything a rapist does, including anything that hapens after their own attack. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm going off on a lecture, it's just something I feel very strongly about, but please don't mistake me, this was a wonderful fic and I'm already looking forward to rereading it. Even though I spent a lot of time wanting to slap Will for being a wanker!
EvelynRo chapter 60 . 3/12
This relocated to California girl although my heart will always be in Old Lyme, would like to thank you, Cat, for a wonderful experience. Many places in this book were near and dear to my heart.

Your writing style, wit, warmth and imparting of a tremendous joie de vivre have made this wonderful journey known as Dance the Tides an absolute pleasure. I am sure that I will re-read this book just for the joy it brought. My selfish side wants to rush right into Santuary but I want to savor this one a bit more.

Congratulations on a book well written and I hope you creative endeavours continue.
EvelynRo chapter 51 . 3/11
Small beta comment. Instead of "that property revert back to the Bennets" shouldn't it be "that property revert back to the Gardners"?
EvelynRo chapter 39 . 3/10
It took 39 chapters of Will' s guitar playing to finally get to the beautiful hobo, oh my. But what an apology. On the much vaulted chapter 40.
EvelynRo chapter 34 . 3/10
So in the middle of a dozen chapters of angst our dear author has Elizabeth ask "Why doesn't someone just drop a house on me and get it over with?"

Laugh out loud, priceless, wicked sense of humour.
EvelynRo chapter 31 . 3/10
Did not see that one coming
EvelynRo chapter 29 . 3/10
Love your metaphors. Love your conversational style. Hate the angst! But you warned us it was coming many, many times in many, many ways.
EvelynRo chapter 24 . 3/10
Seduced. Our dear girl must be delighted. And I agree, Lydia and George Newsweek.
EvelynRo chapter 25 . 3/10
I'm up to part 4 so thoughts of what I have read so far:

Elizabeth as in Canon is prejudiced (although we might also see it as insecure, or predisposed to think the worst)

Darcy is proud (self-confident and definitely suffering BOD, Blindingly Obvious Disorder, when it comes to how women think. I suspect he has more lessons to learn before he becomes "a better man".)

George and Lydia our dear author said it best a few chapters back: reassessed!

I love this Georgiana, Jane and Charles. I've always thought in Canon that their reward to effort expended was disproportionate.

The bad guys, George, Collins, Mrs Bennet, Caroline are really, really bad and I certainly hope they get theirs.

As to the love scenes, our author is a very lucky woman, has a very vivid imagination or both. Either way this reader is delighted.

And this reader is also very grateful that their are 60 chapters so that I can enjoy the lovely ride. I am tempted to build a playlist from the music offerings. If one exists please let me know. And I will definitely be reading Sanctuary next.
EvelynRo chapter 9 . 3/9
To quote a line from Sweet Caroline which in this story is almost an oxymoron:

"So good, so good, so good!"
EvelynRo chapter 8 . 3/9
Love your writing style. Love how well you do conversation. Most fan fiction authors can only write in complete sentences which become very stilted very quickly.

But most of all, love all four of the main characters. On to Cruella Caroline.
HarnGin chapter 37 . 1/11
I am very disappointed to learn that Jane has either read or seen the "New Moon" film. Oh, well, maybe Lydia forced her! :D
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