Reviews for Guardian of Altomare
Guest chapter 1 . 8/6
Dire Wolf Species:
1. Shiba Dire wolves
2. Arabian Dire wolves
3. Corellian Dire wolves
4. Rubicund Dire wolves
5. Japanese Dire wolves
6. Chongqing Dire wolves
7. Tasmanian Dire wolves
8. Chesapeake Dire wolves
9. Jellielandian Dire wolves
10. Madagascar Dire wolves
11. Tutankhamun Dire wolves
12. Transylvanian Dire wolves
13. Saintongeois Dire wolves
14. Baluchistan Dire wolves
15. Lapponian Dire wolves
16. Hungarian Dire wolves
17. Greenland Dire wolves
18. Sardinian Dire wolves
19. Alayssian Dire wolves
20. Sumatran Dire wolves
21. Brazilian Dire wolves
22. Egyptian Dire wolves
23. Yakutian Dire wolves
24. Sakhalin Dire wolves
25. Karelian Dire wolves
26. Galician Dire wolves
26. Bosnian Dire wolves
27. Persian Dire wolves
28. Istrian Dire wolves
29. Jindo Dire wolves
30. Tosa Dire wolves
31. Trinil Dire wolves
3 chapter 20 . 6/22
i wonder
will latios like Bianca in this story
I've seen it before
Guest chapter 1 . 6/8
I must say I'm glad unova exsists :3 or my favorite Pokémon Chandelure wouldn't exsist
Guest chapter 1 . 4/11
People in Pallet hating the Guardian of Alto Mare (Not Altomare! There is a space!) makes no sense. Him being everything Ash wanted to be (let's ignore the fact he and Ash are one and the same so we can assume the viewpoint of the people of Pallet) gives no viable reason for an entire town to hate him. From what they know, he had nothing to do with Ash and he didn't exactly steal his position from Ash. That, and there is no possible way Ash could have returned so many pokémon by hand in such a short space of time.

Also, sorry but, why did Ash decide to leave all of his friends and go train in the art of aura? I suppose if you factor in Latias and how interspecies relationships are apparently illegal in most regions in this, it makes sense, but abandoning all of his friends for seven years - implied much longer if he hadn't been uncovered - seems a little excessive...

- Happy writing.
Legodood93 chapter 36 . 1/23
holy shit
yoy56 chapter 17 . 1/3
Why is everyone in the Pokemon world an idiot as soon as a saw what was on the shards I saw what it said (this may or may not have to do with it being the chapter name.)
Square Root -1 chapter 8 . 11/30/2016
Argh, that huge paragraph .
Square Root -1 chapter 1 . 11/26/2016
I know it's just for fun in this case, but it's best not to say "FLASHBACK", etc. during said scenes. The reader should be able to tell when a flashback begins and ends from the flow of the story.

If you have to put that, the only message you're sending out is that the prose has failed. With careful structuring of your text, it shouldn't be necessary. The text and prose will flow much more smoothly.
Shelby-The-Red-Mew chapter 3 . 10/19/2016
WHAT GRRRRRRR... IF I EVER SEE THAT BLOODY GALLADE IMA-)$&?87.&:$/,& £"!._?./6:8 .?-).,- &$\~_?¥£]~[¥*{?[¥\£.,!
Guest chapter 4 . 8/23/2016
Brasileiro Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Brasileiro Leopard Beovelociraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beoutahraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beopyroraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beovariraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beograciliraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beonykoraptor
Brasileiro Leopard Beoacceraptor

Saintongeois Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Saintongeois Leopard Beovelociraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoutahraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beopyroraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beovariraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beograciliraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beonykoraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoacceraptor

Saintongeois Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Saintongeois Leopard Beovelociraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoutahraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beopyroraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beovariraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beograciliraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beonykoraptor
Saintongeois Leopard Beoacceraptor

Komodo Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Komodo Leopard Beovelociraptor
Komodo Leopard Beoutahraptor
Komodo Leopard Beopyroraptor
Komodo Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Komodo Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Komodo Leopard Beovariraptor
Komodo Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Komodo Leopard Beograciliraptor
Komodo Leopard Beonykoraptor
Komodo Leopard Beoacceraptor

Arachnokiller Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Arachnokiller Leopard Beovelociraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beoutahraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beopyroraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beovariraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beograciliraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beonykoraptor
Arachnokiller Leopard Beoacceraptor

Asiatic Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Asiatic Leopard Beovelociraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beoutahraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beopyroraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beovariraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beograciliraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beonykoraptor
Asiatic Leopard Beoacceraptor

Madagascar Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Madagascar Leopard Beovelociraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoutahraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beopyroraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beovariraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beograciliraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beonykoraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoacceraptor

Madagascar Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Madagascar Leopard Beovelociraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoutahraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beopyroraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beovariraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beograciliraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beonykoraptor
Madagascar Leopard Beoacceraptor

Mallorquin Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Mallorquin Leopard Beovelociraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beoutahraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beopyroraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beovariraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beograciliraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beonykoraptor
Mallorquin Leopard Beoacceraptor

Iberian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Iberian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Iberian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Iberian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Iberian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Iberian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Iberian Leopard Beovariraptor
Iberian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Iberian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Iberian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Iberian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Karelian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Karelian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Karelian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Karelian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Karelian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Karelian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Karelian Leopard Beovariraptor
Karelian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Karelian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Karelian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Karelian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Scimitar Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Scimitar Leopard Beovelociraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beoutahraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beopyroraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beovariraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beograciliraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beonykoraptor
Scimitar Leopard Beoacceraptor

Mortiferous Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Mortiferous Leopard Beovelociraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beoutahraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beopyroraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beovariraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beograciliraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beonykoraptor
Mortiferous Leopard Beoacceraptor

Eskimo Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Eskimo Leopard Beovelociraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beoutahraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beopyroraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beovariraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beograciliraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beonykoraptor
Eskimo Leopard Beoacceraptor

Calormene Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Calormene Leopard Beovelociraptor
Calormene Leopard Beoutahraptor
Calormene Leopard Beopyroraptor
Calormene Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Calormene Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Calormene Leopard Beovariraptor
Calormene Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Calormene Leopard Beograciliraptor
Calormene Leopard Beonykoraptor
Calormene Leopard Beoacceraptor

Caucasian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Caucasian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beovariraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Caucasian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Australian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Australian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Australian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Australian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Australian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Australian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Australian Leopard Beovariraptor
Australian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Australian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Australian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Australian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Krakatova Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Krakatova Leopard Beovelociraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beoutahraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beopyroraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beovariraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beograciliraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beonykoraptor
Krakatova Leopard Beoacceraptor

Hungarian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Hungarian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beovariraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Hungarian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Uruguayo Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Uruguayo Leopard Beovelociraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beoutahraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beopyroraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beovariraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beograciliraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beonykoraptor
Uruguayo Leopard Beoacceraptor

Mongolian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Mongolian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beovariraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Mongolian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Thailand Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Thailand Leopard Beovelociraptor
Thailand Leopard Beoutahraptor
Thailand Leopard Beopyroraptor
Thailand Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Thailand Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Thailand Leopard Beovariraptor
Thailand Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Thailand Leopard Beograciliraptor
Thailand Leopard Beonykoraptor
Thailand Leopard Beoacceraptor

Cave Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Cave Leopard Beovelociraptor
Cave Leopard Beoutahraptor
Cave Leopard Beopyroraptor
Cave Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Cave Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Cave Leopard Beovariraptor
Cave Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Cave Leopard Beograciliraptor
Cave Leopard Beonykoraptor
Cave Leopard Beoacceraptor

Belgian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Belgian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Belgian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Belgian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Belgian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Belgian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Belgian Leopard Beovariraptor
Belgian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Belgian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Belgian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Belgian Leopard Beoacceraptor
Guest chapter 4 . 8/23/2016
African Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
African Leopard Beovelociraptor
African Leopard Beoutahraptor
African Leopard Beopyroraptor
African Leopard Beoaustroraptor
African Leopard Beoairakoraptor
African Leopard Beovariraptor
African Leopard Beodakotaraptor
African Leopard Beograciliraptor
African Leopard Beonykoraptor
African Leopard Beoacceraptor

Indian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Indian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Indian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Indian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Indian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Indian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Indian Leopard Beovariraptor
Indian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Indian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Indian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Indian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Persian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Persian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Persian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Persian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Persian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Persian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Persian Leopard Beovariraptor
Persian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Persian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Persian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Persian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Arabian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Arabian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Arabian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Arabian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Arabian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Arabian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Arabian Leopard Beovariraptor
Arabian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Arabian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Arabian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Arabian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Himalayan Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Himalayan Leopard Beovelociraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beoutahraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beopyroraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beovariraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beograciliraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beonykoraptor
Himalayan Leopard Beoacceraptor

Anatolian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Anatolian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beovariraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Anatolian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Sri Lankan Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Sri Lankan Leopard Beovelociraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beoutahraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beopyroraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beovariraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beograciliraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beonykoraptor
Sri Lankan Leopard Beoacceraptor

Snow Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Snow Leopard Beovelociraptor
Snow Leopard Beoutahraptor
Snow Leopard Beopyroraptor
Snow Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Snow Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Snow Leopard Beovariraptor
Snow Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Snow Leopard Beograciliraptor
Snow Leopard Beonykoraptor
Snow Leopard Beoacceraptor

Zanzibar Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Zanzibar Leopard Beovelociraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beoutahraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beopyroraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beovariraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beograciliraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beonykoraptor
Zanzibar Leopard Beoacceraptor

Clouded Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Clouded Leopard Beovelociraptor
Clouded Leopard Beoutahraptor
Clouded Leopard Beopyroraptor
Clouded Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Clouded Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Clouded Leopard Beovariraptor
Clouded Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Clouded Leopard Beograciliraptor
Clouded Leopard Beonykoraptor
Clouded Leopard Beoacceraptor

Polar Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Polar Leopard Beovelociraptor
Polar Leopard Beoutahraptor
Polar Leopard Beopyroraptor
Polar Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Polar Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Polar Leopard Beovariraptor
Polar Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Polar Leopard Beograciliraptor
Polar Leopard Beonykoraptor
Polar Leopard Beoacceraptor

Tatooine Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Tatooine Leopard Beovelociraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beoutahraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beopyroraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beovariraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beograciliraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beonykoraptor
Tatooine Leopard Beoacceraptor

Pandoran Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Pandoran Leopard Beovelociraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beoutahraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beopyroraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beovariraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beograciliraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beonykoraptor
Pandoran Leopard Beoacceraptor

Afghan Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Afghan Leopard Beovelociraptor
Afghan Leopard Beoutahraptor
Afghan Leopard Beopyroraptor
Afghan Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Afghan Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Afghan Leopard Beovariraptor
Afghan Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Afghan Leopard Beograciliraptor
Afghan Leopard Beonykoraptor
Afghan Leopard Beoacceraptor

Barbary Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Barbary Leopard Beovelociraptor
Barbary Leopard Beoutahraptor
Barbary Leopard Beopyroraptor
Barbary Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Barbary Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Barbary Leopard Beovariraptor
Barbary Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Barbary Leopard Beograciliraptor
Barbary Leopard Beonykoraptor
Barbary Leopard Beoacceraptor

Brazilian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Brazilian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beovariraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Brazilian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Airedale Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Airedale Leopard Beovelociraptor
Airedale Leopard Beoutahraptor
Airedale Leopard Beopyroraptor
Airedale Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Airedale Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Airedale Leopard Beovariraptor
Airedale Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Airedale Leopard Beograciliraptor
Airedale Leopard Beonykoraptor
Airedale Leopard Beoacceraptor

European Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
European Leopard Beovelociraptor
European Leopard Beoutahraptor
European Leopard Beopyroraptor
European Leopard Beoaustroraptor
European Leopard Beoairakoraptor
European Leopard Beovariraptor
European Leopard Beodakotaraptor
European Leopard Beograciliraptor
European Leopard Beonykoraptor
European Leopard Beoacceraptor

American Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
American Leopard Beovelociraptor
American Leopard Beoutahraptor
American Leopard Beopyroraptor
American Leopard Beoaustroraptor
American Leopard Beoairakoraptor
American Leopard Beovariraptor
American Leopard Beodakotaraptor
American Leopard Beograciliraptor
American Leopard Beonykoraptor
American Leopard Beoacceraptor

Indochinese Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Indochinese Leopard Beovelociraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beoutahraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beopyroraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beovariraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beograciliraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beonykoraptor
Indochinese Leopard Beoacceraptor

Isla Sorna Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Isla Sorna Leopard Beovelociraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beoutahraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beopyroraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beovariraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beograciliraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beonykoraptor
Isla Sorna Leopard Beoacceraptor

Isla Nublar Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Isla Nublar Leopard Beovelociraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beoutahraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beopyroraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beovariraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beograciliraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beonykoraptor
Isla Nublar Leopard Beoacceraptor

Tanzanian Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Tanzanian Leopard Beovelociraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beoutahraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beopyroraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beovariraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beograciliraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beonykoraptor
Tanzanian Leopard Beoacceraptor

Mojorca Leopard Beodromaeosaurs:
Mojorca Leopard Beovelociraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beoutahraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beopyroraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beoaustroraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beoairakoraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beovariraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beodakotaraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beograciliraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beonykoraptor
Mojorca Leopard Beoacceraptor
terminalvelocityrunner chapter 13 . 6/25/2016
Did you even play Shadows of Almia!? The person who had any to do with a Darkrai was Altru ink. president Blake Hall. Now that's the only game I played that happens in Almia, is Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia. If there's some other idiot in that region who was stupid enough to screw around with a Darkrai, I wouldn't know about it.
Griffin87443 chapter 36 . 6/23/2016
whats is the sequel called
terminalvelocityrunner chapter 9 . 5/24/2016
Guest chapter 3 . 5/13/2016
Kanto Cave Dromaeosaurs:
1. Kanto Cave Lycaeraptor
2. Kanto Cave Acceraptor
3. Kanto Cave Airakoraptor
4. Kanto Cave Atrociraptor
5. Kanto Cave Pyroraptor
6. Kanto Cave Nykoraptor
7. Kanto Cave Smiloraptor
8. Kanto Cave Velociraptor
9. Kanto Cave Staurikoraptor
10. Kanto Cave Austroraptor
11. Kanto Cave Luanchuanraptor
12. Kanto Cave Baragonraptor
13. Kanto Cave Zuniraptor
14. Kanto Cave Gojiraraptor
15. Kanto Cave Herreraptor
16. Kanto Cave Utahraptor
17. Kanto Cave Linheraptor
18. Kanto Cave Scimitoraptor

Kanto Troll Dromaeosaurs:
1. Kanto Troll Lycaeraptor
2. Kanto Troll Acceraptor
3. Kanto Troll Airakoraptor
4. Kanto Troll Atrociraptor
5. Kanto Troll Pyroraptor
6. Kanto Troll Nykoraptor
7. Kanto Troll Smiloraptor
8. Kanto Troll Velociraptor
9. Kanto Troll Staurikoraptor
10. Kanto Troll Austroraptor
11. Kanto Troll Luanchuanraptor
12. Kanto Troll Baragonraptor
13. Kanto Troll Zuniraptor
14. Kanto Troll Gojiraraptor
15. Kanto Troll Herreraptor
16. Kanto Troll Utahraptor
17. Kanto Troll Linheraptor
18. Kanto Troll Scimitoraptor

Kanto Wild Dromaeosaurs:
1. Kanto Wild Lycaeraptor
2. Kanto Wild Acceraptor
3. Kanto Wild Airakoraptor
4. Kanto Wild Atrociraptor
5. Kanto Wild Pyroraptor
6. Kanto Wild Nykoraptor
7. Kanto Wild Smiloraptor
8. Kanto Wild Velociraptor
9. Kanto Wild Staurikoraptor
10. Kanto Wild Austroraptor
11. Kanto Wild Luanchuanraptor
12. Kanto Wild Baragonraptor
13. Kanto Wild Zuniraptor
14. Kanto Wild Gojiraraptor
15. Kanto Wild Herreraptor
16. Kanto Wild Utahraptor
17. Kanto Wild Linheraptor
18. Kanto Wild Scimitoraptor

Kanto Mountain Dromaeosaurs:
1. Kanto Mountain Lycaeraptor
2. Kanto Mountain Acceraptor
3. Kanto Mountain Airakoraptor
4. Kanto Mountain Atrociraptor
5. Kanto Mountain Pyroraptor
6. Kanto Mountain Nykoraptor
7. Kanto Mountain Smiloraptor
8. Kanto Mountain Velociraptor
9. Kanto Mountain Staurikoraptor
10. Kanto Mountain Austroraptor
11. Kanto Mountain Luanchuanraptor
12. Kanto Mountain Baragonraptor
13. Kanto Mountain Zuniraptor
14. Kanto Mountain Gojiraraptor
15. Kanto Mountain Herreraptor
16. Kanto Mountain Utahraptor
17. Kanto Mountain Linheraptor
18. Kanto Mountain Scimitoraptor
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