Reviews for Forswear Thy Foolish Ways & Follow Him More Nearly
Flaming Blizzard chapter 4 . 7/24/2012
Grrrr! My notification must have been sent to spam or something; I just happened to check this story and saw that you updated! And boy, it did not disappoint. I absolutely loved your characterization of Sonia. She's actually my favorite lead in the show, and I was so excited to see how you would portray her! My favorite was probably when Harriet calls her a "perfect example of a sinner", and she takes it pretty hard. And with Robin's comment about "And you know what happened with Sonia" in the last chapter is making me even more curious. Also, her relationship with Judas was really well portrayed! And you're right about that scene being better for Sonia than Peggy, especially since (in my show, at least) Peggy seemed so innocent before that scene. Ah, well.

Either way, I'm ridiculously excited for more! Especially since Henry/Herb love 3 Hope to see the next chapter soon! :D
Rapunzella chapter 3 . 6/15/2012
I love your modern-day parables!
Rapunzella chapter 2 . 6/15/2012
REALLY great story! I LOVE Godspell, and I'm glad to see someone writing about it who actually understands what the show is about! I like how you've set up the story as if Jesus is coming to earth for the first time, and kept all the cultural references very consistent. Really nice work; please keep writing!
Flaming Blizzard chapter 3 . 5/12/2012
Wow! I'm so glad I had time to catch up on this! :)

You've really done a wonderful job giving all of the cast vibrant personalities, especially since Godspell is a show where you really make the characters your own. I felt so bad for Robin about Lee; you've made her such a likable person! And I'm really curious about what happened to Sonia. Also, the thoughts of Judas/Sonia oh yeah.

Also, you're doing a GREAT job turning the parables into "modern" versions, especially this chapter. Kudos for such great work!
Camberleigh Fauconbridge chapter 3 . 5/10/2012
Interesting idea to turn the parables into thinly veiled real-life experiences in “Follow…Nearly”. Like you said, it makes it much more personal and more apt to affect the people in the story.

The “Debtor Scene” was great. And I like Joanne (and I can totally picture Lindsay Mendez, too).

I’m so sad that Lee and Robin broke up. I guess I’m coming from “I like them both as characters, therefore I want to see them together”, but still.

Camberleigh Fauconbridge chapter 2 . 4/8/2012
I like how Robin is still unsure of what to do regarding her relationship with Lee. I hope you keep them together, though! And I like Jeffery, for some reason. Even though he hasn’t come in much.

The thing about the hymn made sense; since Christianity wasn’t around before Jesus resurrected from the dead, of course the people who would be “Christians” would be Jewish.

The baptism was wonderfully written, in my opinion. Just saying. And I loved the Gideon Bibles instead of the orange carnations!

Judas... I could totally picture Wallace Smith from the Broadway revival. He was guarded and wary of Jesus’ message. He did accept it, but only reluctantly. I wonder how his character will play out (even though we all know how it ends, anyway).

Wonderful! Keep on writing!
Camberleigh Fauconbridge chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
I absolutely LOVE this! I really wish there were more GODSPELL fanfics, but yours and the one by Frejennix totally make up for it!

This is amazing, truly. I can totally picture the 2011 revival cast, and you capture their characters perfectly; well, everyone except Jesus, Judas, and John the Baptist have to make up their own characters— but you know what I mean! Having Jesus step in to protect Robin was actually quite wonderful, because it provided a perfect opportunity for them to introduce themselves. And I really, really like Lee/Lamar! He totally seems like Telly Leung!

I like you have Robin’s “normal” (living with Lee) and then have her first character step at the end of the chapter by having her spend the night on the couch. You conveyed her conflict perfectly.

Keep on writing!
Flaming Blizzard chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
Ahhh! Oh wow, more Godspell fanfiction? That's awesome! :)

This is shaping up to be really good so far! I really like what you've done with Robin so far. Her thoughts and opinions are very realistic, and her relationships with the other characters are great as well. I never saw the revival, but I'll have to look the actress up; she sounds so pretty! Also, AMAZING work with Jesus and Lee/Lamar as well! This has really great potential, I hope you keep writing it! :)