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Fyrebolt chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Wow great story. I immensely enjoy you putting I the perspective of people in the middle. Not everyone is good or evil and you portrayed that perfectly. His ambition was one in which anyone could of had.

Excellent. I hope you continue writing and maybe put out a multi chapter story.

keeptheotherone chapter 1 . 4/23/2012
This is excellent! I really like how you didn't make it obviously dark and depressing; it's way more subtle than that. I spotted a couple of small typos; "unpredictability at it's highest degree" should be "its" because it is possessive, and in the next to last paragraph, "travel*ed* forward." Teeny little things in a piece with great originality and character development.

Favorite line: "Azkaban had taught though, and Scabior had been an avid pupil."
OceanicWords chapter 1 . 4/15/2012
The only bad part about this is that there were quite a few fragments, but other than that it was, to put it simply, amazing. I loved how you described the feel of Azkaban and how it effected him. I especially liked how you showed how he actually learned a lesson from his imprisonment, as jail is supposed to do. Unfortunately, more often than not, people don't learn their lesson, so I really enjoyed how you showed what Azkaban teaches. :) Overall, it was a very well written piece. Great job.
wild-and-whirling-words chapter 1 . 4/13/2012 be honest, other than obsessing with a friend about his awesome trousers and guyliner, I've never given much thought to Scabior and I found this a detailed and rather chilling account of his character. I thoroughly enjoyed it so thank you :)
ProfessorSquirrell chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
This is awesome! Scabior's such a minor character that you could do pretty much anything with him and I love that you focused on how Azkaban had effected him. It's intriguing and I love what you wrote about Azkaban changing thinks on a biological level because I'm a psych student and that's how I look at things and I get it... haha. Also I like the way you describe him as not being a loyal Voldemort supporter, just someone who went along for the ride for the sake of doing something, but still knowing that it wasn't meaningful. I really liked that a lot. Overall this is well written and I enjoyed it immensely :)
homeathogwarts chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
I have this secret love for Scabior, and I feel that, while short, this really did him justice. Learning the little things of someone's past that may not be so little can be so awesome, especially when it is a character as complex and unknown as him. :) Excellent.
1283930000 chapter 1 . 4/4/2012
Oh my God, I completely love this. First of all, Scabior has been one of my favorite characters ever since I saw Maximum Movie Mode for Deathly Hallows Pt 1, so when I saw this story, I knew I had to read. I loved the way you wrote in this - Scabior was perfectly in character without being vile. Your description of Azkaban was perfect, especially the prison metals bars, I really like that. This was truly really, really incredible, and I'm not just saying that. Keep it up! :D
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
This was really interesting! You managed to show Scabior's character quite well, and I think he was extremely realistic. Your descriptions of Azkaban were also very good, and again, they were realistic and it made sense. You used the prompts very well, also, and they fit into the fic nicely. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, and this was very well-written. It was short, but it managed to get your point across nicely. Especially considering that this was written within a few days, that makes this even better since it was rushed. I haven't really read too many Scabior fics, but I think that this was definitely creative and original. Basically, great job on this!
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
I really enjoyed this. Scabior isn't a really well known character throughout the book and if I was being honest, I had absolutely no clue who he was when I clicked on this piece.

But I say that you gave him a decent personality and reasonings as well. My favorite had to be why he became a snatcher in the first place, quite in depth.

The last paragraph definitely put the icing on the cake for me, though.

Overall, lovely
Someone aka Me chapter 1 . 3/31/2012

Okay. This. Is absolutely GORGEOUS.

By the first paragraph I was already marveling at the beautiful imagry. "twisted his insides, curled up within him, and charred them black and dark" - That is magnificent. Utterly fantastic. It's descriptive and dark and chaotic as it should be. So is, "dripping ominously so that you can't ignore it, but you can't change it either."

And then the paragraph on flamboyancy :DDDDDDDDDDDDD I loved that. It was wonderful. And it felt very /real/.

The way you used the wind prompt, too, was absolutely wonderful and amazing and creative and just yesyesyesyesyesyes.

Actually, the whole thing is kind of that way. It's lovely.


(Also, I'm among those who wasn't aware that Scabior was in Azkaban, so that was fun to learn :D)
Minx of Lynex chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
Your story has just completely and utterly made my day. Like seriously, I absolutely loved this! I am very much a Scabior fan-girl and this story is a wonderful insight into the character that we know nothing about. The description in this was just a huge breath of fresh air. I love the theme that you chose for it, to talk about his years in Azkaban. The way that you told about what he learned was very fitting. And, the part about the spiders creeping out at the most unconveinient of times was just deep to me... Very deep and lovely, yes. Before I get ahead of myself and rant on for forever, I'll cut it off here as there are so many wonderful things to be said and if I listed them all, it would rival Santa's list. Thank you so much for writing this amazing story :) I adored it :)
Dragon MoonX chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
This was very good. It really gives the reader a look into the life, emotions and situations Scabior has experienced in his life.

I know that Scabior has been in Azkaban. I've actually seen some pictures of him on the internet with the numbers on his neck that all the prisoners of Azkaban get.
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
Wow, really interesting. This not anything that I would have ever come up with to write. I have never read anything from Scabior's point of view before, but I think that this really unique. Keep up the good work. :)
ReillyJade chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
This is a very interesting portrayal of Scabior. All while reading this, I could just picture him leaning up against a tree in the woods, playing with Hermione's pink scarf around his neck, and thinking about these very things. I love how reasoned his views on the world with his experience in Azkaban. He does seem like the type who would consider Voldemort to be a "fad" - after all, he is a pretty self-centered guy. As for his thoughts on why he became a Snatcher - whoa! Very deep reasoning, and again, it seems realistic.

Also, great use of the prompts. It definitely wasn't how I imagined they'd be used, but I loved your interpretations of them and how you worked them so naturally into the story.

Overall, wonderful job! Thanks for taking the challenge! :)
Gamma Orionis chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
I like Scabior's attitude - his conviction that he's stronger than Azkaban and the way he justifies that to himself. His ideas about what Azkaban taught him are fascinating, as were his rather philosophical ideals and the way he thinks about himself. You developed his character really well by having him think some unusual things, such as Voldemort not being important. It shows off his self-centred-ness well. I also really liked how the writing was done in this - I could hear him saying it :)

Excellent as usual, AB!
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