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Bluedog270 chapter 1 . 8/2
I love the thought put into this. You got an idea, you wrote it, and you nailed it. All the thought put into this made it an amazing story. Each explanation on each main ship for the show throughout the years made sense and nothing seemed rushed.
Everything about this story was great and you're a great writer too. :)
Swordsman4 chapter 1 . 6/8
Darn good one-shot here, Ash being the anime Red is great and one of my favorite genres in the fanfiction community. I really loved the interaction between Ash and Gold, with Ash instructing Gold not to go down the same path as he did. It also truly sums up the life lesson of balancing one's work with their friends/family because ultimately your friends and family are more important. Great job!
Random Reader Guy chapter 1 . 1/6
Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. One of, or the best Ash fics/oneshots I have ever read, maybe even Pokemon fics/oneshots.
Barcha chapter 1 . 7/9/2015
Wow its so different form the anime's tone bit at the same time so plausible bravo now excuse me I news to clean my eyes
aquahaloninja chapter 1 . 6/29/2015
That was amazing. The best story I've read on this site. Probably the best story I've read in a while. Great job.
StormzD95 chapter 1 . 2/22/2015
Just a thought, would you consider writing any spin-offs about Ash meeting everyone else?
Ashmn142 chapter 1 . 10/5/2014
Impressive psychology at the end there, couldnt have put it better myself. Its good to try and get into the minds of the producers, it gives you a better understanding on how to write fanfictions. Good job.
Big chapter 1 . 7/27/2014
Jukezorz chapter 1 . 7/14/2014
That was a great piece of work.
It was heartbreaking to read, but I'm glad there was something of a happy ending. Hopefully things will go better for Ash after that.
It kind of hit me hard, too, since I'm writing a fanfic on Ash going to myself. Lucky for him, though, he'll end up having someone around to ground him in reality. Still, it's definitely something to consider.
Good job!
mystery chapter 1 . 6/30/2014
That was sad
Warrior of the Sea chapter 1 . 6/21/2014
There is only one way to describe this story: Beautiful.

Seriously, there's no other way to describe something as perfect as this. This was extremely faithful to each character, the way everyone reacted after practically losing Ash and Ash's own guilt and despair at having completely isolated himself in a vacuum. While most stories try to play off the 'betrayal' cliché to get Ash on top of Mt. Silver, you showed us how Ash, in the pursuit of protecting his loved ones from himself, would turn himself into a hermit. I remember feeling my eyes sting at some parts, especially the one where the crazy fan broke in and challenged Ash in his old outfits. I dunno what it was, but something really got to me in that part. The parts in which Ash actually went and looked back at the times he tried to reconnect with his companions but left them to not be a burden on them was also beautifully done. There was something about the battle with Gold, too. The way Ash tried to save him from the fate of ending up as an outcast was nicely done. I was slightly surprised that Ash barely won against him, but the fact that Ash's extra experience actually meant something and that he beat Gold was nice. I just hate seeing Ash lose.

Well, good job with this story. I hope you come out with some more good material soon!

Ash the Aura Guardian
MrJohnJets124 chapter 1 . 6/13/2014
Barry would have worked for Dawn.
But awesome story anyway.
Ninjago1019 chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
This was amazing! To me it was probably one of the best fanfiction stories ever! It made me rethink a few things in my life! And as you read this in the future, I hope it made you smile a little! :)
DreamDusk chapter 1 . 1/17/2014
Wow...This feels
hydro-serpent58 chapter 1 . 1/2/2014
Dude, I never even stopped to THINK about Delia! D: Of course news reporters would hound her! Being the mother of the Pokemon Master, Ash would've never saw this coming. Disrupting the peaceful days with Mr. Mime.

And of course, being a target. Ironically, people tend to forget fame is a double-edged sword. In the anime they make it seem awesome because its all praise and compliments, but in real life the paparazzi kills you. Always in public eye, any misstep and the whole world knows, having the media blow it out of proportion. - This is actually a very PLAUSIBLE idea for leaving Delia. As sad as it is, by staying away from Pallet Town she won't be disturbed as much and Ash could avoid the news media. (Makes you miss the good old days in G/S/C when all you had was the newspaper. No TV.) It would protect both of them. Not to mention, his friends in case the media decides to hound on them for being associates of his, or targeted by criminal organizations for being friends with him.

Criminal organizations. They'd know what to look out for now, wouldn't they? Wouldn't be caught of by a kid now that his face made the news.

And the friends. Whoever said: 'distance makes the heart grow fonder' needs their head checked. Distance is good and all, but it's the INTERACTION. My friend lives in another country, we always talk through IM. We're close. However, take away that connection, and we're strangers. We're not as close as we once were, if not at all. Same thing applies here. (BTW, what about Gary? What did he have to say?) And the Misty/Tracey bit? It would TOTALLY happen with Ash's absence. (Discounting Daisy) Those two have so much chemistry, where Misty would argue with Ash like spitfire Tracy would take it and try to calm her down. Two different personalities, but work well. But depending on how you look at it, one could say Tracey was the better choice for Misty.

And FINALLY cracking down on his lack of romance. It's not his fault, (on contrary, its totally the creators. No person could be that dense after traveling with multiple girls, each with their own separate personality) But still, I can imagine it must be painful looking back and realizing what could have been, especially since it happened MULTIPLE times.

"Maybe I just hope that. Hope that maybe running off like I did brought some good to other people." That made me sad and proud of him at the same time. He brought Misty and Tracey together (THANK GOODNESS IT'S TRACEY AND NOT RUDY), Clian and Iris together, May and Drew together (although in terms of chemistry, Ash would've been the better choice since they meshed well. However, if Drew got his act together then it would totally work out. It was hinted early on he had a thing for May anyway.), Dawn and Paul...that is one ship, I will NEVER understand. If anything, PaulxAsh makes more sense than DawnxPaul. O_O And I love how you nailed it, your reasoning is flawless. Although I'm not a Pearlshipper, this ending made SENSE.)

"A pang of sadness struck Ash, as he realized how much he missed his mother, and how much he wished he had known his father." - Right. In. The. Feels. T_T No one mentions the father, it's rather depressing.

"Free from obsessed challengers." ...Couldn't he just have his pokemon use hypnosis, sing, grass whistle, sleep power, on them? Then again, that's only something Team Snagem would do.

I wonder how the Pokemon feel, secluded up there. With being a Champion comes responsibilities right? If he stays on Mt. Silver, he can't be Champion anymore because Champions have to get involved, and stay in the public's eye. (Could explain why the Elite 4 didn't work as a barrier for preventing obsessive challenges)

"Gold. They call me Gold. What a dumb name." That made me laugh so much. xD Imagine, what the Red from the games must've thought if manga!Gold introduced himself that way. :P I love, how Ash passes on his knowledge to the younger generation. Seeing someone else go through the same thing leaves an impression on people. Both scorn of (i experienced it, let him as well!) and pity(i don't want him to go through the same thing i did)

In all, I love how much thought you put into this. It's sad you have over 70 favorites and only 19 reviews. :( People need to comment more! This is amazing! Especially how you used Ash as the anime version of Red. Gold being Gold(manga) or Ethan(game). I always wondered what Red was doing up there, all alone on Mt. Silver, and Blue's personality interested me as well. He was no longer the "Smell ya later!" kid. He changed.
At any rate, thank you for giving a realistic view on what achieving his dream would lead to. It almost makes it seem, like the creators keep extending the series with new regions so something like this would never happen.

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