Reviews for Infinite Diversities: Book One
zapper25 chapter 28 . 8/15
Hi the battleship image is no longer on your profile a romove all http links from all profiles.
could you send me in the right direction to find it thnx enjoy your story realy good
MrBogus chapter 73 . 7/11
Wow, I am totally gobsmacked. This is a awesome story. I think, one of the best ST FF here at all. Really, really good. I'd love to read more about it. Kinda sad, though, that you didn't update in the mean time. Hope, you didn't abandon the story... That would really suck
Chas58 chapter 73 . 6/17
When's the next chapter coming?
Robin42069 chapter 73 . 5/17
i just reread this story just cuz i wanted to reread a good t'pol and tucker story and didnt want to reread v'kotik's stories for a third or fourth time. and i love the new twist with tucker in a MU world and with him kicking ass its awesome.
Guest chapter 73 . 5/12
Yet, another twist. Thank you.
Guest chapter 73 . 4/27
Great chapter, even though I find the canon concept of a Terran empire that conquered Vulcans and Andorians unbelievable. (These humans are a bunch of ruthless wimps, three times less stronger than Vulcans, yet had a galactic empire?). Tucker showing up does raise the stacks for the Vulcans, I hope your story finds a way to explain why the 'Augmented Humans' did not go down Khan crazy
Rishooter chapter 73 . 4/25
Great chapter. Terran Empire reality, fantastic small unit combat, MU T'Pol, please don't leave us hanging too long.
Cap'nFrances chapter 72 . 4/25
The Gorn ambassador is unexpectedly (at least to my mammalian self) unexpectedly charming and perceptive. I also enjoyed the interactions between Koss and Trip. I found the last section rather confusing. I'm guessing that it is a reflection of what is going on in Trip's mind, rather than an alternative reality, but it seems much more like a nightmare than a PTSD flashback (which would make more sense in those circumstances).
Thanatoss chapter 73 . 4/25
Marvelous work, this chapter was everything I hoped it would be. Does make you wonder if the Temporal factions are going to start using Super Humanity as their soldiers of fortune. Just abduct a squad, put them on the battlefield, and hope they never find you.

Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to the next.
TrekLover101 chapter 73 . 4/25
my 2ct chapter 72 . 4/21
Tucker, Tucker, Tucker what have you gotten yourself into now? Looks like an alternate reality or timeline.
Nyotarules chapter 72 . 4/22
Another temporal incursion, it is the only part of the story I am not a fan of but you have my attention.
Rishooter chapter 72 . 4/22
Transported to another alternate reality. Presumably the canon Mirror Universe? I'm looking forward to this one. These people don't seem to quite get that it's a bad idea to mess with the GRA reality in general, and a real bad idea to mess with the GRA Trip. I can't wait to see where you go with this one.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 72 . 4/21
witchshift chapter 72 . 4/21
Ooooo...mirrorverse, or close enough.
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