Reviews for Desert Sage and Marsh Violets
SasukeBlade chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
You're back, and with such a lovely piece to herald your return!

It's so nice to see a bit of De Nam and Anais Nin's past. I'd always wondered when they had found the time to become friends and later lovers, and now we get to see some of that. It's also very nice to go back in time and to see them as they were before his death.

You and your tequila :P I'm surprised, ladycordelia. I never thought you'd be going in depth about alcohol! Your attention to detail here is what makes the story. From Dimo Nor's plan to the tidbits about Gurdy to the distiller to Anais Nin rubbing her face on a plant, us readers are present to the moment in a way we could never have been otherwise.

I'm off to read the second chapter! Here's hoping for De Nam's point of view!