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Guest chapter 6 . 6/19/2016
Please update if this story isn't done yet, it's too good to be wasted haha
Black sigma chapter 1 . 1/25/2015
That was beautiful! I literally cried during the fic.
Leeda Uchiha chapter 18 . 7/29/2014
This fic is just... I can't... So good... The description, the story line all ace. I love that Itachi finally gave into Sasuke!
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 18 . 4/22/2014
"Anything is fine, as long Sasuke can still call you his brother in the morning."

simply perfect..this sums up all the selfless love Itachi feels for Sasuke. He never thought about himself during the whole story, nor he does now, even though he desires Sasuke.

"But pleasure is the only thing left your love can give him, so you press your lips to his cheekbone in an apologetic kiss. It is you who breaks your tie of brotherhood when you touch him. And truth be told, you do not know if this is wrong, or if this will bring both of you regret. You only know this is something he wants, something you are capable of giving.
And you cannot deny him anything."

Wow..I love how you described his feelings and guilts and his love.

"His gestures are too kind to bring you hurt, as he laces your hand with his, rests against your bare back."

It seems that their love overcome everything else through physical connection..and the reader hopes this is the end, the happy ending they deserve.

""You are mine, nii-san."Something fragile inside you are."

The final shocking moment...Sasuke won. He wanted Itachi, he got him. It was not love but only extreme consequence of Sasuke's delicate state of every effort Itachi made to keep him sane was useless..
at least this is what I interpreted. The first time I read the story I only let myself be carried by the words..and shocked by the twisted ending. The second time I tried to read between the lines and that's what I came up to. I don't know if I'm right and selfishly I must confess I hope Sasuke's possessiveness will go on and that he will have Itachi like this (sex and control) for more than one time because I want them together even in a morbid relationship.
Am I crazy? I don't know.

Anyway sorry for my rantings..I wanted to thank you for the great story, definitely one of my favourite ever. There are not many Sasuita fics out there, and not many are good.
Sasuita is about control, power, sometimes revenge, sometimes admiration, sometimes all of them because Sasuke's feelings for Itachi are complex..more than Itachi's for Sasuke. And Itachi feels guilty for what he did to him so he would let Sasuke do whatever he wants with him, giving him everything.
I think that Sasuita is the natural and perfect outcome of a scenario where Itachi is brought back to Konoha, or didn't die or is revived..any scenario that includes the Uchiha Massacre.
Only in a non-massacre universe Itasasu would be more appropriate and in character, I think.

Now I do you a favor and go away :)
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 17 . 4/22/2014
I love this scene. It's sensual and yet angsty, like there's something more. Itachi is feeling every sensation but he's also guarded. He really is a mind creature. He has to tell himself he's safe, because Sasuke is not only the person he loves and desires but also the one who tried to kill him.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 16 . 4/22/2014, Sasuke aknowledges Itachi as the head of the Uchiha clan, even though it's symbolic. He will be with other people (look for a future wife and a normal life) just as long as Itachi will be by his side as he did until now. Am I right?
I love Sasuke's hesitation in making The Request..and Itachi's fast answer. It's incredibly cute. And sad.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 15 . 4/22/2014
while I can give you love, love is not the same as happiness...
Again, you are making me dream and also you are breaking my heart. What Itachi says is so well written..he does not refuse Sasuke because of homosexuality or incest issues, but because he will disgrace his name and taint his future. The only thing that is not really clear to me is why Itachi says :You would not mind if we never have sex?" "As long as we can be together, you would be fine even if we never touched again? Is that what you want to say, Sasuke?" I mean, Uchihas had no problem with controversial relationships..and Itachi hadn't said yet that he'd be a burden.
But this is something that doesn't maim the value of the's just that I'm a fangirl and I obsess over this fic as you can see from the many reviews :)
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 14 . 4/22/2014
Itachi trying to help Sakura 'winning' Itachi's heart..and doing small kind heart is breaking.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 13 . 4/22/2014
Itachi's painful decision and Sasuke's aggressive it's uncertain if he wants Itachi out of love or lust or possessiveness..and the poor reader suffers..
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 12 . 4/22/2014
I loved this chapter. It begins with Itachi's worry but it lightens up with Sasuke's shy request..the 2 brothers 'train' together, Itachi is again capable of teaching something, is again superior to Sasuke in something, at least theoretically ..the only thing I slightly miss in your story is that usually Itachi is the best one of the 2 while here he is utterly weaker in everything but his feelings..but it's a slight thing that doesn't influence my judgement of this story which I love so much. ..and then THAT KISS.
Unexpected,and incredibly sensual.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 11 . 4/22/2014
Itachi's cryptic answers and his unwavering loyalty..
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 10 . 4/22/2014
I love the dynamics here. Sasuke's reaction is so in character and consistent with your AU, and Itachi's choice too.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 9 . 4/22/2014
This: "Your brother never thought you would drop the most guarded part of your subconscious. And like a broken dam, it floods everything, sweeps the current images away and replaces them with what makes you feel, breathe, live, what has plagued your mind every beating moment, awake or asleep, the most treasured memories you have held closest to your heart.
Sasuke sees himself.
Then, the intensity of your emotions overshadows him, and he is swept out of your mind as well.
You pull up your collar, your gaze on the tatami.
So now he knows.
Now he knows how much you love him. How bottomless the depth is, how frightening the strength is. And you have never intended to ever let him know, because it will only burden him. Knowing helps him not, except perhaps make him understand that while you are willing to die for Konoha, you only live for him."

Is perfect. The whole chapter, how Sasuke finds out everything, how he forces the sharingan on Itachi, and his reaction, is perfect.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 8 . 4/8/2014
I loved how Kakashi &co save him, more out of duty than out of love. It adds to the whole dark atmosphere. And Itachi is so stoic and his love for Sasuke is so big that my heart aches.
Shirayuki Hime999 chapter 6 . 4/8/2014
I'm feeling so sorry for Itachi, both for how people treat him and for how he has to keep everything inside for SAsuke's sake.
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