Reviews for Armored Core: For Answer Valor
TemplarXero chapter 2 . 7/30
Will our intrepid young LYNX ascend the ranks of Collared and become the Cradles shining hope or the necessary evil that blazes the trail to the future, free of the Earth's irradiated surface? Only time will tell.

Overall, I'm fairly impressed with what you've written so far. As a fellow AC:4A player (assuming that you've played AC:4A) as well as a starting Armored Core fanfiction writter, I hope that you'll continue this story. And maybe, you might just surprise me with the decisions that your characters make in the coming chapters.

On a side note: be sure to give Sera's NEXT a name at some point. I'm assured that you will at some point, but, in accordance with what normally happens in AC games, it either would have been named Strayed (as in AC4 and 4A) or it would have had its pilot name it at startup. But please, continue to write the story as you see fit.
Ace7655 chapter 1 . 2/3
Shit, accidently put that review early. Anyway, a motorcycle rider. Interesting for Wynne. Typically they play her off as less of a badass character and more of a "I have my morales. And I abide by them." type person. Anyway. I got bleeding out by Imaigne dragons stuck in my head, and I'ma go play some AC4. Ranting about AC makes me want to play 4 and for answer again. If you want some help with the story or any advice, just call!
Ace7655 chapter 2 . 2/3
... I have to admit this is a decent story. I'd personally recommend it to be M, just due to the fact that she was the closest thing to being gangbanged without getting gangbanged. Amateur, to be frank. Karate movies? (Wtf face) now being trained by a personal instructor? Yeah. Being sent flying by a wrench when she was still o. The ground? ... I can see getting knocked over. But flown makes me think this she got kicked and launched. And also, it's a rifle. Not a auto. For the next? Since this is assumably the Omer one from description? And missles makes me think missle box. Say missle pod next time. And your also making your OC a bit.. Op to say the least. She can shake off a wrench hit to the head like that? And besting 6 guys (even taking two by surpise and them being engineers vs a trained soldier, still.) also, you made her a bit... Too perfect with the looks. And also. Why would Wynne be helping a rookie? Even female? She isn't even apart of Omer. Now that I'm done bitching at ya. I'm going to say a few good things. I never intend to flame, only try to give constructive criticism. If I do offend you in any way shape or form, I'm very blunt and have been told quite a bit myself. Regardless. For a first story, you did quite well. Would've been interesting to see a continuation. And pilot of the decade..? Really...? AMS capatability is more important for a next pilot then anything. Even though it shortens a lifespan, due to the extreme stress, still. High AMS compat. More so. And the pilot of a advanced normal or whatever their called, is more of a immobile (There's another word I'm looking for but I can't think of right now) based pilot. Meaning she'd be better off with the GA America or Interior Union ones. Sorry, I'm back to criticizing. Ahem. Once again, my apologies. Kinda embarrassing. Anyway.
Megawatt chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
well, besides the misspelling of "ass" near the beginning, it was a rather good story. It was basic, but the words you put made it entertaining. i like the part were Juno said she was cuddly. you left it on a cliffhanger, so im thinking you'll continue the story. im interested in this story, so ill see how far it goes,