Reviews for Asphodel
Hermione Malfoy chapter 17 . 7/21
OMG i loved ,PLEASE,PLEASE write a sequel!
Guest chapter 17 . 7/14
I love you. That's all I have to say. This story is perfect
Marhinki chapter 17 . 6/28
Oh my, the ending was hilariously rich! In most fan fictions Draco seems excessively thick, but this version of the characters made the story wicked. I actually fell off the bed with laughter at Snapes (or should I say PROFESSOR Snapes) reaction! Bravo darling, keep writing!
chlobear chapter 17 . 6/10
This was literally the best fanfiction I've EVER read! I loved it so much, and everything (unlike other fics) made sense! This is legit perfect, and if you made a sequel, I would DIE! It's the first fic to make me cry, too. ;) so... yeah, it was awesome! Keep up the good work, you're so talented!
inkpools chapter 17 . 6/7
This is utterly adorable! I can't wait to see how they go from here.
daizee.xox chapter 17 . 6/6
finally finished was so good :)
Jinawee chapter 17 . 5/10
That was an awesome story. It's very well written, and I like how by making Hermione pregnant in the dream you kind of force their cooperation. The transitions between points of view are well done and not too frequent or infrequent.

I'm looking forward to the sequel. :)
Dimplz chapter 17 . 4/29
Cute story.
POTTER chapter 17 . 4/29
PLS WRITE A SEQUEL! Or maybe Harrys or Rons dream!?
Hailey chapter 3 . 3/28
Okay, this is a really good story, but what is the thing with Snape and Hermione? That's just wrong on so many levels! But still, really good!
Guest chapter 17 . 2/26
goooooooooooooooooooooood one
EStrunk chapter 17 . 2/7
Love this story. Liked the ambiguous, but hopeful ending. So glad you've written a sequel since this left so many questions open.
EStrunk chapter 16 . 2/7
Sigh. I knew it would have to end. Love their interactions with the girls (and Narcissa's clucking). Love the mix of enjoying their family and then constantly trying to remember that it isn't real.
EStrunk chapter 14 . 2/6
Glad that everything isn't just instantly easy. It is strange to think - how will they handle everything they've seen if and when they go back.
EStrunk chapter 13 . 2/6
I was hoping we'd find out what happened to Lucius at the Memorial. I'd love to find out what Draco did in this world too. Ginny was a shock.
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