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Guest chapter 31 . 3/10
lucky333123 chapter 45 . 5/24/2014
Useful chapter 45 . 12/24/2013
GAH. It took me from 2 AM to 12 PM to read this, all-nighter and worth it? I think? Reason being is because I like to read reviews and contemplate on what other readers said, and your notes of course always give me insight. I cried, like I did with David's regeneration and will with Matt's; the end of Hamlet; Harry Potter book seven; Eragon; Sherlock; all of them have made me tear up, but never have I felt so emotional.
As a religious person I was extremely touched by your insight to the Christian faith, especially since in your notes you indicate you're Muslim. You could have left them out, leave the 'faith' edge ambiguous and lean it towards something different entirely. Which really touched me as a Christian, I don't know you, and don't want to assume I know you, nor will I say I know the Muslim faith or any faith in detail. But you brought tears to my eyes during those scenes, especially since I come from a town similar to that of Lima with a bit of a 'homophobic' edge and yet I'm friends with a man who is gay; we fangirl over Sebastian together, that's how I got into Glee.
Then there was so much poetry, references, metaphors, oh it was beautifully put together. If ever there comes a day where our fanfiction can become novels published, oh yes, I would buy this book.
I probably would be able to say a bunch more things. But like I said above: I just pulled an all-nighter and thankfully the automatic spellcheck is catching some words but I'll read this over and find a mistake. Best to stop here, maybe I'll review in my head and think of better words to say and more specific points in time of the novels (because generalizing a favorite scene is hard right now). I will bluntly say at points in this fic I was mentally thinking of calling out words you know, because of these feelings you've given me, then again I can't blame anyone but myself for continuing and keep moving forward. However, I loved the story; you hurt me and made me want to strangle you but I love the story all the same and you for writing.
Man, this is probably the weirdest review to a story; and probably the most here and there and everywhere. I just will leave you with a 'thanks for everything'.
Useful chapter 39 . 12/24/2013
I was actually expecting him to be Gabriel himself; but now I'm literally going to see Gabriel from Supernatural as John and Preacher Gabriel.
Useful chapter 18 . 12/24/2013
ALRIGHT. YOU GOT ME. It's 7-fucking-22 AM and I have been up ALL NIGHT reading your fics and THIS FUCKING FIC. And you know what, lack of sleep and I just start bawling like a baby. This is coming from the girl who acts like Satanna and Sebastian (well when he was in his right maybe I should just say from the tv series because I'm not even sure canon Sebastian is in his right mind) and I just start bawling from lack of sleep and this fic is screwing with my emotions. I JUST NEEDED TO SAY THAT.
I'll give an overall review when I hit the end.
Way to go, you made me cry, fangirl, and gave me a dark story to flipping read.
It's good so far, just so you know. c: BUT NOT OKAY. IT'S GOOD BUT NOT OKAY, BUT I LIKE IT.
m484697 chapter 45 . 2/7/2013
This was beautiful. I spent my early realease day today reading the whole thing. :)
ShadowCub chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
Maybe if Sebastian wasn't such a bullying asshat he could have stayed with his bigot dad.
Kurtie chapter 45 . 9/6/2012
Hi, just wanted to let you know that you and you're fanfic are pure and undeniable perfection.
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed until now (I read from my phone so I couldn't, sorry) but I just...I cried, screamed and fangirl way too much over all this... It was perfect! I LOVE ALL ABOUT THE SEBKLAINE THING.
(You kinda made me ship Seblaine No regrets c:)

Thank you for sharing this c:
hugs c:
PenMagic chapter 45 . 8/28/2012
*cries from the ending* I am so glad you are posting a new Seblaine, thanks for the clarification...can I just give you an over the internet hug at how amazing you are? *transmitting humongous hug* this was such a cute ending and really good to end it all. How did Sebastian know Chandler? Will we ever know that? Maybe it could be explored somewhere...I don't know...
I do know that my story will never be as good and moving as this. Each chapter brings a new wave of emotion and I cannot wait for the day that Grant, Darren and Chris read it and see how amazing it is. I truly hope that they do, perhaps someone should tweet it to them?
YAY, ANOTHER SEBLAINE! I will look it up now and add you on author alert so that I can get it...
Thank you for lighting up my dark days when you post a new chapter
Carbon65 chapter 45 . 8/28/2012
Awww. I love the lily in the tree. And the fact that Sebastian is at peace... even though he's sick. That Kurt is playing the violin, like he was supposed to. This feels right. Everything isn't complete, life goes on (and yet, somehow, you've made a modern tragedy palatable. I'm not sure a bowtie can hold these feels. I might need to find a fez as well). This is just... yes.

Oh, and do you really have to ask what I want to see written? I'll give you a hint... we talked about it from Unseen. :P.
IceLight170 chapter 45 . 8/28/2012
GAAAAAAAAAH D: such an ending...broke my heart...when blaine died...and now the lilies growing T_T...please keep writing! you're good !
PenMagic chapter 44 . 8/28/2012
This is probably going to be my longest review yet, I warn you:
OH MY FREAKING GOSH! If I was one of those people who cried when reading stuff, I would be sobbing my heart out...this was so incredibly beautiful, words cannot describe. I saw that you were going to kill off Blaine a little while ago as we saw him deteriorate but I didn't want to believe it. The way you had those final moments with Kurt, Sebastian and Blaine in the theatre, it was such the perfect moment to do it and my heart just tore into a tiny thousand different pieces.
I wish that this story would go on forever, it is so beautiful and I wish that there were more chapters. However, all good things must come to an end: the Harry Potter franchise, David Tennant's run on Doctor Who, the Chaos Walking trilogy...and This Too Solid Flesh Would Melt. I hope that Grant, Darren and Chris get a chance to see this because it is so beautiful, you have no idea and I am sure that they would absolutely love it. You write directly and with moments of fluff that are so right and so meaningful that no one cares if they are longer than they were meant to be.
I really hope that you continue to write and eat peanut butter because you are so talented, I hope to see an original book by you out in the stores (you'll have to tell me when that is and which one it is because I don't know you're real name) because the rest of the world deserves to see your talent and know that its there. PLEASE write another Klaine or Seblaine or Kurtbastian story, perhaps even a sequel to this. What happened to Sebastian's illness? Wasn't he contracting HIV? I really loved the mention of the rest of the Warblers in the funeral, it was so right and fitting.
All that I can say now, is well done. You outshone yourself each and every chapter as it went on and I hope that you continue.
Signing off for the penultimate time (of course I will review the epilogue!)
Carbon65 chapter 44 . 8/27/2012
Sammy! You're killing me. Seriously. I'm melting everywhere. Spouting left and right and creys. Bow tie cannot contain. That said, I am suprisingly at peace with Blaine's passing. I'm glad Sebastian has a chance. I'm glad Kurt has a chance. I'm glad that Blaine got to see Kurt's audition, and that he never has to know that it didn't win the spot at NYADA. I still kind of want to kill all the adults, but I think that's a normal reaction to what happened. But, I loved the ending. Loved, loved, loved it.
Carbon65 chapter 43 . 8/27/2012
All I can say is that you're making me cry, and that one of these days, I'm going to sit down with a roll of toilet paper (in case the bowtie can't contain all my feels) and read this from start to end.
Also, poor Blaine. Why doesn't Cooper get him a feeding tube? He would be SO MUCH HAPPIER (okay, maybe not really, but it would make life easier) if he was actually getting nutrition.
PenMagic chapter 43 . 8/25/2012
aw, so glad for more Blangst! I cannot wait for the next chapter, I love the way that you wrote Jean's death, it was so indirect but so powerful at the same time. YEAH, DT DID A VERSION OF HAMLET! It's like four and a half hours long though, don't say you weren't warned. It is brilliant though, really incredible piece of drama.
Okay, the Blaine father thing makes sense now, that was so sad...
I loved the funeral, it was extremely well written
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