Reviews for Science of Fashion
Gmcroskey chapter 30 . 5/9
Arrrrrgh! Sorry, am not so patiently waiting for the next update! Wanting to know what is going to happen next!

Wonderful story, beautiful writing
Shazr chapter 30 . 4/18
Just binge read your story. So enjoying this alternate that you have developed. Looking forward to reading more when you are ready. Many thanks for the story so far.
MadCheshireHat chapter 30 . 5/18/2021
more please it is so good
DPARKY chapter 29 . 11/2/2020
This is an incredible story and i hope you find the time and inspiration to complete it some day
LilBILLmommy chapter 30 . 10/22/2020
I have just read this story and I c how long it has been since an update was put up, I do so wish u would do so and soon this story needs an ending since it has been so well written this far. Plz by all means put these well meaning ppl and my suffering to rest very soon. I will b impatiently waiting.
Nutmegxx chapter 30 . 6/14/2020
6 years later and we're still faithfully waiting. I really do hope you finish this story some time soon, I keep re-reading and am always devastated when I realise it hasn't been updated. Fingers crossed for a swift end to our suffering x
kishaweisha chapter 30 . 5/25/2020
Really hope you finish this one day. its an amazing story.
Joy-Joy M chapter 29 . 3/18/2020
Oh my you really should continue this fic. It's one of best story i've already read. Thanks!
noblegraces chapter 1 . 2/4/2020
We're still here.
Patiently waiting.
You okay over there? :D
Nagisa1344 chapter 30 . 1/11/2020
four years later and we are still waiting. we are ready when you are, take your time dude(tte)

it's an amazing fic yall better read it
Docbodie chapter 30 . 10/3/2019
I need you to finish this story. It’s one of my all time favorites!
DPARKY chapter 30 . 5/12/2019
This is a truely wonderful story and i hope you find the time to complete it
Aj chapter 30 . 5/6/2019
Such a good story.
NovaKeepsKeys chapter 29 . 3/6/2019
Still here.
Still missing you.
eelojnil chapter 12 . 1/29/2019
Nigel is a b*tch!
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