Reviews for Más Allá de la Eternidad
Kobatosakura1992 chapter 2 . 12/24/2014
Te recrimino el no haber continuado la historia!
Debes continuarla, me he quedado con ganas de ver que sucede!
Espero y actualices pronto!
Hanya chapter 2 . 5/23/2014
Para comenzar, agradezco el que pudieras escribir éste fic que se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos. La historia me ha cautivado desde el principio.
Espero que tu tiempo te lo permita y puedas seguir escribiendo, ya que has demostrado que tienes un gran talento para ello.
Realmente me encanta tu historia.
Hanya chapter 1 . 5/23/2014
Estuvo hermosa la historia. Yo me habia quedado con ganas de ver mas Goki y Chiaki aca estaa
Mil gracias por publicar algo como esto.
Nikki chapter 2 . 5/25/2013
Here am I again. GREAT Chapter and GREAT Story.

I do so love this story. So many great points and so interesting.

I appreciate your style, which is very pleasant to read. And, your chapters, are such a good length.

The part where Zenki became one with Goki was one of the MOST amazing parts to the story. Very original. Also, I DO admit GokixChiaki is plausible, your story up to this point just confirmed my PoV.

I do so hope that you'll update soon. I would love to see another looonggg chapter. Thank you for writing.
Nikki chapter 1 . 5/25/2013
I read this on a recommendation of a friend and to be honest...I was speechless.
HunterX chapter 2 . 1/12/2013
I find it slightly depressing that some characters, despite being great and influential, usually either die, or end up losing everything they fought for, in the end, like Goki in this fic.
You're gifted to narrate his life based on your imagination, what may happen after the anime, that is amazing.
Ari,for writing my comment isn't boring.
Namida chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
Ya! Me gusto mucho el capítulo, mucho drama, sobre todo pobre Akira, Chiaki y Sayumi, creo k solo aparecio en un capitulo y luego se murio, me rompio el corazón k no fuera así T.T . esto se pone bueno, me alegra k pudieras actualizar.

¿Qué puedo decirte? Sinceramente, espero leer más de esta historia. Hace mucho tiempo que no recorro ; pero siempre me acuerdo de ti, y de historias sin actualizar u.u


Dios chapter 2 . 8/6/2012
Oh, es bueno encontrar algo nuevo en este fandom plagado del mismo pairing.

A decir verdad el ZenxChi/GoxChi no me molesta, básicamente no me produce ningún tipo de sensación contraria, debido a mi punto de vista me parece irreal pero me interesa leer otros puntos de vista que transmitan lo contrario.

La viñeta me ha parecido interesante, aunque debo decir que Zenki me perturbó ligeramente. Goki es muy interesante como individuo, con una personalidad compleja enriquecedora. EL Chiaki de esta historia como siempre, muy agradable y espléndido.

Pero al margen de pairings o personajes, me gustó el ritmo de lectura y las frases que acompañaban el ambiente. Romántico sin ser muy meloso, un fluff de amor.
Emilia chapter 2 . 8/6/2012
Lei este fic hace un tiempo, estaba por dejar un comentario y entre una cosa y otra no pude y me fui de vacaciones mucho tiempo. Asi que al menos tarde pero no nunca te comento lo que tenia en mente

Es bueno ver cosas frescas y nuevas en este fandom, creo que hacia falta un poco de fanatizmo extra por el GoxChi de la mano de alguien que puede decir algo interesante acerca de ellos juntos. Se nota que esta pareja no es tan popular como en otros idiomas, y la verdad nos hace falta tal vez un poco para ademas de dar variedad tener otros puntos de vista

Yo la relacion de ambos la veo algo diferente, pero me alegraria leer un poco acerca del otro punto de vista como en tu fic. Ademas medio que me intriga saber mas de Akira/Goki, porque yo en el fondo tengo mi vision de él pero siempre siento que es un personaje con una psicologia muy profunda y que no me doy el tiempo de entenderlo tanto, y tal vez un fan del Goki si brida ese tiempo y me puede dar una nueva nocion de él.

Espero que te animes a continuar fics asi.

Animos y saludos!
AzureKnight2008 chapter 2 . 7/10/2012
Me again.

((Part 3C)) This will be the LAST part of this review, I promise. :)

- And then... the end of battle. How bitterly unfortunate it was when Chiaki was mortally wounded by Burzum whose fate was already sealed by Zen/Go brothers... :misty eyes:

OMG, Goki cried... I felt like crying with them too when he said cradling her in his arms, "I need you..." and "I won't ever leave you alone." TT . TT A Demon God isn't supposed to shed tears but Goki is so... different, especially, when the girl who owns his heart is soon to die. However, thanks to this specific moment, he finally realized that the feelings he had for her was unmistakably TRUE. He knew the reason why his heart was touched every time he looked into Chiaki's eyes and found the soul that completes his. He loves Chiaki, truly, deeply, and madly, and watching her slowly taken away from him created a deep sense of sorrow in his sensitive human heart. He cannot allow it to happen, he simply... CAN'T. X(((

And so he did it, awakening a special power of his that he used to save countless lives in the past - the "Divine Light of Healing". The scene was absolutely beautiful… in which our KDZ cast formed a circle around Goki and Chiaki to lend more power and courage to the Blue Guardian - their only hope. This reminds me of the last part in KDZ volume 9 when the other heroes united with Chiaki to make up for the missing part of Goki's power due to the technique he performed to seal Vasara (but without success), so that Zenki could defeat Vasara by performing "LUDRA". :touched: Eventually we will come to understand that Love heals everything, and Love is all there is, as Goki successfully saved the love of his life from the clutch of death, again (for the nth time) with such a kind of magic he did on Shinsenbou in the Manga so that his cousin and personal guardian was alive again. A small spoiler, surprise? XD

- And then... the first goodbye, when Chiaki had to leave Akira to follow her "dream". I initially hoped to see some *sparks* between them; then again, they still held back from each other in their last face-to-face conversation. :sigh: Chiaki's attitude at the last minute disappointed me to a great extent, indeed. I can't understand why she was still in denial (and needn't she have repeated again and again that he must-take-care of granny! X(( ). It was understandable that she wasn't willing to say THOSE THREE IMPORTANT WORDS to him previously for fear of causing his sorrow if she died. But why it was so hard to say now? She might have unintentionally hurt the man who loves her more than anyone/anything else in the world! Why? He has the warmth of a summer sun, the calm of a quiet sea, the comforting arms of night and the patience of ETERNITY! And he stayed in the wood spending a sleepless night just b/c of HER, just b/c he didn't want his emotions to be broken in front of her lest causing her an impasse! Gosh... he hurt himself too much! TT . TT

It was weird, too, for she didn't bother looking for him either (or she did?), unless she mentally swore that she would STAY once she let her true feelings shown. If I were her, I would... I would... :thwarting sigh: Nevermind. u_u

Still, the last scene of Akira running after the train that carried Chiaki with it to Tokyo, waving goodbye to the girl who would be miles away from him, was too beautiful for words. In some way, this proved the existence of TRUE LOVE that challenges time and space. I didn't expect things to be so tough for them but as people say, "All relationships go through Hell at some point, and only good ones manage to survive." The worst part is waiting; the best part is having someone worth waiting for. Soon is the time to start acting as the spirited person Chiaki always is, and pursues the life's journey she is hoping to lead. Akira trusts in the bond he shares with her, though invisible, prolonged and unbreakable despite many life's obstacles may be lying ahead.

- You will be my eternal glow
In this world of darkness.
For me... You are never far away. -

This is probably why Spanish is believed to be the most romantic language in the world hm? Indeed, a very nice poem by Saeki Yagami. ;)

LOL But you know, I did *face palm* a few times seeing the *hopeless* Akira trying to show his love to Chiaki without success. XD He was perfectly in character, so was she.

Generally say, the 2nd chapter has been very VERY well-planned and well-written. Arigatou. Thank you very much, again, for writing so beautifully. :bow:


a) Shouldn’t Akira give Chiaki a gift of farewell? Still, I bet he did. :)

b) Where are Souma the hero of Kagekouya and cuddley snuggley Lulupapa? Seems that you have forgotten to include them in the story. :D

c) I did initially hope Zenki-sama could lead a normal life like Goki-sama always could, even be the Blue Lord's closest male friend, but it seems impossible now that he was sealed again. A little unfair, I think. :sad:

In the end, thank you for creating this character - Goki's youngest child in ancient days by the name of "Shuichi", which is also my favorite nickname. If this were the case, there would be no wonder that his descendant has been trying her best to spread the legend of her ancestor far beyond the borders of Japan, right? ;)

Best regards.
AzureKnight2008 chapter 2 . 7/10/2012
ME again, for the 4th time. Let's continue what was left in the previous reviews. :]

((Part 3B))

- Then, the last battle. Absolutely. I agree with all what you mentioned in your "afterthought" email. What was unconvincing? The battle was absolutely AWESOME and helped a GREAT deal proving the strong bond of Zen-Chi-Go in decisive moments when they willingly "become one" to defend Justice!

The situation appeared rather *grave* from the start, with the leader of the Akeboshi taking an advance. Burzum's looks are sourced from Zankuro - one of the BOSS from Samurai Showdown. :chilled: (Psss, the game series was among my MOST favs since childhood, I have a thing for samurai/ninja games along with action/adventure and horror genres. XD) Burzum's plan was wicked, as he declared the loss of Zen-Chi-Go in that unknown dimension in order to drown mankind under the depth of despair for their only hope was gone! :gasp: However, with the legendary trio returning unharmed once again brought back a sense of boundless joy. Despite this, the problem of uncertainty still existed since their last enemy was undoubtedly powerful and in PERFECT condition whereas our heroes were nearly exhausted from their constant fighting, particularly Goki when he had to risk himself applying the full force of "Ultimate Protection Light" to protect the Enno Sanctuary previously. Yeah, the Blue Lord has always been in control of his power, unlike his Red comrade who has a tendency to waste his on various occasions regardless of whomever he is facing against. :sweatdrop:

It was not until the speech of passionate eloquence from the certain Blue Lord that everybody regained their full spirit. How much I love the depiction of Akira/Goki in this fic! He's very VERY mature and his eloquent skills are frankly... outstanding! :hearts: Though usually calm, humble and receptive, he proved himself to be one of the BEST leaders in time of need. Even the Zenki felt a surge of energy rising up in him after his brother's speech, boosting the fighting spirit of the mightiest Red Guardian who would eventually face against the great son of Kokutei in the Battle of FATE!

... which was an epic showdown full of surprising factors and in which... neither side would yield to the other without asking for the highest price!

## Zenki vs Burzum! ##

Zenki-sama, impatient as ever, promptly engaged in the fight despite the desperate warning from Chiaki. The best part was that he truly fought for the sake of mankind, NOT for his sole passion of being the strongest! That was undoubtedly shown in his speech that he "cannot allow the son of Kokutei to make more mischief on this planet!" :admired: His first striving was futile, though, despite having achieved the highest transformation and assisted by the mythical DIAMOND Axe Deva (Yeah, a DIAMOND Axe, not Golden)

In spite of the menace they had undoubtedly been experiencing, there were also indications of a significant turn-around when Zenki-sama summoned his top-secret weapon - the LEGENDARY FARENIA from a pillar of FIRE that rooted from the great sky. Woahwoahwoah... :gasp: Look at Burzum! The devil was rooted to the spot out of pure shock once the Faneria broke through his energy barrier! :O But then Burzum unexpectedly got an upper hand again with the dreadful KANTOSHIMA forged from the material that only existed in the dark side of the moon! (CREATIVE Saeki, again!) And attacked Zenki again and again with such a great force that the Red Guardian was slowly backed off unable to fight due to a large numbers of injuries suffered from Burzum's assault. The circumstance was desperate with victory obviously leaning on Burzum's side since Zenki was too weak to keep on fighting, until Goki shed a new light of hope by saving his comrade from Burzum's finishing blow in the nick of time! Aw great! :bouncing:

## Goki vs Burzum! ##

It seems that both Guardian Gods were being undoubtedly led down a road by a malicious unseen force coming from the words of their strongest opponent; first it was Zenki, then Goki being manipulated. In the face of overwhelming odds, Goki demonstrated his LOYALTY again bashing up the idea that belonged to eldest son of Kokutei with his strong moral principles, as when he faced against Vasara in the Manga. He managed to balance the scale again with his amazing martial-art skills and a heart of Justice, despite not yet being in his fullest. :hearts: Again, the great difference in fighting style between the two Demon Warriors was shown MOST noticeably: while Zenki often utilizes a fast and furious way rushing head-on into battles with an unquenchable thirst for victory, Goki prefers a "soft" and tactical approach, obviously slower to achieve victory compared to that of Zenki's, but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE when they have to deal with enemy types like Burzum, who is both powerful and BRAINY. YAY! :excited:

Nevertheless, Burzum has exceeded the calculation of Goki at some point and if he did not come up with a new plan, things would easily go out of control and make the bad situation worse than it ever was. :gasp: No...

But then, a miracle happened... OO

## ZenkiGoki vs Burzum! ##

Thanks to the great Ozunu who again came with a surprise, perhaps even STUNNING, Chiaki unlocked a sacred spell deep inside her being to allow Zenki to merge with Goki to be a mighty PERFECT warrior holding the sword of Farenia; it was downright magical, DOWNRIGHT EPIC! XXDDD :hysterical: Zenki is the sword - Goki is the shield; Zenki is the raging Crimson Thunder Light that destroys everything in its path - Goki is the gentle Divine Azure Light that heals and protects. Together along with Chiaki, they form a team UNPARALLELED in the Universe. :sparkling eyes: The battle was so fierce, so intense, sssooooooo BREATH-TAKING! The Zen-Go Warrior's attack and defense power risen to the highest level; I couldn't believe my eyes! Although for a few times in the Manga I've already witnessed the impressive combined power of the two warriors, this still went beyond my expectation when the two joined force and soul to become A PERFECT WARRIOR, IN BOTH INTELLECT AND STRENGTH! XXDDD

Also, I guess this is the perfect image of "to become one" as seen from the Ultimate Test, when Enno Chiaki again proved herself a worthy descendant of the great Bodhisattva Enno Ozunu and the truthful successor of his power by risking herself standing together with her two warriors. They stood the severest strain, defeated the strongest opponent - Burzum, and WON THROUGH the Battle of Fate in the end! \\(o)/

Notes: Usually as shown in the Manga, Chiaki would gather her strength and give it to Zenki through one of her techniques called "Ultimate Vajra" or "Ultra-charged Vajra", and Goki would do the same with his "AKASHA Light", meaning "Aether Light", whenever they decide to perform the most effective yet dangerous LUDRA on a particularly difficult opponent. Yes, Zenki needs Chiaki and Goki's combined power so that he can use Ludra without the risk of destroying himself.
AzureKnight2008 chapter 2 . 7/8/2012
ME again, for the 3rd time. -

((Part 3A))

Let's now focus on the love between the young Priestess & her Blue Guardian, and the bond of Zen-Chi-Go! I bet you will love reading this part as much as I enjoy writing it. :dignity laugh:

In truth, I love just EVERYTHING written in the romance department. It was so nice to see how the relationship of AGoxChia evolves through time after the destruction of the Evil Beast known as Kokutei. :dreamy smile:

First of all, their reunion after two years. Aww... I love the scene soooo much, for it was both surprising and sweet. Akira did know how to surprise a girl in such a nice way. :giggle: If I were Chiaki, I would be totally speechless and blush like hell staring at my feet (or even HIDE)! X'D Well, a part of me would scream out of joy for seeing my best friend again while the other part remain awestruck seeing him change so drastically after only two years, oh God, why am I so crazy? But not just me I'm sure... X')

Ahem... again, the "evil" work of hormones. )) I find it somewhat amusing since there were countless physical contacts between the two during their missions in the past but only by then (two years later) did the Seed of Love start to germinate. Dream came true, since Chiaki must have been very lonely without the friend who always listened when she had a problem, helped dry the tears on her face, took away her sorrow and put happiness in its place. Was it the same for Akira/Goki during those two years reacquainting himself on Mount Oomine? The answer is YES! It was too vivid through the loving way he looked at her and the sincerity in his words when he told her she was beautiful! XD). I just think... this must be the reason why boys and girls cannot be good friends forever, LOL. Still, the moment was so nice that I was left craving for more, imagining how her now-smaller form fit into his warm "friendly" embrace while he breathed in the scent of jasmine from her hair... all that led to a romantic morning in spring with only the two of them. :starry eyes: Btw, wanna know a not-so-funny fact about "Romeo & Juliet" by William Shakespeare? It's a three-day affair between a 13 year-old and 17 year-old that cause SIX deaths! (Approximately Akira & Chiaki's age when they first met, and he was ready to KILL anyone who dared touch her! :O). Love can be quite unpredictable... and devastating... Anyway, blame it on the hormones! _

Ahahaa... Abbot Jukai was so... corny. He said true, didn't he? )

Okay, secondly, Chiaki's highschool graduation! She touched me with her words dedicated to those she cared so much about - her family, her friends, her treasured ones. Sure, every one of them secures a special place in her heart. I bet Kuribayashi blushed madly upon hearing her compliments to him, judging from the fact that he has had feelings for her since childhood. Akira's reaction was so adorable... and cool as always; he has proved to be too mature to be a mere 15 year-old boy in others' eyes and although he couldn't be read at that time, his happiness was immense knowing those words come from the bottom of her heart. Hey! It was her who literally "saved" him from death in that fateful night, right? I still remember that scene where a beautiful priestess bravely stood under the moonlit sky, risking herself defending an unknown boy who would eventually become her personal guardian (and life-time partner). Aww... :') In following this, Chiaki's gratitude for Granny Saki at the end of her long speech was ssooooooo heart-warming! And even though KDZ Manga and Anime are with different settings, the unmistakable sacred bond between Chiaki and Granny Saki remains unchanged. "Grandma of my soul.", the most touching line Chiaki said that day. Granny Saki may not be chosen as the master of the great Ozunu's Guardian Gods, but her wise and experienced self would help her granddaughter, the chosen child, become the greatest Onmyouji (Yin-Yang Master) in no time, as shown in the Manga when Chiaki initially thought she had learnt EVERYTHING from her granny but the old wise proved her wrong. "So far, what I've taught you is just the basic." - Chiaki felt fainted knowing this. LOL

Thirdly, let's focus on an EPIC CLASH between TWO forces - "Team Zenki" of the good side and the "Brothers of Shadows" of the bad side!

- Although I've shared much of my thought on the Evil Force in part 1 and part 2 of this review, I strongly believe that the 1st fight against Lemuria was adapted from the event happened in the Manga version, in which Goki confronted and KILLED Chimaru - the strongest member of the Four Heavenly Kings under Inugami's command, before Zenki and him faced Inugami in a duel to death. Lemuria has triggered the merciless side of the Blue DEMON that is SCARELY shown thorough his existence on Earth. :chilled: "No one can stop Goki in his rage, even me.", Zenki-sama admitted once his Blue comrade brilliantly defeated Chimaru with a single powerful stroke of his Dragon Staff, without a single sweat, whereas Zenki previously had to struggle in vain finding a way to end their seemingly IMMORTAL foe during their first confrontation. Sounds similar to the Beast of Negation that Kazue was transformed into in the Anime ne? D

But... why did he faint? ( I guess the stress and anguish in his soul when losing Kazue has become too much for him to bear, right? I'm glad Chiaki was there. Her angelic voice calmed his utmost sorrow, driving him to a restful dreamless sleep. Sweet... :')

- Next, the 2nd battle when Zenki was forced to use hand combat against Yoshizaki while Chiaki went to rescue Goki from being "brainwashed".

LOYALTY is a feature in a boy's character that inspires BOUNDLESS HOPE. It's so true, especially in this case! D All humans are capable of good and evil so I'm not too surprised *if*one day Goki-sama were no long on us human's side; then again, just think if Goki were converted into one of the bad guys, both Zenki and Chiaki would be in big trouble b/c the Blue Lord is an all-round warrior, skilled in both attack and defense. Though not as strong as Zenki, Goki's sharp mind and calculating side, along with the "viciousness" one may possess when turning evil, could be exploited and made a lethal threat. ( Chiaki would be destroyed, too, if seeing her two warriors engaging in a battle to death. :sniff: Fortunately, the Blue Warrior has never betrayed whoever believe in him and whom he loves and protects. This was similar to the Manga when he REFUSED to take the role of the second-in-command of Vasara and ended up being executed by the former Chief Commander of the Guardian Warrior Force. :sniffsniff: He'd rather face death with honor than betray mankind and the trust of his master.

And then... I was endlessly touched by the moment in which Chiaki overcame the fear of certain death, walking boldly through the firewall that separated her from him. As for Goki, though unconscious and being manipulated, he still gathered enough will and strength to protect his secret love from harm. :sniff: He has always be there to protect her, always, right? It's time she ought to do the same for him, no matter what it costs. Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess... because the queen protects the king, like in a game of chess. His loyalty, it gave her courage and HOPE so that she could save him, once again. :touched: How I love her sayings when she helped him out of the path not meant for him; with her right hand on his chest, she touched the depth of his heart, guiding him back with the voice of an angel... Beautiful... :') Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that had Goki been in his full sense, he would have never allowed Chiaki to risk herself for his sake (as in the Ultimate Test); moreover, his reaction was already fixed when he *shouted* at her angrily as she attempted to shield both Zenki and him from the fatal attack of Inugami. (

In following this, the fierce hand-combat between Zenki-sama and Yoshizaki in which Zenki's existence was questioned and his purposes as a Demon Warrior being manipulated. We all know it too well that the Red Lord has the biggest ego of anyone we've ever seen and mostly fights for his own pride and passion to be the STRONGEST (plus his love of Evil Seeds. ). I would be lying if I say Zenki-sama fights for us humans' sake; nevertheless, this was only at the beginning of the series, eventually we realize that Zenki-sama fights for mankind, too. His sense of Justice is quite limited, unlike that of his Blue comrade, yet the Red Lord's power and loyalty can be trusted! GO ZENKI-SAMA! XD :fist on air:

Btw, I'm glad you DID remember to include the undesired effect of the "Ultimate Protection Light" technique on Goki-sama, which led to a series of interesting events in Hell. Oh... and thank you, Ozunu-sama, for boosting your mighty guardian's power, for protecting your beloved descendant and your most faithful guardian! GO! THE MIRACULOUS ANIYAKI! (sounds like a Japanese dish) GOO! THE LEGENDARY FARENIA! XD More so, the respect Zenki-sama has had on you for more than a thousand years until now motivated him to remain loyal to Chiaki despite their not-so-quiet life under the same roof. ; "That damned geezer's magical talent is exceptional.", once admitted by the Red Guardian. :O But HEY! How did the young Priestess manage to carry her Blue Guardian while he was unconscious? 8D I assume he was being dragged... perhaps? LOL
Guest chapter 2 . 7/6/2012
AzureKnight2008 again. :)

((Part 2))

Moving on, we probably know that up to these days, the females who play a significant role in Akira/Goki's life, beside his hypothetic mother (Yuri), are Chiaki and Kazue, each of whom is with a life he still owes. How come? It was Kazue who rescued him from the scythe of death in the Gotou mansion, and then it was Chiaki, who had followed all the screams and blood trails to the place where Kazue was desperate struggling against the vengeful Karuma to protect the incarnated Goki, so as to save both of them, to save a complete stranger like HIM when he was only a helpless boy without any memories of a renowned past! All are unforgotten deeds to Goki, those that would be forever embedded in the passionate heart of his. :heart:

Let's first talk about Kazue, she is both Akira/Goki's chance guardian and mentor, a proud paranormal expert who has never ceased to defend the good, even if it means to give up her personal happiness. If you ever spare a minute to listen to Kazue's character theme, "The Melody is inaudible", you may recognize that there's a boundless air of warmth beneath that shrewish guise of a scientist when she said, "For you, love is the melody of a soul... But in me... it is inaudible, for today and onward I know my destiny - the point of NO Return." Nice, isn't it? That's why I can't seem to understand why KDZ fans show a strong dislike toward her. Must have been b/c she often appears with an overbearing manner - a characteristic Zenki-sama also shares, BUT look again! Have you ever noticed her gentle-almost-motherlike attitude whenever she interacts with the reincarnated Goki? The way she talks, the way she smiles at him... it's strange that only the reincarnated God of Light could reach beyond the frozen part of the so-called Ice Queen's heart, making her trust for him so strong that she even gambled her life being a Karuma Beast, which he was forced to destroy so as to save the world. Was that touching enough to cover their relationship? ]

No matter what, Kazue has replaced Shinsenbou in the original Manga - the leading Yamabushi/Shugenja on Mount Oomine. Shinsenbou is a man of good nature beneath a stern look, and just like Kazue, shows a great extent of protectiveness toward his young cousin Akira - his lord and the avatar of the legendary Goki. The two shares a strong bond then, as Shinsenbou has always taken care of Akira before and after his parents' death. I remember sharing with you some Manga panels in which little Akira and Shinsenbou were training with each other through an arm-wrestling, then together chasing across Oomine highland field, then his consoling Akira when he cried, hitting Akira with tears on his face when the young lord did sth reckless, etc. With such details, I find it so interesting that Garou Mishima in your fic strongly resembles Shinsenbou in the aspect of forging the character of the young reincarnated God of Light, teaching him, particularly his human side, to become the whole man, so that he can get all the respect and responsibilities he so richly deserves. :more hearts:

Consequentially, there is no wonder that the calm and composed Guardian God went BERSERK seeing his MOST important ones be KILLED before his eyes!

Remember how things went when Shinsenbou was killed by Chimaru's Samurai Sword in the Manga? Well, similar things happened here when Kazue was initially thought to be drown in the Baikan Lake in the fight against Lemuria, who believed such a devastating event would damage the Guardian God's mental state and make him completely vulnerable. Quite the contrary, she just signed her own death sentence! :smirk:

Helpful advice: Do NOT, under any circumstances, harm Goki-sama's loved ones. He is a benevolent divine who favors pardon over execution; however in this case, expect to meet the hidden side of him - the *demonic* side that is ruthless and never hesitates to sentence whoever crosses with him the UGLIEST fate. Chimaru had to pay with his life (ought to see the King of Darkness's horrified expression when the God of Light ended him! XD), the same to Lemuria who was, by no means, an easy opponent to deal with from the start. Even though at first I was worried about Goki's condition when he reached the top of Fukuyama Tower to face the female Akeboshi, ( Not only that, she possesses a *sensual* body that could provoke a kind of uncontrollable lust from men, YES, except the Blue Lord. That's another fine characteristic of him that makes me admire very very much. :hearts fly everywhere: The ability of a man NOT to be easily distracted or tempted by outward looks.

In short, everything went perfectly to the end of the 1st significant battle, when the hero laid to a complete rest in the care of his beloved. He feels much more confident about his position in battles now and thereby... builds on this confidence to create a stronger air of authority around himself. To be honest, I cannot get over his provocative half-smile in the Manga when he faces his later opponents. X') His smile is different from Zenki-sama's, fearless but not arrogant, one that belongs to a person in total control and aims at FLAWLESS achievements. X'D :fangirl squeal:

Well... wait for the 3rd part, which will be TWICE as long as the 1st & 2nd combined. :P
AzureKnight2008 chapter 2 . 7/6/2012
This... is not just a fanfic chapter, it's a work of art. :salute:

So here am I, burning the midnight oil reading the text again (for the nth time) with a concentrated mind. And because this is among the most detailed and intricate chapters, hopefully, I can give it a complete analysis before the dawn of weekend. ))

From the very beginning, I was amazed at how creative Saeki Yagami could be. ] You did a great job doing a complete and thorough recap of KDZ Anime, up to the point that errors were almost nonexistent. It was easy to notice that you breathed life into the work, not only with your creativeness but also with your beautiful writing.

((Part 1))

Well... Akira was, indeed, a child prodigy for being gifted with so much talent in many fields of arts and science; however, he was a lone prince in his kingdom, of luxury, of love and kindness, those that he received from no one else but his parents. He was like a caged bird longing for a piece of freedom since his birth, which was not only the fruit given from hardship of the love between Kyoji and Yuri, but also the fulfillment of a prophecy not-too-long ago, one that belonged to a Divine God - Keeper of the Light, Guardian of Protection, Recreation and Logistic Supports -Goki-. On a side note, I may as well relate this part to the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian Bible, of how willingly the immortal God reincarnated and lived in the form of a human being with a life mission to ease the pain and sorrow of mankind. Pretty much similar to what the Blue Lord stated in his character theme "Shining Blue, Advent from Heaven!", correct? The only difference is that it was an angel who came with the message. :smirk: Again, I like it when you describe the "real" Goki, basically his mature state. Hah...! Whoever dare say the God is sissy and lacks manliness? Goki was almost as tall as Zenki [210cm] back in ancient days, with perfectly-toned body, and in accordance with my prolonged research on Japanese legend, I always find statues of these famous comrade-in-arms in various places of Japan being made of the same quality and SAME size. Not to mention that his adult voice still sends a shiver down my spine with its *sexiness*, especially in the Spanish dub. :blush: X') But WHY Shinagawa, Tokyo? You should have chosen Shirakawa as it's in NARA - Enno Ozunu's actual birthplace, so are his two guardian gods, BUT... who knows? The Blue Lord owns a rather large ancestry after over 1000 years, his descendant must have moved from one place to another, farther away from their homeland. Well, this was among the most important issues discussed at the end of a fanfic of mine, say... "Secrets", beside the fact that the reawakening of the Blue Guardian was *plotted* more than a thousand years ago (that KDZ Anime fans were obviously unaware), I'm glad you decided to concrete it in your amazing work. And, for the record, there is a small shrine in the port town of Shinagawa dedicated to Ozunu-sama and his two guardian gods in real life. )

And so you were able to deliver the recap in minute detail. I love knowing how Akira was able to get a grip and move on after Kyoji's death. Goki is supposed to be Kyoji's forefather BUT his reincarnation is Kyoji's son. :sweatdrop: I find it amusing when many fans are still pretty much confuse about his complicated ancestry, which I sometimes feel the urge to pull chunks of my hair out trying to explain to them. LOL Btw, you deserve more credits for the flawless portrait of Professor Kyoji as a minor character: the way he acts is exactly what I expect. :wink:

Now, what would I say about the new enermies arriving to spread chaos on Earth? Lemuria, Yoshizaki and Burzum of the Akeboshi. Wicked cool. :thumbs up: The most surprising part is that the three were Kokutei's children, arisen from the remaining energy of the wicked beast and nourished by the negative feelings of mankind emanated from Earth, in the dark side of the moon, where they were completely hidden and untouched, until it's too late. The Seeds of Evil were not the same either, causing devastating, or worse, irreversible damages to the locals of Shikigami-Chou and mankind in general. This made the Blue Warrior suffered a thousand times when he, or his Red comrade, had no choice but to release a human being from their misery by ending their life. :sad face: I dare say, Zenki's wild manner helped put everything under control at that time, for the reason that Goki, despite being a Warrior God, was already disheartened over the fact that KILLING was the only method. He could give his life to save a human being, why must kill? NO! X((

I guess that was when the return of Kazue and Professor Kuwaori was MOST timely and welcomed. :O

Me: "Hi Professor Koori, may I buy a Kuwabytes from you? It looks cool and handy and... Sure I love it! Hm... cast? No, I don't have anything as such but in exchange I'm gonna kick some Possession Beasts' ass just b/c Goki-sama is too depressed to fight, would that be enough? :beam:"
Dr. Kuwaori: :speechless:
Cervantes chapter 2 . 6/18/2012
Escritura hermosa...el amor nace de un flechazo; la amistad del intercambio frecuente y prolongado.
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