Reviews for Life in Konoha's ANBU
Iamaviewer chapter 52 . 9/9
I really love those tsunade and naruto interactions, their relationship is complicated it seems like a brother sister bond at times
SeikoTuNeR chapter 53 . 9/6
Ah. Re-reading this was fun. The fights, the interesting story beats, Naruto's development in particular was just a delight to go through again... Its hard to believe its been 6 years since you've touched this.
53 chapters and almost 400k words and I think this is where the series would have ended before shippuden, yeah? Instead of the angsty Naruto vs Sasuke battle, you end with a friendly spar.

Hope life is treating you well!
Agent Frank chapter 53 . 8/29
I hadn't read this story since 2015 which is crazy to think about. The reread was great and I'm glad I was finally able to check out these last 3 chapters.
Nagato-Senju chapter 53 . 8/18
I love your story brother, I really loved it, although I would like you to update the story.

Leaving that aside, I want to thank you for the good times I had reading the story of "The life of an ANBU in Konoha".

Kind regards Nagato-Senju.
damianandrascal chapter 41 . 8/1
It was pretty dumb
Jon 'Fatjon' Umber chapter 53 . 7/28
Damn. I miss this fic. I reread it again and it still awesome jope someone can continue this.
Gracy2257 chapter 53 . 7/11
I really love your story; thank you for sharing it!
NatsuGooner chapter 4 . 7/10
Naruto is beyond weak in this chapter
ROBERT chapter 3 . 6/26
why not had 2 desk is when naurto had siting it working workings with assistants jobs all d and c and up to a and for when his seeing it all now, even back in his time too, some time his had his hat a blue and wither too, it now , he was out it the meeting room with others here get to find out his time now, made bit mad about it, but his find ways of made others ninjas team not like or love him it times as well, he siting wit and 10 ninjas teams on the jobs now, when 10 had push it naurto had gave Sarutobi son a mad looking to ion and saying to her quit the boy love stuff sister ninjas had no need for it now, she was mad about it , as for others 2 get it now, you job is to helping out it the food shop now clan up the shop now , pay is d rank and money is 30 each , now go, when the 8 is helping it the zoo helping out the baby gotes and feeding them now, rank is d pay is 50 and now go , when 7 is no the cat now , finding it and gave back to fire lord wife , now, when he had get out for coffin and his own meld now , next is on the others stuff now abut black ops team base now, desk and bed rooms workings with ,
ROBERT chapter 1 . 6/26
sir my ? is Naruto be living and staying it his mom and dad clan home now and 2 on the desk is them team pics both his mom and dad 1 team then 2 ones the 2 had running with , and when the 3 is Naruto teams ones his 1 team and 2 run one too and abut black ops teams , both 1 his was into and one of his own team , as cap code name Ferret , others stuff well be on the wall is old ninjas vests both his mom and dad vest and then them own son own vests to abut black ops mask Fox and black fox , then Ferret with cap rank on it now, i Robert K, like to seeing if his bed room is cool too, i was think of beast boy old bed room , a twin size bed and on the walls is art of women pics both out of the red lights bars and others with big bods , as for some playing stuff i was think of PC games like battles cars games and others like sims in the subs , and big set of hit books and maps of games reams his had in the 2 bed room , too, as for the gust homes sun lights and moon lights homes is for gust , when the last is when his keeping the gray men inc , his had mobs boss money be put into lock room , and it locking up like a fort and money into lock box s and no one seeing it now,
Animedog0001 chapter 53 . 6/4
So sad to see the spar being the end and never reaching the final arc. Absolutely brilliant ANBU Naruto story. The world building and the gradual growth of Team Sigma for the characters are great. Would love for this to continue but with the last update in 2016 I expect this to be discontinued. Hope life is well for you Author, thank you for the story.
f5 chapter 1 . 5/30
Possibly the best work in this fandom. Certainly the best ANBU Naruto story. It is violent and "realistic" without being indulgently gruesome or pedantically repetitive. Naruto is strong but not really overpowered. Particularly interesting is how seriously the author takes Naruto's age and consequently de-emphasizes taijutsu in favor of relatively complex large scale ninjutsu fighting. This is a challenge for authors because such fights require a great deal more creativity and imagination than ripping sword- or fist-fights off the top of your head or from spy movies or whatever. This Naruto is believable as Hiruzen's apprentice and this fighting style is the kind of thing one would imagine "The Professor" imparting to a child with the largest chakra reserves anywhere. The ANBU characters are pretty flat but do their job well enough. Each of the arcs is interesting and relatively self-contained, so the story is satisfyingly concluded even if it is unfinished – although it is a shame that the supposed last and most important and planned from the beginning arc was never written.
ronaldoezlop chapter 1 . 5/23
He leído la historia completa más de cinco veces y aún tengo la esperanza de que algún día encuentre otro capítulo. Espero que estes bien, saludos.
Wwolko chapter 53 . 5/15
It’s a damn shame that this has most likely been discontinued it’s an amazing story.
Wwolko chapter 30 . 5/14
The fourth kazekages name is rasa
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