Reviews for Life in Konoha's ANBU
weeknd chapter 1 . 4/21
Matthew Todd chapter 41 . 4/18
You have real talent here
jon reeve chapter 1 . 4/12
/Nice misdirection there.
Matthew Todd chapter 21 . 4/12
I am so in love with this story. I'm not even finished with it yet and I just think it's amazing. Please keep writing more !
ThisIsMyUsernameCurrently chapter 15 . 4/5
It takes a special kind of writer to make a plot this messed up, yet it also takes a special kind of writer to make me this addicted to a story.
colorchanger chapter 1 . 4/4
Can't wait for the next chapter! Love this!
myafroatemydog chapter 2 . 3/28
Alright follow up chapter
myafroatemydog chapter 1 . 3/28
I feel lied to about the discription but I'll give it another chap
StayBlessed chapter 2 . 3/19
Mehhh...not a fan of Naruto being Sarutobi's bitch. Just like I wasn't a fan of how Jiraiya treated him. But I'm gonna keep giving it a chance.
Nubya chapter 53 . 3/17
9/10 but why not Akatsuki action time skip? Oh well, still great fic.
Tenten1001 chapter 53 . 3/15
I picked this up about a week ago and I haven't been able to drop it since. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you for your work.
Blood Of Odin chapter 2 . 3/14
this... is such a cute story so far!
ShadowFoxKage chapter 53 . 3/13
but Naruto forgot to tell Konohamaru he needed to write a report on the mission.
toratiger012 chapter 40 . 3/12
l kim 9 l
arinasution5 chapter 29 . 3/6
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