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Tara chapter 51 . 10/4
Wow! This entire plot idea is absolutely fascinating. I think that you have dealt with it very well. Great work!
Narue-Nara-chan chapter 51 . 9/27
Thank you for the update! (sorry for the delay in reading it :C )
Alex chapter 51 . 9/26
It's been so long. Cmon pls don't leave us hanging here especially after coming this far. You have a lot of fans waiting for the next chapter. Please don't dash our hopes and have discontinued
mushy strawberry chapter 51 . 9/25
update soon man
fortheloveofb chapter 11 . 9/20
Can I just say-even though I'm only on chapter twelve-that I JUST realized who the author is (you!)?!
I was like OH SHIT SHEZZA WROTE THIS. Just the most fantastic writer ever! You have no idea how much I'm absolutely in love with your Denarian series! It actually got me into the Dresden Files and they are really some of the best fics I've read, period! I've woken up my son a few times from laughing so hard reading them AND got my friend to read them all... ANYWAYS... now I can't wait to read more because I love your work xD and I love everything so far! This is my first time reading an ANBU!Naruto fic so I'm excited :)
You did say in the past you're planning on publishing original works one day, correct? Please keep us updated if you do!
Kerra-Chan chapter 51 . 9/2
Please review! This story is so amazing and I have got to read how it ends!
Arashi chapter 51 . 8/29
God damn it. Update already! just spent two days reading this entire story over and boy am I sad that's all there is :( ah well. Good read as always can't wait to read more so update soon!
Cypress98 chapter 50 . 8/29
Yay! another Arc done. As you have mentioned in your A/N that there is another Arc which will be the last one, so I hope that you can start with it pretty sooooonn.. please

Scallywaag chapter 51 . 8/28
Wow. This story is amazing. Gotta love the folding chakra method
Luccian chapter 51 . 8/27
I loved the red herring you wrote in the first chapter. The proof of that being the fact that while I was cursing you for fooling me (TROLL IN THE DUNGEON), I was also silently congratulating you in another part of my head for your brilliance. You magnificent bastard, you troll. Your story is hilarious! I loved it so much! Sigma is awesome! I can't get that scene at Ichiraku out of my head! In case you're wondering, it's the game of kill the Ferret in chapter 11. So that means..."Are you done trying to kill your Captain?" and later on at the end of the chapter:
"wait, who almost killed the Captain?
Someone almost killed the Captain?"

xD So hilarious.

Operation HURRICANE arc though...what a plot twist. When Naruto had that bad feeling, I was hoping that it was nothing bad but you know, I think that Lord Third is onto something here. I mean, Naruto has probably got the worst luck in the entire fic of yours! Not even Tsunade can beat him in terms of bad luck considering all she has to deal with is losing money left and right to gambling (no, I am not counting everyone she ever loved dying as bad luck - they were at war, and people kinda like, DIE in war...and even the best fall in combat *cough 1st/2nd Raikage/Hokage/Mizukage/Kazekage/Tsuchikage cough cough cough*). I think Lord Hiruzen has a point when he tries not to give Sigma too many missions outside of Konoha/being his personal aide cause like, Sigma ONLY meets up with one S-RANK shinobi EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME. they're in the field, ya know?

Onto thoughts on this chapter, I guess...
I was like "Oh shit" when Yagura appeared and then I went "THAT TRAITOROUS BITCH" when I realized that Mei used Naruto as bait. After all, what kind of opponent is better for a Jinchuuriki than another Jinchuuriki? Lord Hokage's little speech in his office in this chapter made me so proud of Naruto. The little Ferret's come a long way since chapter one, I mean he's an ANBU Captain now! Remember back when he was merely a menial slave of Lord Sarutobi? Little Naruto's all grown up now! Speaking of grown up, Tsunade's training was fun really fun to read; you should do that more often (as a means of measuring Naruto's growth, of course).

P.S. If you are wondering why I didn't review in previous chapters - I didn't feel like it so ya.

P.P.S. I like the idea that ANBU is family, but I am guessing that not even Naruto knows the truth of the Massacre, considering how much he hates Itachi for betraying Konoha (and I'm pretty sure Naruto can't act that well, but that's another story).

P.P.P.S. I love how Tobi just ragequit at the end of this chapter. It's almost hilarious how he, just like Kami no Shinobi, just ragequits and throws the work to the personal aide.

P.P.P.P.S. Please do tell about the "Yura as a sling shot" incident! That chapter was hilarious! Especially the automatic reactions of all of them! xD They need to get together and talk more often! Next time they meet though, you should have Naruto introduce to the group Shizune (I mean, the poor girl has to deal with alcohol and gambling addictions while trying to keep away from loan sharks, making sure her Master survives the night, feed them all, AND take care of the pet pig - where did they find Tonton anyways?) I think that Shizune would fight right in! xD Also, if you are planning on a Fourth Great Shinobi War like the one in the manga with the Gokage Alliance, you should try to put the 5 of them in the same army group. (Well, maybe not Yura if he's still Sasori's sleeper in this universe cause he'd be dead...can you imagine the look on Naruto's face if he fought Itachi-Yura like in canon?)

Okay, I think I've written enough, hope you update soon. Have a nice life, really hope you update soon. I'll be waiting. Bye~
The King in White chapter 5 . 8/25
This is a great fic so far, but I do have to take issue with your promotion of Konohamaru. It just doesn't have any logic to me.

Arguably, in canon Naruto had to be promoted (because despite his lack of skill he's a jinchuuriki and they're living weapons politically). Konohamaru is at this point just another unskilled academy student with a prestigious lineage - which might be enough to scrap him by if Hiruzen had been the one to push at him. But I don't see why Kakashi would railroad a liability onto his squad, or why anyone else would let him.

Yes, he was in the general vicinity of an S-ranked mission. But unlike canon Naruto, he wasn't in the least bit involved in the takedown of the enemy shinobi. In fact, he didn't even master a technique from the scroll to get 'extra credit' towards his graduation. He just proved himself gullible and an enormous security risk given his familial attachment to the reigning Hokage.

It would make more sense if A) they assigned a newly minted chuunin/leftover genin to the squad to build up leadership experience while rounding up to the traditional three, B) they split the graduating class into two teams of four, or C) If Kakashi just kept on keeping on with his team of two.

Unless you changed Konohamaru's age there's no rush for him to graduate at the moment, since he's still young and has years left at the Academy to learn more. Further, assigning him to any squad is dangerous and could get them all killed because he's not skilled enough to pass the graduation exam and unlike Naruto has no redeeming bloodline/secret power to make it worth the risk.
Quinn1989 chapter 27 . 8/23
I think, the thing that stands between Tsunade , Jiraya and Naruto is this mentality of shoving it away.
As Jiraya said: Professionals are boring
As Hiruzens said: those that do not let g
o of the mask become the mask.

In this, you have made a beautiful hint and repairing.
I also think it will be a challenge Naruto HAS to face.
Quinn1989 chapter 21 . 8/23
The meeting with Tobi was an interesting one.

Aside from that.

The conference rooks (especially the part when they all react to the "blast" and think it is their Kage doing it)

Quinn1989 chapter 14 . 8/23
Nice chapter.

The competition between Naruto and Tsunade, and the "dual" between Tsunade andHiruzen was splendid

Quinn1989 chapter 13 . 8/23
I always like the Tsunade Jiraya and Naruto interaction.
And, while your story is quite a different one to many others, the interaction of Tsunade, Jiraya and Naruto are with the right feeling in it.

I Like it

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