Reviews for A stranger In My Eyes
burntvanilla chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
Nice job with this. It wasn't overly detailed or deep or anything, just a light, fluffy romance. I rather liked it, personally. There could be a bit more details, but overall this was pretty nicely written.

You see, I don't usually read AUs, but this was a lovely little one. However, there are still a few things that I thought didn't follow through with the series. Like, for instance, character wise I couldn't imagine Kyon or Haruhi being so concerned about love and relationships. Obviously, this is your whole story's point and plot, but I still felt as if characters were a bit "out of character". Kyon's sarcasm was a little too mild, considering past remarks, and Haruhi seemed very open and polite. Of course, people change over time, and both were struck with "love at first sight", but I just felt certain things didn't fit quite right with some characters. Koizumi, too, seemed a tad OOC. It's like him to make jokes and chuckle at them, yes, but he was quite laid back and...uh, unKoizumi-like? Though, I guess it's possible this is how he really is, since he carries around a fake persona throughout canon. I liked how you added him and Mikuru into this, anyway. Nothing overly noticeable and unbelievable with character, and this all just my opinion. Ignore it, too, if you're aiming for a dash of OCCness.

Spelling and grammar was great; no errors that I could find. Although, I have to say that you spell Mikuru Asahina's name like 'MikUru, not 'MikEru'. That was it, though.

Overall, pretty good job. I think this could be even more romantic and lovely with a little more describing, but this is fine! Keep writing, because you're obviously know how to! ;D