Reviews for The Servant: The Sorceress Cycle
TacoKing23 chapter 82 . 1/31/2014
Dude, this would be amazing. You should pitch it to someone. I'd say Square, but that probably wouldn't work out; it would probably have to be someone who makes non-profit fan games. But seriously, it would be AMAZING.
Darth Necron chapter 82 . 1/31/2014
So Shinryu was in this story? Damn it, missed it lol.

Not bad, this makes me wish it really was Final Fantasy 13 lol, maybe it will be 16, who knows.

I suppose the only thing that is missing is a mini game, maybe someone makes up Triple Trad here? Or not lol.

I do wish I could make a Tales of the Cosmic Wars video game adaptation, I tried to get those who make fan RPG's on board but no one would take me seriously , and I lack the programming skills to make it good by my self. Oh well, one day that might change.

In the meanwhile, glad to see a final bonus to round this story off, and good luck with your next projects and all that.

Till next time.
terracannon876 chapter 81 . 1/31/2014
Thank you for such a wonderful fic (series, even!) I never finished the original, but I enjoyed reading this one and I really thought this ending was satisfying. I'm ... almost sad that you won't be writing the FF8 events, but eh, we already know what those are (ie, we know that Bahamut does indeed rain fury on Squall & co. D ). But, either way, this fic was a real journey.

Reading back, I think what I appreciated most about your fic was the differences in tone between when the Guardians/Espers were together and the action. Your action sequences were appropriately epic and the gatherings were heartwarming and happy. It's also interesting to go back to your older fics because you can see the progression of writing style. What you have in Sorceress Cycle is far more like a "novel" than your first installment, which, while great, read a bit like a fanfic.

But anyways, thank you for this saga. I started reading because I'd never seen anything quite like it, and I don't think I will in the future.

(Hmm. Maybe Square Enix can make a side game based on your story?! XDDDD Jk)
Mihile chapter 82 . 1/31/2014
Haha it would be so awesome if this story were a real FF game hehe... I would play the shit out of it :P Good luck in your next project, hope to see more quality fanfics from you .
Mihile chapter 81 . 1/29/2014
Thanks for finishing the story! I loved every second of it!
Kilafer chapter 81 . 1/21/2014
What a ride.
All an all an amazing piece of work. I don't remember too much from the original, but I know that I loved each and every chapter of this reboot, and anxiously looked forward to each new update.

I honestly have to say "The Servant" has long been one of my favourite series of fanfiction on this site, and has kept me enthralled for many hours. So thank you for writing it Piccolo Sky. You truly did a wonderful job and The Sorceress Cycle provided quite the fulfilling conclusion.
Darth Necron chapter 81 . 1/22/2014
All right, time for the final review of the servant.

First of all, for the final chapter itself, much nicer this time around, fills out a bit more about Bahamut and with Eden having a ton of more personality in this version so the final talk was a lot more fitting. Not sure what happened to Tiamat but I guess it sounded like he mellowed out so that seems to be good.

Heh, Carbuncle being all more chatty makes it ironic that he ends up junctioned to a random stone monster, hell Leviathan somehow ends up junction-ed to NORG, but I suppose the game just was haphazard with how GF's were in random monsters lol.

Well was a fitting ending, still a tad sad that you did not put this story to have a FF 8 arc but if you did not like 8 to much its for the best. It is better then having this story link to 13, if it did then it would end with the whole world being destroyed if it still followed FF 13 3 lol.

All right time for the ultimate review itself. I was glad when you revised this since we all know the previous version had a lackluster reception. It was sad that you were not going to keep the FF7 world but I suppose Cloud and Aries was barley in the previous version anyway lol.

The cast in this story felt more like a Final Fantasy cast then anything since ten, so that was enjoyable.

A quick overview of the party members, Ceja was a fun nod to those like Ferya and Gau, a bit basic I suppose but she did her role well.

Jalab was like Kimahri, the strong silent type, who could kick ass and take names. His role was good, dealing with the betrayal of his Sorceress , and he had epic moves.

Cid was my third favorite Cid right behind Cid Highwind and Cid Pollendina from 4, I miss when Cid was a good guy lol. Liked e his use of moves, a nice throw back to Edgar.

Quaran was a good character, he managed to stand out as a original character of sorts, the side kick who managed to get his own good moments and improve a lot. I do feel bad for him, he lost everything in the end, I thought him and Ceja were going to form a relationship till that went more to a Ceja Jalab direction, and he got no one. Heh, with him losing everything I still give the most likely person to snap and become a serial killer award lol.

Taraketh, he started off as the pompous one almost as if he was Palom's older brother. Another tragic figure, he spent his life for the order only for it all to betray him, and for even his childhood to be corrupted with that last thing Cybus revealed. I suppose he had a lot to snap back from, and he did, even though he lost everything in the end at least he died with honor and all that, at least he will be remembered as a hero I suppose.

Bahamut, well I never took that misleading thing seriously lol, but it was good to see him act in a new light, and I suppose if he had his full power from the start things would be to easy. A tad sad he got his true form back just near the end but he still had his moments. Still loses points for not having Bahamut F( Gets Exia Flared again)

Any who that leaves Dael, who was a rather good main lead. It shows how much Square sucks when Dael had more growth , well, more realistic growth then Lighting went through in three games. You did good to throw me off on what she was going to be, I at first thought she was a decedent of Cloud or Aries, only a few chapters before the climax did I put everything together. She did well to go from a soldier who only followed orders to well, a mother/ god. Heh, take that Lighting, she even had a better god form then Lighting's lol. Aside from a few things it worked well and she was a good main lead.

The minor hero's like Carbuncle and others were good to, glad to see Moogles at last lol.

With that, I think that's everyone, expect for the bad guys, who I will now be moving on to lol.

And so as for the bad guys, the Corvids were good Turk like bad guys, Jay the pysco one, Crow the evil tramp one and Raven the Akuma type warrior one lol. As for Rozan himself well, he did not show up to much, but at least he had more personality then the Emperor from 2, though I suppose not quite as deep as Vayne but since he was not the main bad guy it makes sense. Him being a teenager is something I almost forgot but in the end he was just a puppet. Still fought it would have fit more if he fused with Odin but that's a minor issue, all in all they worked well.

As for the Sorceresses themselves , without a doubt this time they were more then just Cloud of Darkness times three. They had there reasons and were still rather heartless, especially Cybus and Minyal.

In the end Mianyl caused quite the rampage, only Kefka and Kuja caused more direct deaths,,, well, I suppose Caius to but, that was because of cheating lol.

She is not my most loved FF bad guy but I will put her just below the unholy trinity of Sephiroth Kuja and Kefka, she beats out Exdeath and the others lol. Her twisted plan, fueled by a twisted Great god mother, sort of, nearly broke two worlds, good thing she went down hard, was a memorial death to.

Feel proud Sky, the bad guys in this game are better then lame Yu Yevion, bland Vayne, and the two lame gods in 13 plus the Sephiroth copy cat so take that Square.

I guess that leaves the story itself, it had the pace of the good Final Fantasy games so that's good. I admit some things I would have done differently, like I would have had the four friends be done before they went to Nyx Gaia so the flow would not be as broken up, I know they were for final fights for the cast but it did nearly come off as filler. Other then that it was great, only minor things to complain about because the plot and growth was better then most RPG 's theses days and the fights were as stellar as always.

I admit that while I was cautious at first you being able to make your own cast stand out is part of what got me to write my own story, I hope one day you also read my Zilos story, I will wait till I am finished with that though lol.

Once more this is now a worthy conclusion to the Servant series, it allowed Bahamut and the world to go through a final" Phase" of sorts, one that made it seem like more then a random battle, if that made any sense.

Well, I think that about covers it, one final time glad you were able to have the will to change the Servant so that it ended on a far better note because it was without a doubt worth the effort Piccolo Sky. Hope what ever you work on next it goes well, and I do hope even with your story done you will read Tales of the Cosmic Wars to the end lol.

And now its time for the end so, ( Insert Final Fantasy theme here. ) Fin
TacoKing23 chapter 81 . 1/21/2014
I'm actually a little sad to see it end, but all good things must do so. And this WAS a good thing, a VAST improvement over the original story. Having it take place so long after FF7 was great, allowing you to have many more original ideas. I loved the new characters, and the new versions of the ones from the original Sorceress Cycle. I loved the world you created. Worlds, actually.

I've been following The Servant for a very long time. I wasn't there for the very beginning, but I'm pretty sure you were writing The Wyvern Battles when I discovered it. And of course I went back and started from the beginning so as not to miss anything. The way you wove together all the Final Fantasy worlds you did was amazing. From Ultima Nexus at the beginning, to Griever, to Garland, to Chaos, to every version of the Four Fiends; every enemy, every plot point you connected, everything has been amazing.

Back when I first found out you were rebooting the Sorceress Cycle, I was honestly surprised. But I am so glad you did. Because now there is a worthy ending to what is far and away my favorite fanfiction series ever. I am sad to see it end, since following along with it has been a part of my life for so long, but now I can happily read it from one end to the other forever.

Thank you for creating The Servant, for showing us Bahamut's journey, for remaking this final saga, and for generally being awesome. *salute*
Darth Necron chapter 80 . 1/20/2014
Heh, when they all put there hands together it made me think of Power Rangers lol.

Well, it really is the end it would seem. I suppose its fate that Bahamut and Eden would not live normal lives, I feel bad for Quarrn the most, hopefully his isolation won't turn in to despair, seems like Xehanort is all ready on his scent lol. Kidding, a nice way to round things up, glad Carbuncle was there for the Estar hawk.

As for the hints, well, the bridge that would be Fisherman Horizon, Edna in general, the flying buildings and Cactus Jack, who, was, the Chocobo guy in 8?

Well, everything is coming together, time to see the epilogue, or just if its not a copy and paste of the last one lol. The last review will take some time, want to go all out for it lol. One last time, till the last next time.
Darth Necron chapter 79 . 1/20/2014
Well , Mianyl died a lot more traumatically then before that's for sure, thought she would just pull a Frezia or Ultemeica or something, guess it showed she was just crazy.

As for Taraketh, well, I suppose its true there was not much else he had to live for, in some ways its sad but at least he redeems his order sort of, along with himself, nice he got that one fragment of a romance.

Well, the world is saved, now to see what's left of it.

Nice resolution, time to see how the world's state is.
cloudfightback chapter 81 . 1/20/2014's been a good two years, even if it felt like a few months. I remember reading from the beginning from eight to ten years ago to now.

You are an amazing author, and I hope you will dip into Final Fantasy world once more, even if it's one shot. If you ever write a book in the real world...let us know so I can support you.

Thank you, so much.
Look after yourself!
TacoKing23 chapter 78 . 1/19/2014
I am liking the shape of this finale much more than the original version.
Darth Necron chapter 78 . 1/18/2014
Well, that was not really good, yah,because this chapter was, ( Gets Tony the Tiger to pop in) Great!
Seriously, this was without a doubt a worthy final battle that far surpasses the previous versions climax.

Haha, Dael really did become the Guarding Force Megazord, sort of. Looks like she did what Goku did to beat Brolly or how he turned in to God Super Sayin in the new movie, just a good thing they did not need Dilabos 's essence to get her her full power haha, also, I am not sure if Siren was there but, I guess she had low attack power anyway lol.

Well it was intense all right, right up with the best fights in the story and yet managed to even be a tad sexy at the start to haha. Really glad Bahamut and Tiamat were not just given a Yamcha role this time, since it was there stories that most of the Servant series revolved around its much more fitting that they help in the final battle.

Also, when Dale was talking to her other " selves" I know one was Minerva, was the other suppose to be Cosmos? Well, glad to get in a Aries cameo as well, I, think I could recall who most of them was, like, Warrior of Light was the red haired guy and, the large guy was, Guy? Well, was a nice inner moment.

Well, not to much else to say but without a doubt this has become a better final battle then anything a Final Fantasy game has seen since FF9, Lighting wishes she could act as much as a goddess as Dael in her " Eden Gundam" state did. Now I guess all that's left is to see if the Void will play nice and go away or if it will take anything else will be required.

Glad to see this showdown went right and eagerly awaiting the conclusion so great work with the A chapter and till next time. ( Would have been a A if Bahamut Fury showed, gets Exia flared. )
TacoKing23 chapter 77 . 1/12/2014
... Wooooooooow. That was... Holy crap. I can't even imagine how the group could turn this around.
Darth Necron chapter 77 . 1/11/2014
Well, this final battle is off to a rather bad start. Haha, Kuja is likely so ticked off that Mianyl did what he wanted to do he might raise from the dead to get back at her lol. Speaking of that, if I recall Kuja also blew up the crystal at the end of nine, I think, and yet the world was not doomed. I suppose they were rather unclear with that.

Well, either way I suppose Necron, or something to that extent is about to show up since I suppose once more the Zero world should be trying to emerge, or whatever the hell was the place where they fought Necron.

Either way, it felt like the part in DBZ were everyone was futility attacking Super Perfect cell, only with no Super Sayain 2 Gohan. Seriously did not expect Dael to get so utterly crushed, she got the Frezia treatment, in the extreme kind. Things do seem rather bleak, I suppose Bahamut seeing his mother die is quite the good time to go Super Sayain, AKA turn Bahamut Fury. ( Crosses Fingers) .

Either way this was a intense great start to the final battle, great to see the Crystal World come back, and Tiamat admitting he is sorry was shocking to, never figured he would do that but, I guess even Vegeta regretted how he acted after a while.

Its down to the wire now without a doubt, keep up the great work and till next time.
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