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Guest chapter 1 . 8/2/2017
I just read the entire thing. It made me cry. Pretty sad I think
Guest chapter 8 . 6/25/2017
I don't have an account on this site, so I've never reviewed anything here before, even though it's been years and probably thousands of fanfics. But I can't let this one slip by without reviewing.

This was a wonderful fanfic, when you dropped the bomb in chapter 4 that she was a ghost I was astonished. I thought maybe she had been cursed with an aversion hex or something, so people didn't like her, but it all fell into place after that, and then Ormand's story was heartbreaking afterwards.

I actually cried during the last chapter, not just teared up a bit, but actually cried. That was so emotional and powerful, I really can't even put it into words. That's what brought me here anyway, to try to put it into words.

Thanks for writing this, I won't be forgetting this one.
Silverlynx13 chapter 8 . 2/26/2014
I just finished this story and am stunned. You have creasted another real character for me. You have tugged at my heart string and brought a tear to my eye with Marianne. If I had gone to Hogworts, she would have been my fav ghost there. Thank you Frosty Autumn.

Now to your other stories... 3
mugwump chapter 8 . 1/4/2014
Ooo, another hop through time! It was really cool to see a look at the Battle of Hogwarts from another POV.

I like the references you've made to other points in the story - though only now I know what's happening! Marianne seeing Ormond sleeping on the sofa, from the flashback of the last time he was a student at Hogwarts, and the thought of seeing herself lying under a sheet (which of course is her own death she's remembering if only for a second!

Aw, Marianne doesn't know they're referring to her because she doesn't know she's a ghost :( Cool to see Ernie and Hannah in here, by the way, I liked their cameo.

Marianne's action scene was great! Go Marianne! I think it seems appropriate to her character too, she really doesn't want to get involved, but at the last minute when she's confronted with (perceived) danger, her bravery comes out! Bahaha that's right, hit that Death Eater in the face :D (I assume she got hit but the AK curse, but it can't do a whole lot to a ghost!) It was really sweet when Ormond showed up as well and she got to talk to him.

I think this is absolutely the strongest chapter of the story, and I LOVE the ending. I like how it ends on a kind of unfinished note - did she realise she's dead? did she die again? - I think it's best left vague like that, as to me Marianne's story isn't really about figuring out that she's dead, but figuring out how to live, as she never quite did that before. Maybe I just like bittersweet endings :p But anyway, it was excellent.

Love the trivia, by the way. Ah - that song is perfect for this story! ;)

I'm so glad I got to finally finish this story! Thanks for a wonderful read!
MudungusFletcher chapter 7 . 1/4/2014
This was a great way to tie together Ormond's story. I love your background on ghosts here, it's quite original! It doesn't seem too far-fetched either, I really like the in-depth analysis of life as a ghost. Well, not life, but you know what I mean. Oh and I have to say I love that she's still good at History of Magic! It's so appropriate for her, especially as a ghost. Though, too bad she'll never remember enough to actually teach it :-/

This chapter definitely sheds light on Marianne's mindset in the first few chapters and explains it very well, and tied everything back in with Harry, Ron, and Hermione! by the way, the characterization of our favourite canon characters there is excellent. Ron in particular, you write him very well!

Great job with Ormond's interactions with Arlo Sprottle, as well. Of course he was only seeing it through a very tinted lens in the beginning (and I couldn't really blame him for attacking him, given his state of mind) but it was really nice to see that they reconciled at the end, and that Ormond pardoned him from going to Azkaban. Arlo might have felt guilty before, but Ormond would probably have felt even guiltier for letting the man go to Azkaban.

It was cute to see the letter from the beginning show up again - I love how the letter (probably the same one she sends every time) ends up in Ormond's hands.

Nice job on this chapter :)
Moaning Myrtle chapter 6 . 12/31/2013
It's me again, with a new secret identity.

Wow, this chapter definitely packs an emotional punch, it's very powerful and Ormond's grief resonates off the page (screen?). Both the desperate scene in the hospital wing, and the numb scenes with his parents, you've shown several different stages of grieving here. I like the choice of details you used - particularly Madam Reeve's hair coming undone, for some reason. It kind of went along with Ormond's mindset, he's falling apart at the same time as her hair is coming down. I know that's probably a coincidence, but I liked the subtle parallel of kind of everything in the world coming down at once.

I really liked the first scene with Polly and Ormond - particularly the flashback where Marianne asks Polly's mother why she doesn't dry the dishes with magic! You did really well at writing a young character believably - Marianne wasn't trying to give anything away, she's just naïve and magic is all she knows. Polly seems really sweet though, and I like how she was there to help Ormond out when his school friends were unable to.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened while you were writing this, btw. The same happened to me earlier this year and stalled one of my stories as well, so I completely understand. *hugs*

This was a really strong chapter, and you have a lovely writing style. Only 2 chapters left- I am eager to see how it all ends and ties back in!

Happy new year x
M-sizzle chapter 5 . 12/24/2013
me again, though since I don't have an account here I can just write any goofy name and as long as it starts with M, you'll know it's me! Or something. :p

I like the way you write the trio, they seem pretty well in character to the way JK wrote them! Also, I giggled at Harry's comment about how he hoped he wouldn't see Moaning Myrtle that year... given that that is the year Myrtle spies on him in the bathtub later on.

When the old man showed up I was hoping it would be Ormond! What a detailed and sad story he told about Marianne's death. I thought the bit about the unforgivable curses being legal then seemed realistic, as the curse probably would have not started out as against the law. Also, I really like the way you described Hogwarts of 200 years ago, it definitely has that antiquated feel to it.

I can't imagine how horrible Ormond must have felt as previously he was just ignoring her to spend time with his friends instead. :( Also, I noticed when you mentioned the parents' names, that Ormond's mum's name means "sadness" in Spanish! I didn't think much of it when you first brought it up a couple of chapters ago but it's so well thought out, nice touch there.

(I meant to say in my review of the last chapter, it was so perfect that Marianne dreamed of being the History of Magic professor, given that the current teacher is a ghost! But maybe it's not the end for her yet - if Binns leaves, maybe they'll want another ghost professor and she can do it then. Ok, unlikely, but I'll stay optimistic for now...)

really good work on this chapter! I'll be back :)
Marauderfan chapter 4 . 12/24/2013
Hey! It's me from CoS :)

So, I think this was the point I'd read up to before, and I totally didn't remember that part at the end because I read it just now and was like WHAT?! PLOT TWIST! Anyway, I really love the end of this chapter! It answered so many questions. Earlier I'd been wondering "wait, wasn't Percy head boy that year?" and "why doesn't anyone ever notice Marianne?" AND THEN SHE'S DEAD WHATTT and that explains all these things. Ormond is just a voice of the past, others disregard her because she's dead. Is she a ghost though? I'm curious as to how she is still around - and whether or not the trio know she's dead haha. Basically I just got super excited about this story. I can't wait to see where you go with this!
Of Wrath and Angels chapter 8 . 6/9/2013
This made me cry sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo much and it dried up my tear ducts. I can't cry for a while. I love the original plot line
Bravo chapter 6 . 5/5/2013
Dammit, stop making me cry. Loved this
Guest chapter 8 . 5/5/2013
Great and original idea for a story! Very moving! I really enjoyed reading it :)
Cat's Eye Draco chapter 8 . 5/4/2013
Aw, that was sweet. I half-expected Marianne to realize she was dead when she got hit with the killing curse, but she's still as oblivious as ever. I think it would've been interesting if you'd made Marianne a victim of the Triwizard Tournament, but I think it fits Harry's third year better.

I also expected her to encounter Harry, Ron, and Hermione while she was guarding the corridors, but I think what you did with the Death Eaters and Ormond was much better. :)
Penseln chapter 8 . 5/4/2013
Sad, gripping and immersive is probably how i would describe this chapter. I had hoped för more of a happy ending but it world and while she didnt get peace it says alot of good of her as a person. In short great story and Well done.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/14/2013
such a sad, sad story. Had me in tears. Please update soon. please
ManaTheWeirdOne chapter 3 . 3/7/2013
Quite frankly, Marianne annoys me. How can EVERYBODY hate her, even the owls? And why was she kicked out of the common room over a lost and found note, and how does a prefect get away with bullying her? She's so shy and meek and 'oh I'm so sorry!' that she just gets on my nerves.
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