Reviews for The Sky Is Painted With Red
redhed0103 chapter 55 . 7/16
I loved your story. One of the best vampire stories in twilight fanfiction. Thank you for sharing.
TheaterofTragedy chapter 48 . 7/6
No way Victoria is actually dead! Love the story so far!
TheaterofTragedy chapter 30 . 7/6
Aw it’s going so wonderfully for them, which means in the next couple chapters some shit is about to go down.
TheaterofTragedy chapter 19 . 7/5
Okay...sorry but what the fuck Edward? I can't even handle this. :P
TheaterofTragedy chapter 18 . 7/5
How can he tell her he wants her to know him and be happy when she sees him when she barely knows or sees him because he off banging that bitchy violent chick? Also...if he does love her why is he still sleeping around and worse shoving it in her face? SORRY had to get those frustrations out, other than manwhore Edward, it is a very interesting story. :)
Ruth786 chapter 55 . 5/23
WOW... that was an amazing story. I truely enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it.
KDMCAM chapter 55 . 4/14
This was an amazing story! I haven't been able to put it down! I won't forget these characters for a long long time!
myhubbyissoedward chapter 55 . 3/6
Great story, loved it
bene chapter 54 . 2/19
Wes chapter 11 . 2/19
It's a VIAL, not a VILE. Damn.
readicted chapter 15 . 1/20
Edward is not going to be pleased with Bella's and Peteer's growing closeness. Interesting interaction.
readicted chapter 14 . 1/20
She will have a very hard time trusting any vampire again. Carlisle didn't give her any forewarning. Maybe he didn't know Edward was going to show up then, but it seems like this had been a ploy all along. Carlisle is obviously trying to get Esme back. Maybe Edward and he have been working together, or maybe Carlisle sensed how affected Edward is by Bella so he bought her so he could perhaps make a deal with Edward. He must have asked Edward not to bite Bella.
readicted chapter 7 . 1/20
Poor Bella. She was a slave donor all along. She just didn't know it. Alec was gentle and caring towards her and clearly felt genuine affection for Bella, but he was still her owner, she had no free will. Still he was the only family she knew and she was emotionally attached. How terrifying for her. Wonder what really happened to her mother. Did Alec kill her, or was she bought from her?
readicted chapter 6 . 1/20
Carlisle is trading fifty others to get Bella. Fifty more poor souls.
readicted chapter 4 . 1/20
Hmm. So it's clear that most of the vamps have met Bella before, including Edward. Also strange that Bella's memory regarding Edward and her mother seem somehow blocked. Is this like a coming out party, like an introduction to vampire society to indicate that she is of age to...what? Or is this like a census party. Come to headquarters to be inspected and counted. It seems strange to me that as much as Alex shielded Bella, that he would not have either prepared her better psychologically for what she would see at this party or that he would leave her side, risking her being approached while she was left unchaperoned.
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