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Guest chapter 35 . 4/8
loving the fic very much. nice job on the poems, very clever
Aoife Anonymous chapter 153 . 3/8
There is so much I love about this fic, I'd run into the character limit before I could possibly type it all. Suffice to say, I love the characterization, the creativity, the poetry (God, that was beautiful), the pacing, and the Roman influences.

I think a lot of writers on here place too much stress on the actual games and not enough on the character that started or survived those games. I think you paced that remarkably well, and the creativity of those games! Spectacular! And then I'm a lover of the classics, so the mentions to the Curia, the Praetorian Guard, the opening of the gladiatorial games (I'm glad someone else thought about that too!)... Absolutely perfect. And then the ending... Maybe it's just the book purist in me, but I'm happy you killed Finnick off. As much as I live him, the story just isn't the same without that death.
Guest chapter 27 . 2/2
I love your fix so far but you REALLY need to look up the word redundant in the dictionary. You have used it in every chapter so far and have not once used it right. But besides that, I love it.
Cimz chapter 153 . 1/8
Good luck with your original fiction. But I'll put you on author alert just in case you come back to the fanfic thing.

Now that that's done, let me try to remember all the nice things I'd like to say about the story you've told here.

I'm very impressed that you managed to sustain plot and character developments consistently over such a long story. I'm impressed with the length, period!

The gradual changes in Finnick's relationships were nicely done, particularly his growing affection for and trust in Mags, and of course his growing love for Annie. I really enjoyed the way Annie went from just his friend's sister barely worth noticing to an important acquaintance to a friend in her own right to someone he loved and saw in romantic terms.

The growth of Finnick himself was excellent, too. The shock of being rejected at home after his Games was a nice touch, as was his being tempted by the bright lights of the Capital early on. You showed him fighting for his own identity as he was manipulated from every direction and it worked.

Little, specific things I loved:

The way you named your OCs. You consistently hit the right blend of traditional names, non-traditional names, mythology-inspired names, and heavily symbolic names. That's a very hard thing to do in this particular universe.

The scenes of Finnick in the control room watching the Games, particularly when Johanna, Haymitch, and company made cameos.

The use of the Dylan story throughout, culminating in Annie naming her son Dylan and telling him Finnick's story.

The description of Finnick coming home and discovering Mags' stroke.

Snow's granddaughter.

Finnick's first meeting with Cinna.

The scene where Annie suggests sex and Finnick ends up saying "don't make me."

Finnick worrying about his imposter tribute's lousy fake accent.

Finnick looking at Katniss' mockingjay wedding dress and knowing he will never see Cinna again.

Finnick sending his tribute food, and then thinking maybe the kid just didn't like the kind of food he sent and sending more!

Finnick having to be mentor/guardian to tributes older than he was and the problem with that dynamic.

Annie's brutal swimming victory in her Games.

Truly, every time you wrote another Games you got better and better. (Frankly, Finnick's own games are probably the weakest part of the story, probably because you were just finding your rhythm. But it worked because Finnick was so very young at the time that it's natural that his own voice wouldn't be fully developed.)

Beautifully done, all around.
Guest chapter 88 . 1/6
You have the ability to make me smile all day long. I love every Odesta scene and Annie surprising Finnick is the best!
Guest chapter 79 . 1/6
This chapter was short but it's loaded with feels! The words "she crept up on me made me smile so much. The poem is beautiful too!
Guest chapter 71 . 1/5
I know this happened last chapter but ugh, just like Finnick and Annie I'm only reacting now, I can't believe Eoghan is really gone. I want to drown that bitch Furia! It's such a sad moment. The reunion with 14 y/o Finnick and Annie in the arena pulled at my heartstrings though. Here is a clone manufactured by the Capitol and even in that state Finnick still wants to care for and comfort Annie. Oh the feels!
Guest chapter 58 . 1/5
SO I legitimately fangirled my head and heart off. Of all the ways I had imagined Finnick's declaration, this is actually such a perfect way. I love that he used poetry, something he loves doing, to tell Annie he loves her. Plus he got to actually tell her and their declaration of love may seem so simple but it's beautiful all the same. That poem just owns my heart though! I wish I had your talent for poetry!
Guest chapter 57 . 1/5
Aaaaaan this chapter made me tear up. I love that even through all the mess the Capitol has put them through Finnick and Eoghan managed to make their friendship win. It's such a simple scene if you look at it but it's also a loaded one and really I'm going to be so sad when we say goodbye to Eoghan! Can I just say that even though he was basically being a douche from Finnick's POV during the interviews, what he said about always choosing to save Annie is just the sweetest thing. You really created a wonderful character in Eoghan!
Guest chapter 54 . 1/4
Hahaha, this was such an angsty chapter when it started but that last line really made me laugh! I love the bromance with these two! It's gonna be heartbreaking to say goodbye to Eoghan!
EndlessBlue chapter 153 . 1/1
This has been an incredible journey. I never read the books, just saw the movies, so my understanding of events in Mockingjay is based on wikipedia and other fics, but thank you for this story. Finnick's traumas and the psychological effects of it were so well developed. You made everything real and heartbreaking and horrifying without being gratuitous. Your writing skills definitely progressed and matured as the story did - that was an interesting journey in itself.
This story is one that will stick with me for sure. You made Finnick such a tragic and flawed character but not once did I as a reader feel the need to condemn any of his choices, because you made the oppression and the hopelessness and helplessness so real. Annie, too, was a very well-crafted character. The epilogue was beautiful.
Thank you for writing such an impressive story, and for telling such a heartbreaking and beautiful tale.
Samantha chapter 1 . 1/1
One of the best fanfictions I have ever read! A dramatic, haunting tale of unexpected twists and turns, with plenty of suspense and romance...Owned is a true masterpiece.
Anne chapter 28 . 12/30/2013
These poems! Omf.
Claire chapter 153 . 12/29/2013
It's one of the best written (if not the best!) fic I've ever read. I almost cried at the end even if I knew it was going to happen. You made me like Annie and Finnick even more:)

I hope you are going to write something else because you're an amazing story teller.
Guest chapter 153 . 12/26/2013
I loved this! This has got to be one of the best fanfics I have ever read. I really wish Finnick didn't have to die... This has changed my whole view on him, and he is now one of my favorite characters. Thank you very much, and please continue to write on!
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