Reviews for why didnt you listen?
star chapter 1 . 4/2/2012
There are 'general...' categories in the list of categories. Please move this story into one of them since it's not based on Ghost Whisperer.
indulge love chapter 1 . 4/2/2012
so, halzy.

i'm gonna say that this was absolutely excellent. you might think i'm just saying that because we're like, best friends, but seriously, it was amazing.

the plot was really well thought out and well-written, i loved your interesting terms in here. and i loved the little cliffhanger-sorts, like the "it was kirsty standing behind her.. right?" because yeah, it makes you wonder what's gonna happen and makes you eager to continue reading.

i really loved this, hayleycat. promise me you'll write more, yeah? and for the category, if you go to movies and type in paranormal activity it should be there. ;)

k, this was beautiful. and i've alerted you so whenever you write more it will come up in mah email inbox, so try not to blow it up.

i love you hayluh.