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Procusi chapter 12 . 7/8
It's an interesting story...other than the fact that you seem to ignore how its nearly impossible to use a genjutsu on someone who has the byakugan. First of all, the byakugan can see chakra, so most genjutus's are obvious. And even if you assume that Kurenai is sufficiently skilled to be able to disguise that, it is nearly impossible to fool the byakugan because people who don't have one can't imagine what it is like to have a 360 degree field of view with any degree of accuracy, so it makes it incredibly difficult to craft an illusion capable of fooling it.

Not to mention, it should have been hard to fool Kiba/ Akamaru since accurately simulating a high sensitivity to smell is very difficult if you don't have one - sight and hearing tell someone what is going on right now, but smell tells someone not only what is going on right now, but what has happened in the previous hours/days.
ultima-owner chapter 86 . 6/30
that is one of the best ways to remove a pervert
The Sinful chapter 86 . 6/30
As a friend of mine pointed out, Ebisu was actually Naruto's first and best real teacher. Everyone else gave him a half assed "Try to copy what I'm doing" then fucked off to do something else. Ebisu gave him a task, told him how to do the task, then stood there and made sure he accomplished said task.

Also, Naruto's a complete hypocrite. Both the character and the series. The character talks about hard work and that there's no shortcut to becoming Hokage/stronger. BUT he never bothers with basics and is only interested in flashy jutsu. The series talks about hard work, forgiveness, and students surpassing their teachers. All the truly strong characters are geniuses who generally won the genetic lottery. Forgiveness only applies to Uchiha, but everyone else can go fuck themselves. And lastly, the only times a student is shown to surpass their teacher is when they get a major bullshit power boost. Naruto is supposed to be the underdog who had to struggle for everything. He has the Kyuubi sealed into him, is descended from a clan that ruled an entire country, is related to 4/5 Hokage, and is the reincarnation of both the First Hokage and the Rikkudo Sennin's son, and is descended from the Rikkudo Sennin as well. That's the most ridiculous pedigree ever.

Fanfic writers love to have Naruto be descended from this or that clan to get a power boost but no matter the pedigree, it's still not as prestigious as his canon one.
OBSERVER01 chapter 86 . 6/30
Quite know it would be amusing if reviving kushina and fugaku somehow backfired horribly for them. Nice subtle yet important change to the ebisu trains naruto part.i can see naruto upholding a promise like lol to naruto getting some fanservice without getting beaten up like gambling luck must have kicked in.
Fox Boss chapter 86 . 6/30
I hope you continue the first one.
deadal chapter 85 . 5/4
turning bones into chalk, why not, but adding some of the oxygen in the air to make oxydes with load of funny proprieties!
X59 chapter 85 . 5/2
Awesome chapter. I really liked how Naruto had his time to shine and I think its cool that when Team Nightmare is finished, that you will make it into its own story.

Keep up the excellent work.
OBSERVER01 chapter 85 . 5/2
Quite good. Good luck to you on AO3.i must admit i was quite surprised when i first learned about that little fact about fugaku.
ultima-owner chapter 85 . 5/2
so he turned his bones to chalk, that sounds painful.
Ghest chapter 38 . 4/12
I'd love to see more Green Arrow!Neji, particularly of him in action rather than his origin story or with "A-listers" overshadowing him (like supes and bats).
KumorikoKumoriko chapter 2 . 4/7
This one was pretty funny... I be amused to see this as a fanfiction or something.
DarkViolet7258 chapter 84 . 3/28
good chapter
X59 chapter 84 . 3/23
These are interesting but I would have to say that the Team Nightmare sections are my favorite. With that said I would like to see more of Ed!Naruto kicking ass and taking names and I find myself curious on if anyone would spy on his date with Hinata.
scout360pyro chapter 40 . 3/7
This is an interesting idea, making naruto an illegal root experiment gone wrong. You could go in a lot of different directions with this.
scout360pyro chapter 33 . 3/7
Honestly, the thought of an entity as dark and powerful as a chaos god from warhammer influencing sasuke is overpowered and scary... Though I do want to see a meeting between him and hidan where he mocks jashincas a pitiful weakling with pathetic goals (a goalcof speeding his religion to the world is pitiful considering the scale khorne operates on)
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