Reviews for Don't Judge A Fanfiction By Its Summary
Under Celestial Stars chapter 8 . 4/28
Under Celestial Stars chapter 7 . 4/28
I dont even know what those abbreviations meant...
Under Celestial Stars chapter 6 . 4/28
I ship ByaRuki, but its okay if you dont XD And we never found out if it were him, hm?
Under Celestial Stars chapter 5 . 4/28
ORIHIME YOU MOOD KILLER. Although it was for the better, because if Byakushi heard the story- *Shudder*
Under Celestial Stars chapter 4 . 4/28
Oh god... Mary Sue...
Under Celestial Stars chapter 3 . 4/28
I really thought it was gonna be a DeathBerry (IchiRuki)!
Under Celestial Stars chapter 2 . 4/28
Oh god, that fanfiction. And poor, poor Renji.
Under Celestial Stars chapter 1 . 4/28
They. Are in for hell.
Silenced Doves chapter 40 . 4/5
So hilarious! I about died multiple times reading this. Great capture of the characters and their reactions.
Guest chapter 40 . 3/10
Omg omg OMG. This was Amazing! Ahhhhhhhh! Thank u so much
KotiriChino chapter 40 . 3/1
This is one of the best fanfictions ever! I love you (As a friend and an author)! Your fanfiction is one of my favourites! I love it though I am disappointed that you ended it, it was an amazing fanfiction. I have ideas for your future fanfictions if you are interested in them after all I'm not a person who can only once in a blue moon continue my story since I find something dissatisfying or something! You can message me and I'll message you the ideas if you want them!
Cacaphonia chapter 34 . 1/27
Hahaha the detective story wasn't THAT bad. XD Perhaps they should know by now to keep away from romantic stories. I'm having so much fun reading this! :D Still a little sad that Knpachi won't be in it, though... and we still haven't seen any story with Yachiru.
kid chapter 40 . 1/11
I don't know how to feel about did a good job on making this, but the chapter before this one mind slapped me. if something like this happened I'd go more insane then I already am. but I like this story though I think I need a beak now... :)
Lenora Jime chapter 40 . 1/7
Yup, that’s the end of the ichigo’s hellish party…hahaha :D
and the damages seem severe to most of them. You know I thought it would be byakuya who destroyed the damn computer when he had reached his limit…hahaha never think it would be the owner of itself.
Urahara surely has lost his mind already even if he’s the last guest in the party.
Renji, poor him, he’s no better than urahara to be willingly become a rat lab for mayuri.
Yachiru and orihime seem the only one who didn’t take any damage aside from misunderstanding concept. Oh, I’m pitied ikkaku for the one who would be received kenpachi’s wrath…hahaha who would have tought that kenpachi has fatherly instinct on yachiru, sweet him.
Poor ukitake, today experience surely have shortened his life.
Ahh, byakuya remind me to isshin but that’s understandable since they loved their wife so much, sweet them.
Aizen developed new obsession to create a zombie army, maybe he considered to kidnap rukia instead of orihime since seriously please remind me what’s the use orihime in there (I haven’t read bleach manga for long time now)?
I didn’t understand why grimmjow so freaked out to szayel. Ulquiorra became a lazy ass now but I didn’t blame him after that hellish party.
Ohh god stark even still remembered about the bed…hahaha I guess that makes three peoples who didn’t affected that much. I like Nnoitra, he has became friend with rukia…hahhaa :D
I love this, thank you so much and see ya :)
Lenora Jime chapter 30 . 1/7
About a time ichigo lost it, rukia already did it twice but somehow I missed her dark side..hahaha and also kon never said "Burn!" anymore :(
But I still like it, thank you and see ya :)
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