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efka chapter 32 . 4/3
So...I read it again. AGAIN like for the forth or fifth time. What can I say. I love "Brighter". I think its my favourite story of yours. And from time to time it comes back to me and I have to read it and then i want to go to St. Croix so badly again (though I understand its kind of ideaized in this story, it is fanfiction after all) and I get kind of gloomy mood. But I love it anyhow. Just had to tell you. AGAIN. Sorry for the random rant. Im going to check out your new story. Its probably amazing too.
2lulu2 chapter 77 . 3/22
Haha, reminded me of the beginning of my relationship with hubs. Technically we only "dated" 4 weeks before I went out of state to college. But then it was 7 hour phone conversations through the night. It was only a week later that I accidentally said out loud after a long laugh and sigh, "I could marry someone like you." Of course his next reply was, "Could you really?" And that's when my heart stopped, lol! I tried not to think about the marriage bit too much but it was always in my thoughts. The following March he proposed officially, on my birthday, and we were married in June. It sounds so crazy when I think about the logistics but we're celebrating 13 years this summer so I guess we did the right thing! :)
2lulu2 chapter 76 . 3/22
This is so cute. How fun and totally random would that be?
2lulu2 chapter 71 . 3/22
Another great ending! I always love your characters. I am so sorry about your mom. I'm sure that was written long ago...I hope she's ok. My mom had cancer too. Non-small cell lung cancer. Never smoked a day in her life... It was discovered at stage 4, but we were blessed with 2 more years with her. I hope this isn't discouraging news...I don't know where you are in your mom's journey. Maybe people are able to get rid of it and fulfill long, happy lives. I knowi I'll see my mom again and continue with beautiful moments together.
2lulu2 chapter 65 . 3/21
Lol, at least there's pie!
2lulu2 chapter 61 . 3/21
2lulu2 chapter 35 . 3/15
Oh! Lol I was just thinking I wasn't sure I could deal with an Edward that is twice her age.
2lulu2 chapter 34 . 3/15
That was awesome. I think Volition was the first story of yours that I read, and I remember wondering where you were from/surrounding influences were. I still think you are seriously gifted in the writing arena.
2lulu2 chapter 30 . 3/13
Aw, I'm even cheering! That proposal was adorable.
2lulu2 chapter 20 . 3/7
That was so cute! Definitely worth it!
SLKerouac chapter 77 . 3/5
Edward and Bella both adrift. They meet. They talk. They kiss. They make promises that maybe they will be able to keep. Edward calls and things change. He came to Bella and that was it. Edward talked to his Aunt and Uncle that lived in the area and it was something that Edward wanted. His uncle offered him a job and he got to stay in the area for Bella. She was surprised at what he told her. Edward just had to tie up ends in Phoenix but he was coming back. He wanted Bella and his future with her. Thanks for the story!
SLKerouac chapter 71 . 3/5
Playboy Edward found his match and had to change. Bella found her soul mate but had to let herself take the walls down around herself. That was her way of protecting herself. Bella had to make him work for her. He had to learn to take his time and learn about Bella. About what she was like. What she liked to do. Things that he has never done in the past. Bella saw that Edward was trying to be like his father but Esme knew that Edward was so different. Bella loved Irina and Alistair and continued to be their nanny even after Edward and her were married. She wanted them to know that she would not leave them. Even after they do not need her as a nanny she will still be in their lives. Edward and Bella were meant to be from the very beginning but took a while for them to get to their forever. Thanks for writing this "Appease". Continue writing.
SLKerouac chapter 34 . 3/4
Thanks for writing this past of the larger story. I loved the way that Edward and Bella met. Both with others but as soon as that first look it was meant to be. It just took a little time but then it was just them learning to live their lives together. To be in a committed relationship and then marriage. Things changed when pregnancy came upon them unplanned but was what great to see Edward embrace fatherhood. Lave the years after the wedding. Showed the family that they became and loved. Edward and Bella knew that the island was their home. Thanks for writing!
morena.davidson.3 chapter 77 . 3/1
Short and oh so sweet :) Thanks for sharing.
morena.davidson.3 chapter 71 . 3/1
:) Another sweet story with Appease. Thanks for sharing your imagination and writing talent. On to Venture now and then to Glimmer.
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