Reviews for Brighter, Appease, Venture
Guest chapter 69 . 8/25
Ah, the life. It's a shame things are 'better' without Tanya. Who wants life better without 'Mommy'. Mommy's are the heart of the family, until you have a Mommy without a heart...
bella0609 chapter 77 . 8/26
The end is the beginning...sort of, huh? Beginning for them - but end for us :(
I've got a few more stories to read though, huh? Looking forward to it!
You're the best :) Really loving your stories!
bella0609 chapter 76 . 8/26
What a nice surprise :)
I wonder why Edward left his home to begin with? He's 22... Did he go to college? We really don't know much about him, do we?
bella0609 chapter 75 . 8/26
They are cute together :)
I'm still hoping he stops off early, but it sounds like he's definitely going...
bella0609 chapter 74 . 8/26
Hmm... Maybe Edward will stop off in Washington first, huh?
bella0609 chapter 73 . 8/25
18... you were young! That's why it wasn't awful. We get spoiled as we get older.
She's finally meeting Edward... wonder where he's going? :)
bella0609 chapter 72 . 8/25
Just realized... this is going to be a shorty :)
So far so good, of course :)
bella0609 chapter 71 . 8/25
So sad this is over. I loved it so much! So original and creative. I just couldn't stop reading. Thank you so, so much for sharing your talent.
I am very delayed in asking about your mom but my thoughts and prayers are with her. I hope she is okay.
Take care
bella0609 chapter 70 . 8/25
Edward did it! He committed :) And he was actually nervous!
Love it.
Only one left :(
bella0609 chapter 68 . 8/25
Whew! I thought the little box from Tiffany's was going to be a ring! It would be nice, but not so romantic.
bella0609 chapter 67 . 8/25
The last few times I don't remember any details about 'being safe'. I'm guessing they are.
bella0609 chapter 66 . 8/24
Love it! Renee and Charlie are just too funny. Just down to earth folks :)
bella0609 chapter 65 . 8/24
Tanya...always causing trouble.
Glad Edward is in "Spoons" :)
bella0609 chapter 64 . 8/24
Edward's gonna have quite a surprise with Renee and Charlie :)
bella0609 chapter 63 . 8/24
Hmm... compromise. What a great way to make things work!
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