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mumimeanjudy chapter 8 . 7/28
I think you mean hypothermia, not hyperthermia which would mean they were too hot, not too cold. I hope you plan to continue this story. You could always leave out the sex scenes on this site with just notes that they can be read on the version that you post on AO3.
evilqueen06 chapter 7 . 7/23

I have recently returned to this story. Just letting you know since you changed Harry's age this chapter has not been edited. You mention the true birth certificate has not been unrolled in 14 1/2 years. Also it says that Harry can't be emancipated until he is 15 however he is now supposed to be 16 1/2 years old.
Guest chapter 54 . 7/20
Please update
KoreanMusicFan chapter 11 . 7/15
in the version over on AO3 you have put that harry is 14 in chapters 20 and 21 and i'm going to guess that it's the same for the following chapters, were you aware
of this? in an A/N over here on you said that you changed the age of harry to 16, is that the case there?

could you show us what the ages for those involved are please? I'm so confused as to who is what age. i mean the twins are two years older than harry and with you saying that harry is 16 that means that he should be in his 6th year which automatically puts the twin in their 8th year never mind the fact that there are only 7 years
CrazyInLoveWithNovels chapter 54 . 7/14
Update soon the story is awesome ... Btw 14 was better.. If you are changing to 16 its best to check the story again there are references wrt his age being 14
Guest chapter 54 . 7/7
Frau chapter 22 . 7/6
1 corrected mention of 16, 2 2 of fourteen, 1 of him being 12 and freeing Dobby
Frau Tiger chapter 21 . 7/6
Did not change the ages in this chapter, still reads as fourteen not xizteen
Frau Tiger chapter 7 . 7/6
At the end of the chapter, you mention not being able to become emancipated until age 15, but you changed the age of Harry to 16. Just pointing it out, in case you want to change it. I'm enjoying the story so far. Thanks!
Cassiopeia1978 chapter 54 . 6/20
Please dont change anything I love this story the way it is. if you age Harry up it would ruin the whole Tom/Voldemort protectiveness in the plotline. Well at least in my opinion.
Nympheass chapter 54 . 6/20
This storyis vert interesting ans fort me age's Harry is'nt a problem. Thank for this !
Guest chapter 54 . 6/11
I want Harry to stay 14 in this story. Do not change his age. Keep Harry Potter 14 years old in this story.
Divanora chapter 54 . 6/6
Just wanted to write a note to go along with my vote - I personally have no issues with the explicit scenes - however, they could get you kicked off , especially if someone has already reported you. So safer to leave it 'PG' here, and leave the good stuff on Ao3!
Cyvil chapter 54 . 6/4
Oops! I forgot to address some things.
Through the story there are often totally unnecessary details in odd places and sentences that end without really... Ending. As in, they had a subject but no predicate. Places where something starts to be said, but is never actually continued. Those are things you might want to watch out for in your writing from now on, too.

Is here going to be more interaction between Harry and Nagini? Is Tom going to have a big celebration for Harry's birthday when it corms around? Will Harry tell him or Lucius about his birthdays with his aunt and uncle? Don't worry, I don't actually expect you to answer, I know that I'll have to wait and see in the upcoming chapters what will happen. I'm just excited for this story and whatever comes next!

As for Harry's age, I don't think I addressed it in my last review though I meant to. I think that 14 is easier for many people to follow due to the way Hogwarts is canonly set up. As for the sex scenes, they're probably better left on Ao3 or not at all because of Harry being a minor. That's not a jab at you, but ff guidelines. Personally though, I've still snuck over to Ao3 for each of those chapters to see what I've missed! ;)

Hope to see you update soon! Love the story so far 3
Cyvil chapter 54 . 6/4
I can't believe I've read this entire thing and now I'll be waiting around for an update. I didn't really expect to get as invested when I started it, but that was three days ago and I've been unable to put it down since then. I'm a little unsure what to do with myself now, ha!
Anyway, onto the review. This will probably seem a bit scattered, maybe harsh at times, and I apologise for that.
The concept itself is what lulled me in. Truthfully, I was seriously searching for some Harry and Lucius smut, and this is the story I found first instead. And with Harry topping in their first encounter, I wasn't totally hooked. Of course, further in it becomes clear how this was a plot thing, and it makes total sense.
It seems that the months pass by quickly and then, suddenly, we've reached a point where there are several chapter dedicated to only two days' worth of time. On top of that, there were several times where characters came up with a plan or discovered information and acted on it straight away when it seems like it would be more beneficial to them to wait? That's a bit disappointing, but I can understand wanting to move things along. So far, nearly every time I've hoped that something would happen in this story, I've only had to wait a few chapters longer to see it come true. Something that would be fun to see though? The press somehow finding out about Harry and Lucius's relationship before they were ready to let anyone know. Of course, I do understand that would totally mess up some of the Dark's (and the Light's) plans though, so it might not be the best idea LMAO. I'd also really love to see a time where Harry has to Crucio someone. Like, this is just me personally, but I'd love to see someone make him angry or upset enough that he uses an Unforgivable Curse on them. Especially if Tom is proud of him for it, and double especially if Harry doesn't feel guilty over it. It'd also be neat to see Bill recruited as a Death Eater? I dunno, I have weird ideas maybe. It's still your story though and I'm extremely eager to see where things go. I'd never even considered James and the Dark Lord as lovers before, yet now it feels more right than canon to me. I didn't expect to find a new ship from this, but they're definitely a new otp for me.
Throughout the story, there are a lot of grammar inconsistencies. There are also many spelling errors, most often when Veritaserum is involved. Plus, Harry's age seems inconsistent. I know that the story was originally written with him being fourteen, and then changed to sixteen due to ff and several reviewers, but I think you might have missed places to change it or forgotten at times? I'm not really sure, but it seems to vary in some chapters. Those might be things to look back over when you have the chance. It would probably be a good idea to get a Beta if you don't have one already - but that's just a suggestion.

As for names! Orion. It could be a tribute to Sirius and his family without the child technically being in Sirius's shadow. As a star name, it can also be seen as a shoutout to Draco, too. For that reason, I think a star name would be good regardless of which star or constellation it comes from. Maybe Draco would be more accepting of his little brother if the child's name honors him somehow? I hope Draco comes around either way. It would be cool to see he and Harry bond with each other.
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