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lil'storm chapter 19 . 8/9
Hello! I simply must drop by to tell you how much I love this story-which is a lot-and I couldn't go one more chapter without showing some appreciation for your amazing work.

This chapter is as incredible as the others, but I have to say I absolutely adore your potrayal of both Anakin and Obi Wan. There is distinct difference when you switch between both of them. Usage of words is one thing, but the emotion and feel you give to readers are what I'd like to point out. For Anakin, there is this feral quality to him, in addition to his usual brashness, confidence, and general cheekiness. It shows in not only his reaction to the events unfolding around him, but also in his fight. The moment he stepped out of the underground Friends community to take on the droids will be etched to my memory for a long time.

Although facing almost the same obstacle (fending off droids in the tunnel) for Obi Wan you give me different feel, there is this feeling like he is an immovable rock amidst quarelling, burgeoning seas, while Anakin is like a raging force of nature. What's more, a dose of Obi Wan's sassiness never hurt anyone. I love how he is his usual modest, moral, good self, with tenacity that matches Anakin's every push. They balance each other very well.

Then there are Anakin's interactions with the clones. I imagine they must be quite taken by their General, such a charming, stubborn idiot that he is, with the occassional bursts of humor that scare the hell out of them.

Anyway, I'm off to find out who is the intermediary that so mysteriously contacted Obi Wan in lieu of Xerxes. I got a feeling, but surprise is always great. Thanks for writing this story, sorry for the long ramble, and good luck! :)
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 3 . 1/1
heh yeah Yoda gradually coming around on Anakin should be all sorts of FUN and yeah Anakin never just getting SETTLED with other jedi because hes always unbalanced in his soul and mind tetering and balancing on a thin tight rope while he himself is on a unicycle... so its very difficult for him to mellow and stay with it in regards to friendships with people that have the best chance of understanding and forming report with him and even then not everyone can hang on as well.

but dam I do like the ideas of jedi having projects like this that Anakin is getting himself into. and that bit about research projects and not studying but still sort of wanting to and not a fast learner but a good one and... yeah.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 2 . 1/1
I kind of ridiculiously love the fact that them keeping SCORE on saving lives started from the beginning and that gradually throught the time it shifted to Anakin being on the better end of saving or something.

its a VERY ODD honor debt thing but I like that they each do a count it down one less of doesn't count for each time one is saved.

also theya re INSANE AND I LOVE IT.

so yeah reading old stuff is always freaking awesome and stuff.
Obiwan456 chapter 24 . 5/22/2014
Wow, what a wonderful story.

I just finished it, on my day off.

There is so much to his...shades of the future Vader in the way Anakin acted, especially when he used "force persuasion" to intimidate that Captain into doing what he wanted...that was Vader all over, except without the choking.

And especially Qui-Gon making himself known to Obi-Wan, and being a go between to bring Obi-Wan to Master Sen Sen, and Poor Obi-Wan thinking he was delusional, but still follwing the force. Loved the moment when Obi-Wan was buried under that rubble with Sen Sen and Qui-Gon...and the tears in Obi-Wan's eyes at his realization that it was really Qui-Gon and not delusion, almost brought tears to my eyes.

It's too bad Qui-Gon thought it best to make Obi-Wan forget for the moment, but he was only a scant three years or so before he'll be regularly communing with Qui-Gon...on Tatooine.

Loved the struggle between Obi-Wan and Anakin, and both being told they need to stay close to the other...if only they had done so in ROTS, things might have gone down differently. ;)

Now, off to find something else of yours I have previously missed. ;)
ErinKenobi2893 chapter 18 . 4/30/2014
I'd like to request something, please: Do something in Obi-Wan and Anakin's early years, perhaps a year or two after Naboo. Angsty Clone-Wars era stuff can be really sad... I'd just like to see them trying to get to know each other, like in "Inheritance." Thanks :-)
ErinKenobi2893 chapter 6 . 4/29/2014
The "Loop-de-loo"?! Who would really name a ship that!?
Well, aside from Anakin, of course. ;-P
Padawan Aneiki R'hyvar chapter 24 . 11/2/2013
Finally finished reading this and I LOVE IT! Fantastic. Loved how you wove Qui in through this, and Obi-Wan and Anakin's bickering, and the whole everything... Definitely one of my favorites. :) I must browse more of your fic. :D Just not at 1:30 AM ... lol
Betterways chapter 24 . 9/2/2013
Ohioan always has so much foresight into Anakins fall, his own and given to him by others. Why doesn't help?

Loved Qu Gon's struggle to get through to him.
Eirian Erisdar chapter 5 . 7/7/2013
Part of the reason I love Obi so much is because he mixes my two favourite saber forms. In my humble opinion, I think his saber-work is the most beautiful out of all the jedi, save for perhaps Mace Windu's - but that is in attitude, not asthetics in the air. This was hilarious. As always. XD
Freawaru chapter 5 . 6/22/2013
I absolutely howled through most of this chapter... or I would have if doing so did not risk waking the rest of the house. I'm absolutely loving this so far!
time2read chapter 24 . 6/19/2013
Amazing Story! Where did u get the idea for this one from? Love the descriptive language you use! You should really write more of Anakin and obi wan together!
StrictlySomething chapter 24 . 3/27/2013
Another excellent glimpse into the clone war era. I can't get enough of your writing now! Consider yourself favorited :)
Eruhin chapter 24 . 11/26/2012
What a story! I loved every word. It had everything in it. Qui-Gon's presence which I adored! Obi-Wan resisted long to believing what he felt but I loved his reaction when he finally did. I've always wondered what their first meeting on Tatooine looked like and here I had a fine sample. Too bad he had to forget it, though I guess it was for the best. Anakin in his best protective mode - so fun to read when confronted with obstinate Obi-Wan. And their bickering was first class, as always. I loved the more serious stuff as well, Anakin's thoughts about his fear, about his self-appointed obligation to save people or Obi-Wan's musings about immortality. And also at last I know now where the Jedi armor came from! But you know, at some point in the Clone Wars they got rid of it again, so maybe that requires another story, no? ;)
Eryndil chapter 24 . 11/14/2012
Too many great bits in this story to mention them all, but there are a few I wanted to point out (which will make this review long enough anyway!)

Excellent use of all the different meanings (actual and metaphorical) of the word armor (appearing in almost every chapter - clever stuff). From the Jedi mental shields, humble garb and lightsaber (both blade and hilt) to Anakin's resentment and Obi-Wan's irony, you showed that it's not just the clones who are protected by armor.

You created a vivid and searing image of the planet and its 'ghosts', along with some interesting OCs and an action packed story. However, as usual, it was the portrayal of the two central characters that was most fascinating.

It was easy to see the affection, irritation and protective loyalty that Anakin and Obi-Wan share. Great depiction of Anakin's determination to keep his 'brother' alive (and thank you so much for having Obi-Wan let slip that word!)

As always, your Obi is fantastic and totally believable. The banter, the slight grumpiness, the lack of self-preservation! And such humility to consider himself the 'lowliest of the force's servants' and not worthy of the gift he was offered.

Scary to see Anakin go so close to the darkness. Obi-Wan seems like an anchor to keep him in the Light - no wonder both Yoda and Xerxes urged them to stay close to each other.

It's really nice to see Qui-Gon appearing and interacting with Obi. Very sweet comments about the 'beautiful' poem (on the love of one generation for the next) and his fondness for pathetic lifeforms.

As ever, I love your descriptions of Soresu. No-one else seems to do it justice in the way you do. Oh, and "kriff your kriffing uppity Soresu attitude" is just fabulous! Form III FTW :D

Only one tiny bit of concrit: there were a number of typos which could be picked up by close proof reading. But really not a major detraction from the story (I'm just pernickety like that).

All in all, this was another fantastic fic. And I'd like to congratulate you for slipping a Star Trek quote in there - I've often thought how well it fits Obi-Wan's outlook! Great stuff :)
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 24 . 10/19/2012
while deluding myself that this could have happened in canon is a nice fantasy I am depressed then by that illusion because generally the living force killed all of them. Oh sure if the orgional movies came out after the prequils id believe the living force had such merit but seeing as it cam afterwords? then everything was predetermined so it depress me because the living force killed them and they actually needed more unifying to understand the full reach of what happened.

But to your actuall writing abillites, I must say they were excelent loved your diologe and discriptions of whats happening are fine even if everythings intent was clear cut and makes me angry at the charecter for not fixing this yet because their problems stae them in the face. But you made me put an emotional investment in these charecters and I am happy that I stayed up to read this. I commend you for writing this and I shall check to see if you have written anything else that will capture my intrest, SOmething I really believe will happen based on my experiance with this work.
Well done
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