Reviews for The Forgotten Contract
D00rFr4m3 chapter 28 . 9/18
Well that was a good read. Thanks very much for writing this, I enjoyed it.
AngelOfHisLove chapter 28 . 9/8
I just finished that and had to say I really enjoyed it! the way you write is easy to read and makes sense for the story. You have created a new story and given life to some characters that you don't typically see used in the HP world. I enjoyed both Susan and Hannah, and the relationships you gave but also what you did with Ron and Lavender.

I have noticed a few errors in the story; a lot of 1 instead of 'I', and then just the simple misspelling of the 'to,too,two' or 'for, or' throughout the story but they should be easy for you or your 'beta' to catch.

Overall I am excited to look into your other works, and would love to have suggestions on some stories.
RT89 chapter 28 . 7/23
A great story, thank you for this amazing tale. May writers block never slow you.
Halfrican chapter 28 . 7/17
Man this is my favorite harry Potter fanfiction.. great damn job
Draugrim chapter 28 . 7/3
HP/SB is my favourite pairing and you did well at not making it the same as all the others out there. There were some moments where you repeated yourself within a few sentences of each other, but that can be avoided with some more proof reading or by getting a beta.

Excellent tale, a unique ending and a satisfying romance. Thank you for writing this.
Alfred7032 chapter 28 . 6/19
By far the best Harry Potter fan fiction I’ve ever read. Seeing as this was created in 2012 and it is now 2018, you probably won’t read this. But you are a very talented writer and could become a great book writer.
Janie.ohio chapter 1 . 6/4
not a bad story. a lot of typos, etc, but the story itself moved along nicely and was interesting. and the was a district lack of Dumbledore bashing that I appreciated. thanks for the read.
Zurver chapter 28 . 5/31
This is the best Hp fanfic ever. In my opinion it is, this truly my favorite. I love it! It teaches me about true love
ZeroQi chapter 22 . 5/22
I get what you're trying to do, unfortunately, it makes your storm frustrating and hard to read. He's an idiot, and I really hope you don't think this is good writing.
mumphie chapter 28 . 5/11
Loved it!
Your story line is great...just work on typos and grammar.

Wanted to have more chapters. :)
Midots chapter 28 . 4/30
Well-written story.
Great premise and original interpretation.
thanks for sharing.
Rachelme177 chapter 1 . 4/11
Not a bad story, but I can't help but think you confuse physical love (snogging and sex) with actually being in love. The little moments that show them falling in love cause no reaction in Harry's scar but a cuddle in bed caused intense pain? If that's how it works a quickie should solve the problem nicely.
Billy Jones chapter 28 . 3/25
Dang. I wish there was more to the ending. But Damn. This was a good ass story.
Haydoge chapter 12 . 3/21
A boy talks to an old man, whom has his wand out, about a strange tingle he has been feeling.
krivdragonborn chapter 1 . 3/20
This was very good, one of the better stories that I've read on here. However, I would recommend going through and fixing up mistakes and grammatical errors, especially towards the end. I also recommend possibly revising the summary, as it turned me off initially.
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