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Miss Emotion chapter 31 . 22h ago

I immensely enjoyed this story! It was so intelligently written and everything to the last detail... you truly are incredible. I love how Kaito grabbed his XD and the cute gesture! It was so like Shin-chan to just grab Kaito's hand KYAHQAHHHJFBGBGJZHTKHKHKYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Uh sorry! There goes me-trying-to-be-all-sophisticated. Oh well heh heh.

You are a phenomenal writer. I hope you understand how amazing you are.
Miss Emotion chapter 29 . 22h ago
Miss Emotion chapter 27 . 22h ago
Po po po poker face po po poker face nananana Yeah I adored this chapter! I wished that Shinichi would just throw himself at Kaito and kiss him and then just yeah XD But I know you have something way cooler in store. BUT WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT TELL KAI-CHAN YOU IDIOT!
Miss Emotion chapter 26 . 23h ago
You really portrayed the split between his heart and logic well. I agree with you haha the magician-bozu. I didn't even think about it when I read this chapter because it flowed by so easily.
Miss Emotion chapter 25 . 23h ago
OMG I LOVE HOW IT HAPPENED SO CARING And the way Shinichi just stared at Kaito's lips and EVERYTHIGN How realistically angry Kogoro was and Eri and YOU ARE A GENIUS! I CAN'T EVEN.. YOU ARE A GENIES'S ARSE!
Miss Emotion chapter 23 . 23h ago
KYAAAAAAAAAAAH I don't know how to explain how much I loved that! EVERY SINGLE LITTLE F***ING DETAIL WAS BEAUTIFUL!
Miss Emotion chapter 22 . 3/31
I WANT TO SEE INTO EVERYONE'S THOUGHTS OMGAAAAAAAAAAWD LIKE I'M SO EXCITED! I love how he just bluntly said "I'm Kudo Shinichi." I'm surprised Kogogro hasn't accused him of being in the bath with Ran yet! XD Or the peopel to be like "so all the big eyes, high pitch..." XD I adore how cool Eri is. I half-expected Kaito to say:
K: Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinaire and Shin-chan's boyfriend!
S: *look*
K: continues smiling
S: *hasn't budged*
K: Okay I'm joking...

OH! I just realised something! 'Kid' just introduced himself in front of Hakuba AND Hattori!
Miss Emotion chapter 21 . 3/31
Wow. Best Ran finding out fic EVER
Miss Emotion chapter 20 . 3/31
OMG my reaction was exactly like Conan's when Kaito asked him about Ran! KYAAH I love how Ran was worried as well and how Hattori and Hakuba was like 'the heck' when they saw Kaito and Shin-chan all best friends XD
Miss Emotion chapter 19 . 3/31
OH MY GAWD THIS WAS AWESOME! I love the moment when Shinichi felt like he'd just dodged a bullet and the ending... I could truly fall in love with this person. I... I just... I feel so warm despite the extremely cool breeze coming in through my windows. Actually, I should probably close them. Done. Wait now it's really stuffy... I'm going to open one of them. XD Anyway, I loved how Shinichi analyzed the teasing as well. Like how it had upgraded to sexuality stuff. I haven't seen a writer do that before, you're really unique and I adore the way you write Conan and his thought process... EVERYTHING!
Miss Emotion chapter 17 . 3/31
OMG KAITO IS SOOOO CUTE NO HE'S BEYOND CUTE KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I really loved this chapter! Well to be honest, I love all the chapters! I adore how Kaito laughed as well when he found out about how Yukiko drives and how he revealed his identity and KYAH FIRST NAME BASIS
Miss Emotion chapter 14 . 3/31
Miss Emotion chapter 13 . 3/31
I love how Shin-chan reacted! And the way he came to the decision. I don't know how to express using words how amazing of a writer you are!
Miss Emotion chapter 12 . 3/31
Oh my god... I was tense the whole of that chapter! That was so... OMG I love the way you write! The way everything happened, every little detail, I love it.
Miss Emotion chapter 9 . 3/31
OMG I REALLY LIKE THIS! This is so awesome! I adore how he realised and the magic show he gave the kids and how Haibara casually asked him if he habitually carried glitter on his person XD also how shin-chan realised! :D
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