Reviews for AmeMite II: The Seven Mysteries
Varshe Ashray chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
I'm bad at reviewing,so I'll only say what I honestly think..
This is a very well done story,thank for you writing,and I hope to see more of your writings. Cheers.
Totong chapter 13 . 10/14/2012
A toast to you my friend.A wonderful story you shared with I hope you continue write more this another girl x girl series but similar to again,may godspeed to you.
KeiFujino chapter 13 . 10/13/2012
Dezo-penguin san!
you really did very well!
your story is really good! writhing a slice of life fic about knm is really a good idea!
I hope you will continue to write knm fics!
I also suggests that you write fantasy fics about knm ...
you know with the orochi something minus the mecha thingy I think I would be great!

I already read the first book and both of them is really good!
I hope you will write continuation for Alice and saya's story where Saya's problem will be solved because I love their pairing too!
Vicatron chapter 13 . 9/30/2012
Great story, I'm sure you're planing a sequel. After all Saya still has a story to be told, and I wouldn't mind more romance between Chikane and Himeko. Keep up the great work.
guess who chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Can you also write a fanfiction of maria sama ga miteru? I love the way you write.. i love the sachiko and yumi pairing.. tnx alot!
ZonaRose chapter 13 . 9/23/2012
Nice chapter.

A week with out snuggling or going out on dates how sad for them.

I look forward to more soon.

Keep up the great works.

ZR };-
Yuki loves fics chapter 13 . 9/21/2012
Wedding dream. Too. Sweet.

*heavy blushing, faints

OhMyGod. Squeeee. Now that's a better love story than Twillight.

More love! ;)
Fuyu no Sora chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
(Character limits...)

Okay, so this is completely embarrassing and, though not necessarily out of character, it’s definitely much louder than it would usually be, but… *SQUEE!* SO CUTE! _ God, can Chikane become any more heartmeltingly adorable?! I have literally melted on the spot. That has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life! I’m surprised Himeko didn’t burst into spontaneous combustion from all the love she must have felt at the moment. I think I would have started crying out of happiness. *nod nod* Yes, that was very, very sweet. Extremely sweet. Diabetes-inducing sweet. And quite frankly, I’m happy with my Chikane-induced diabetes because reading that has made my day. _

This definitely proves that the first time Chikane will ever refer to Himeko as her wife, she’s likely to be about to burst with happiness and pride. I don’t know how she’s going to manage without fainting from a happiness-overload. _- And she just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. By Jove, I really do think that you’re trying to give your readers a heart attack due to a cuteness overdose. _

*chuckles* Ferociously inappropriate for the place they’re in, sure, but it’s certainly not inappropriate considering the talk they’ve just been having, and it’s quite certainly the normal course of action after having discussed their love and their plans for the (hopefully) near-future. _ It’s a bit of a shame they’re not in a private location, because frankly, that would have been the best way to end that conversation: Demonstrating their love for one another in ways that words can’t quite communicate. There are things that only silence can convey, and things that only the union of body and soul can transmit correctly. So…drat their public location. _ It’s fun having Chikane be playfully naughty, too. And the snuggling after the joke is so cuuuuuute, too! _

Heh, well, Silly!Chikane is very cute, too, though in a different way. I definitely do like her sense of humor, whatever she might say about it!

*shakes head, amused* Nah. I don’t think that what Chikane is feeling qualifies as ‘being selfish’. It just means that she can’t wait for her life with her beloved to start, for the day when she’ll wake up next to Himeko and know that, for the rest of their lives, that’s the sight that will greet her every morning, and every night. I share the feeling, very much so, and I know that it sounds heavenly. So, I understand her impatience. Besides, as she said, they’ve spent quite enough of their life dealing with things that are not each other, so that should definitely start to change. _

*chuckles* You know, I completely understand Himeko’s sweetly contented smile and inability to feel any angst or pain about her time locked up in the Lunar Shrine alone. She’s in the arms of the girl she loves more than anything else in the world, they’ve just finished discussing their upcoming wedding, and they’re generally just talking about their relationship. She’s in the safest place in the world, surrounded by the love of her life. How could she possibly feel in the least bit sad? It’s literally unfathomable, even if she weren’t Himeko and she didn’t have the ability to shrug off the Bad Stuff that happens to her as if they were daily occurrences. _

*nod nod* Yes, it’s against the spirit of the thing…but hey, rules were made to be broken, and it’s not like it’d be a Terrible Thing if they miss a class or two to spend some time together. I’m not saying they should skip entire days and forget that school exists, but missing one class after lunch, for example, because they were a bit too busy with each other’s lips is not a big deal. _

Awwww! The ending was heartwarming and cute as well! Sheesh, it’s as if you’ve tried to concentrate the Essence Of All Things Cute and include it in this last section of the chapter, specifically to see if your readers are strong enough to survive assault after assault of adorableness! _ I really, really loved this chapter, and can’t think of a better way to end this story. It was sweet, it was cute, and just excellent. Chikane truly outdid herself in being a complete romantic, and I think these are things that Himeko needed to hear, if nothing else to remember just how much she’s loved and appreciated. That self-confidence of hers is getting better, but I think this ought to have helped her quite a bit, too. _

Amazing as always, Nii-chan, and definitely one of your best works. _
Fuyu no Sora chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
I will have to go and trace back the hints of the cat, but for the moment my brain’s not capable of computing such a thing, so I’ll just say “aww” and that I’ll look into those hints later. _

You know, I don’t get it. Why is it that bringing the cat and her kittens to the vet’s made them blow their cover? _ Is it because the vet called the Himemiyas?

*chuckles* It amuses me quite a bit that Hayate is basically throwing around the Himemiya family’s weight a bit. Not to mention the Ohgamis and *curls lip in disdain* the Nanases. But hey, they’re the most influential families in town, so if they have the clout, what better way to use it than on their daughters? Also, what does Hayate mean when she says that very few mothers have donors? I get the feeling I’m missing something…

Imagining Seiji in an apron and puffy chef’s hat (“puffy chef’s hat” will always make me think first and foremost of Baker!Kiyohime for eternity. _ ) is both a very hilarious and very strange mental image. Probably because we’ve only seen him in ‘stern business exec’ mode so far. _

*chuckles more, immensely amused* Hayate, you have no idea. If Himeko had shown up in a cocktail dress, I think Chikane would have imploded as soon as their eyes met. _- Propriety be damned, I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t have been able to resist a vision of Himeko in an elegant gown, hugging her body in all the right ways, showing everything yet teasing her by revealing nothing. So yes, Chikane would probably also be very red in the face, though because of the tremendous effort to not pounce on Himeko right then and there! I don’t think Himeko would have minded, really, but since they would have been in front of their parents it would have been rather embarrassing. _- Hm? It seems I missed something. How did Chikane react to Eiko’s bewilderment at the idea that the girls will still be dating a few months down the line?

*sigh* Yes, well, it depends on how you look at it. Patience is not necessarily a usual quality of people in love, period, regardless of age. Chikane probably feels, still, that her soul is a cold, lonely, dark place. Himeko brings light, warmth, love, things she feels she doesn’t deserve. She breathes life into her, and the love that they have redeems the Lunar Priestess. As long as she can protect that smile, nothing else matters, and she would do anything for it. Yeah, I think I understand.

Aww, Himeko once again is cute with her absolute trust in Chikane. And though it doesn’t help her case in the eyes of the adults, it definitely helps to make the readers feel giddy by how cute that comment is! Himeko doesn’t even hesitate; it’s a reflex for her to trust Chikane’s decisions (well, mostly) and it’s just as reflexive on her part to state this unabashedly and without hesitation. It’s part of her devotion, and it shows that the girls have no reservations with each other. This is what makes them a married couple in all but name. I find Eiko’s implied meaning to be hilarious, since we readers know perfectly well that Himeko has known Chikane for over thirty years and not just a month. It’s not her fault she’s not aware of this, but for the reader it’s really just funny. I don’t think the girls will be ever able to make the Kurusugawas properly compute this, as it would likely be too much for them to handle, but maybe the Himemiyas might be able to stomach the truth about their relationship. In any case, I do believe Hayate would believe them. She’s that kind of person, and there’s no reason why Chikane would lie to her in the first place.

*nod nod* The next couple of paragraphs definitely confirm the thought that, if nobody else, Hayate would believe Chikane and Himeko’s story. She’s very sharp and observant, and has accurately managed to deduce, from simple hints, just what the girls’ relationship is like. Funnily enough, the girls have definitely carried on a marriage for a long time now, but I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily been happy. Their relationship per se didn’t have problems, but dealing with Orochi is less than amusing and certainly has caused them an unending amount of trouble! And on the subject of the girls having the interests, energy and immaturity of their age, I’m really looking forward to seeing them grow up in this continuity. I think this will be the very first time since they were originally born that they’ll be able to become adults and live out normal lives without having to worry about Orochi showing up and blasting everything to next Thursday. I wonder what the experience will be like for them, how it will change them, and what the effect on subsequent lives will be. Certainly, in Kannazuki no Shimai they were able to reach nineteen, but now they’ll actually be dying of old age instead of through their destiny as the eternally reincarnating priestesses of the godless month. That ought to be fun. _

And as for being grounded and unable to share kisses and snuggling during study time, well, hey, nobody forbade them from sitting as close together as possible or holding hands! _-

Also, Hayate and Seiji, when they’re not in their ‘serious business executives’ mode, look like they’d be adorable together. It would really, really be fun to see a Side Story about them just enjoying a leisurely day without having to worry about the Financial Group. _

*snicker* I’d like to know what’s so infamous about the rice balls. Obviously Hayate doesn’t like them, and it looks like only Chikane, Hajime and Seiji himself do like them, but I can’t figure out why they’d be bad.

I also like how there’s a line specifically pointing out that there are ulterior motives to the barbecue. _ It’s very much Chikane-like, since her actions have a tendency to be planned out meticulously to serve multiple purposes for her various agendas. Chikane did say that she and Hayate are very much alike, except that the latter has a better sense of humor, and when I think about it in this light, the invitation to a barbecue also ends up being very Hayate-like! I’m not sure I agree with one of Chikane’s assessments, though, because I personally like her sense of humor.

Chikane’s self-awareness is also very cute; it helps a lot that she’s snuggling with Himeko underneath a tree and watching the sun set over yonder. But yep, Himeko definitely has a point that her romance isn’t normal in any sense of the word. Then again, who needs normal? It’s overrated, and ‘normal’ romances tend to have way more problems than theirs has, so I think they should be glad that their relationship isn’t normal. _-

I’m amused that Arrow’s the only one of the bunch that will probably get away scot-free. How come she won’t get any grief from the Reverend? And who’ll be the one punishing Alice? From what you’ve described of Carolyn and her husband, neither of them seem like they’d punish Alice for some harmless exploring of the school, even if it’s after-hours.

You know, I’d like to know the answer to that, too! Will they get married right after high school? I think that’s the most likely answer; Chikane has waited more than her patience would usually allow to declare to the world that she loves and cherishes Himeko and intends to keep doing so until the day she dies and beyond. I think the first time Chikane will ever refer to Himeko as “my wife,” she’s likely to explode with contained happiness and pride. _- Which, by the way, will be very cute to watch. _

I think we’ve seen a bit of Seiji not taking himself too seriously with the chef’s getup, but it’s still a bit of a stretch imagining him as being goofy. Well, maybe we’ll get the chance to see more of that side of him later on. _

*nod nod* I agree with Himeko. Chikane’s the kind of girl that would look great in either a gown or a tux, though I do wonder what she will be wearing on her wedding day. Also, I think the word Himeko’s looking for is ‘dashing’. _- So it really comes down to what they both think would look better. Although…now that I think about it, if Chikane gets married with a tux on, it might fuel the stupid thought that she “wants to be a man” like the Nanases think. You know, it’s no wonder Hayate compared a wedding to a war! It really does require a squad of strategists thinking of all possible ramifications and trying to control as much as possible the impact that this-or-that might have on that-and-that guest, to not rile up anyone’s sensibilities while sticking to the intent of making the best possible arrangements for the brides’ happiest day ever. It sounds like quite the headache! _

*chuckles* Well, if Himeko wants, she could have both a Western-style marriage and a traditional Japanese ceremony either before or after. It’s not like Chikane would mind at all, and the Japanese wedding is probably proper, too, since they are shrine maidens, as Himeko herself lampshaded.
MissGardenia chapter 13 . 9/20/2012

Here's hoping we still get that kendo tournament in a sequel.
Honulicious chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
Ah a full chpt of himeko and chikane! Wonderful. I really love their fluff moments. Hmm they never advanced their romance in this story huh? Well well...maybe during their lunch break. Ha ha ha

Ah their families are getting along and that's awesome! it almost feels lik the himemya are keeping the kisagawa grounded and down to earth...not the other way around. Ok. I butchered himeko's last name...hmm I kniw there is an r in there...I think.

Anyway, more!
Scaian chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
"Fluffy chapter..." wait, complete? It's over. It's Over?!

Have to say I am disappointed that it is over since this was a great fanfic through and through. Great storyline, great characters and expies, great quotes (the "we Japanese beauties" and "maybe you're not as much of a bitch" in Ch12 were good examples), good insights and bringing in new elements like how both the main and covert couples deal with their relationship in the outside world, and finally a sweet ending. Nice.

I don't know if this is the end of this timeline/universe, since there's so much more to tell: how much more chasing around do the miko do when grounded, how does Shizuka tell her family that their shrine and existence are totally real, how Saya and Alice ultimately end up...I don't know, but please keep writing! You're an inspiration to all of us little fanfic wannabes, ;
guinisee chapter 13 . 9/20/2012

Why do you always have to overwhelm with the cute? Not that you should stop, I just wish you left me in a state to comment more constructively :P
Jimbobob5536 chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
Fluffy chapter. :3
Andrew J chapter 13 . 9/20/2012
For some reason, I'm imagining a KnM/Mai-Hime crossover where Himeko is describing her relationship with Chikane to Natsuki, who thinks it doesn't sound too outre until she gets to the twins thing.
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