Reviews for AmeMite II: The Seven Mysteries
Jimbobob5536 chapter 10 . 9/19/2012
Puppy dog eye. Ahahahaha.

Fun story so far.
Jimbobob5536 chapter 4 . 9/19/2012
Poor Saya.
ZonaRose chapter 12 . 9/10/2012
Lol loving this one just as much as the first one.

I look forward to your updates.

Keep up the great works.

ZR };-
kurakami chapter 12 . 9/8/2012
LOL Love how they can still discover each other after lifetimes together. Too bad past lives can't always inform on history tests. Great update!
Heruelen chapter 12 . 9/7/2012
Excellent chapter. Clear, concise and well written.
Fuyu no Sora chapter 12 . 9/6/2012
Character limits are annoying...

*exactly why detail-observation, planning, and analysis is left to Chikane. Poor Himeko. Were you trying to make her comic-relief in these couple of passages? Because even though she gives a somewhat-sharp, heartfelt defense of Alice, this “Himeko was pretty sure that Saya's fans were really high on the list of people she wasn't supposed to spill the beans to.” Was very, very funny, too.

*snerk* Not only does she have practice with being bullied, but it’s not like it would have any lasting effects anyway. This is Himeko we’re talking about, and her endurance to Bad Stuff is at the heights of the Ridiculous charts.

["I just hope the door isn't locked. I know Himemiya-san gave us the keys to the west wing, but if there's any more alarms, we won't know what to do."

"She said there weren't any others."

"You trust her to get it right?"

"I trust her with my life."]

You know, this is another one of those unintentionally hilarious conversations. While extremely sweet from Himeko’s part (I mean, seriously, “Awww!” doesn’t begin to express it) and the very much literal truth, from the point of view of one such as Otoha, for whom the romance is barely weeks or so old, it’s probably a ridiculous concept. The reader can stand back and say “Duh, of course she trusts Chikane absolutely”, but when seen from the point of view of the character asking the question, it becomes much more fair, even if Otoha should know better by now. It’s not like ‘Miya-sama’ is prone to mistakes, after all.

…And then my thoughts get echoed in the sentence right after and the paragraph just below. Darn it.

["How do you get through the day being such a complete ditz?"

"Maybe you're just not as good at being bitchy as you think you are?" Himeko suggested.]

Heh, well, the only thing I can think of to say to that is: Ouch. Burned! And in a most satisfying way, too, even if it’s a bit mean of me to say so. But really, good going Himeko!

Awww, and it turns out the Hungry Goblin was a cat! That’s a very cute way of ending the chapter!

It was excellent as always. I really enjoyed each of the sections, and I especially liked that Himeko managed to get in a bit of epicness herself in that major burn she gave Otoha with that “level of bitchiness” remark of hers. It was cheer-worthy.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Fuyu no Sora chapter 12 . 9/6/2012
...You know, it’s pretty sad that the first lines of this chapter are a sharp reminder of just how appallingly horrendous the Nanases are as parents. I understand the desire of a parent want to instill good habits in their children and all, but doing their best to force their child to one particular genre is just awful. Can they get worse? I mean, really, they do not seem to have a single redeeming quality whatsoever.

Also, Saya’s liking of horror is very amusing, giving her Yamato Nadeshiko-like nature. It’s sad that her paranoia has taken a full hold on her, but under the circumstances, it’s quite understandable. Her family is extremely intolerant and there’s no telling exactly what they would do were they to find out that their daughter is a lesbian, too. I don’t think I want to find out, either, because it’s bound to be unpleasant.

From a certain point of view, her resentment toward Chikane is also understandable, and though her situation sucks horribly, I’m afraid I can’t be particularly sympathetic on this issue, because, knowing what I know about what both Priestesses of the Godless month have gone through, it’s kind of hard to think that Chikane deserves anything but to have an easier time of it. They have fought so hard, for so long, without anyone ever remembering their sacrifice and their only payment being suffering and a curse (for the longest time, their destiny was a curse; we all know that) for their sacrifice, that having a lifetime in which things are not necessarily easy, but at least easier for Chikane and Himeko is the least that the gods could have done. Saya knows nothing of it, so it’s not her fault that her thoughts are so harsh, since she just sees a girl that has been favored by the gods, but it’s still…well, harsh.

*sigh* Yep. The Nanases are scum all right. Thankfully we haven’t had to see much of them, but the impact of their actions is very big and thoroughly felt throughout the story, a constant reminder that though we don’t have to see them (again, thankfully) they’re still very much there.

*chuckles* I agree with Saya’s assessment; it would be good if Arrow got a boyfriend! _- I don’t think, however, that the Ototachibana boys are men enough to handle a girl like Ohgami Shizuka, so that’s a bit of an issue…not to mention that anyone who wants to date her will also have to treat her right or risk the Wrath of Tsukasa. It ought to be interesting, and hopefully you’ll be able to think of a good guy to give to our token tomboy. She’s awesome, you know, so it would definitely be good to see her happy! She’s the only one of the group that’s single, and that sucks a bit. *hint hint*

Hm, the dreaded ‘if’ huh? Yeah, it’s probably the most miserable word in the entire language. Sadly, I don’t think Saya’s going to be finding any relief anytime soon, so she’ll hopefully be able to hold on for a while. Who knows? Lady Luck smiles on people according to her own whims, after all.

*nod nod* I agree with Chikane. Not that Saya asked or anything, but Chikane definitely has a good point. I wonder if she’ll ever be able to look back on that time, before she became Himeko’s wife (they’re not officially married, but come on. We know that’s only in terms of government records and the like. In their hearts, they’ve been married for years, methinks. And come to think of it, once they actually do get officially married, not only will it be their first time ever, but forever after they’ll be able to think of each other as ‘my wife’, seeing as their vows would pretty much extend into eternity in the literal sense of the word! That ought to be funny in a life after AmeMite!) and be able to see more good than bad? Time heals all wounds and all, but some run deeper than others, and the pain is not necessarily forgotten.

Is this dark, harsh edge the remains of the shadow of the Eighth Neck? Because, frankly, that is awesome. I’m probably weird for it, but I actually rather like Chikane’s violently psychotic side. *rueful grin* It probably appeals to my own nature and that’s why. Though it might also have something to do with the fact that when she lets that side out of hers to play, she tends to be doing very badass stuff, too, like completely overtaking her enemy in a fight. Alice’s deduction is correct, and I wonder if Chikane will ever share just how right she is. She is her best friend, after all, the very first the Lunar Priestess’ had in Heaven-knows-how-many-lifetimes, but Chikane has never really been the sharing type; I wonder how much she trusts Alice, I guess is my real question.

You know, I have to give it to her: Saya’s got guts. Not that she knows exactly what ‘the girl underneath’ really is, because if she did, she probably would be at least a bit meeker than she is currently being in this confrontation against (whom we know) a high-functioning sociopath. All I can say is that she should be glad she’s Chikane’s friend rather than her enemy. It didn’t turn out well for the other Necks of Orochi in those two lifetimes we know about (Reiko, especially, had a nice beating given to her, both physically and mentally), and it wouldn’t turn out well for her either. I really like Chikane’s sharp edges, though that’s probably just me.

I was also very amused at Saya’s “unless you can remake the world so there’s no such thing as bigotry”. It’s unintentionally hilarious because the girls actively do remake the world on a lifely basis and they haven’t managed to create a world where there’s no bigotry yet. It’s not like they can manipulate free will, after all, simply make it so there will be less evil going around for a while, but as long as humans are, well, human there will always be barriers of acceptance. We’re flawed; it’s part of our nature. *snerk* I also like the fact that Chikane and Saya implicitly acknowledge that they themselves are bigoted (well, with Chikane is not so much bigotry as outright misanthropy, but still) since the world in which there would be no such thing as bigotry would only include Himeko and Alice.

It’s funny how Chikane still can’t really compute well to people being genuinely grateful to her.

Now, this intrigues me:
["Well, if we're the 'perfect' ones, why are we always changing to suit our girlfriends' good advice?"
They were both glad Alice wasn't there just then, since she'd certainly have a pointed answer to that question.]

I would like to know the answer to that!

…Alice has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t she? *chuckles* After all, it’s not like the school is really abandoned; it’s just the weekend and nighttime!

Uh…I wonder if Arrow should actually be laughing at the idea of supernatural curses. Those might possibly exist; after all, there are gods and priestesses with actual powers that affect reality that exist in this universe, so a supernatural curse/other occurrences are not that much of a stretch once we accept this! It’s also kinda funny that Arrow would say that religion and superstition are different things, because sects have certainly spawned from superstitious beliefs (and we could maybe even include the beginnings of religion there. Not entirely sure about this one, but that’s why there’s a “could” and “maybe” there!) before!

*chuckles* After learning that Chikane and Himeko are the priestesses of legend, Arrow is undoubtedly wondering what actually happened in the classroom. That ought to make for a fun story to tell. Alice has a point in saying that reincarnation doesn’t show up in Shinto, though the rules are different from what’s popularly known, so technically Arrow’s point is valid.

[Arrow rolled her eyes.
"Oooh, scary."]

That was epic. It really made me laugh a lot. That and her “I’d chalk it up to ‘birds of a feather’.” comment. Arrow needed more epic lines, darn it, they’ve been mostly left to Alice. And hey, if Alice is heavy on the snark, Arrow comes right out of the corner swinging just as hard, seeing her “I’m not stereotyping myself as an outrageous foreigner” remark. I really love these OCs of yours!

Also, Alice? The End Of The World As We Know It is only scary if you like to be alive; which most of the human population does, for some inexplicable reason. Dr. Strangelove shows that there are some maniacs that would gleefully watch the world burn just because.

*chuckles* Aww, Himeko is so cute. Her fun was reduced to zero because she didn’t get to pair up with Chikane. And though Himeko might be very unhappy about it, it’s probably a good thing for the school building that Alice imposed that rule; after all, there are desks and doors and stuff that is flammable around, and the chemistry between those two would probably have a couple of things smoldering if they were to be together in a dark school alone at night! I’m not saying they’d do anything particularly intimate, but a long make-out session would probably happen and hoo boy.

Hmm…won’t the Solar Priestess Blade awaken and be sent to her only when the proper ritual is done to fight Orochi? It is a part of their powers (perhaps even a physical manifestation thereof), so…I really doubt she’ll be able to have access to it in this lifetime. Or would it be possible to actually access their powers while there is no threat of Orochi? It doesn’t sound like it’s possible, because there’s a partial awakening that must take place before they can perform the incantation. Although maybe it’s not necessary? Gah, I’ve managed to confuse myself now! Drat these questions. _

…I don’t understand why Otoha’s different emotions would actually take a flowchart to diagram or why Himeko would want to understand it in that format anyway, but I have a feeling it’s more complicated than I’m capable of computing at the moment!

[Himeko stared at her. the idea of putting the photo in some kind of sociocultural perspective had completely escaped her; she'd just been talking about the atmosphere.]
*chuckles* And this is, as we’ve said before, exactly why d
Honulicious chapter 12 . 9/6/2012
Huh lots of admission/confessions of feelings. Nothing like a night out in the spooky dark to get ur mind to open up more...heh
guinisee chapter 12 . 9/6/2012

and if you think your readers should give more in depth comments, I protest. There's an entire internet worth of pictures of adorable kittens, which you just managed to distract me with indirectly. I'll be back...eventually...(dawwwww...)
Avarenda chapter 12 . 9/6/2012
Hmm, you know i love this story, but i kinda wish we could see more Himeko/Chikane interactions. Lately it all seems focused on Alice, Saya, and Otoha...
Andrew J chapter 12 . 9/6/2012
For a moment there I was hoping to see Otah get buried under a ton of photography jargon. Maybe later.
Aylor chapter 11 . 8/30/2012
I like this alot, as I do with most of your stuff actually but nevermind.
I do however think it's a shame that you had so much of Chikane's development from sociopath to a more normal human being occur off screen and away from Himeko. While I know the situation is different from in KnS, mainly in the lack of Evil Gods, and there was one sceen where she threatened to kill Otoha in the first chapter I personally did find the rapid change in her character a bit jarring. Finally I also really enjoy the sceens where her ruthless side comes across plainly.

Having writen that I just remembered that you had Himeko find the changes surprising, if welcome, so I suppose it may be something I should just go with.

Though I suppose this shouldn't really go here to me it makes sense so I'll say that I liked the look into that changeing process given in the second sidestory and hope you comtinue with that part of the timeline in the future.

Looking forward to more;
Cunning Linguist chapter 11 . 8/27/2012
You killed it. The wedding talk was just so spot on. I see Himemiya Hayate takes the Kikukawa-Suzushiro Haruka approach to wedding plans. I suppose we should expect tanks? I can certainly tell she's great fun to write! Looking forward to more. :)
qwAEUI chapter 11 . 8/24/2012
Another awesome chapter! I loved it. :)
MissGardenia chapter 11 . 8/23/2012
Grilled rice balls? Abwuh?

I will laugh so hard if something supernatural does happen to Himeko and Otoha and Himeko has to exorcise it.
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