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Honulicious chapter 11 . 8/23/2012
How exciting! Test or courage is always fun. I wonder if they will see anything.

Himemya bbq? He heand talk of marriage? Things sure are moving well. I bet they will get married after a couple of years in college.
Andrew J chapter 11 . 8/23/2012
Test of courage games are oft-used devices in anime and manga for quick romantic developments, but that would be pretty pointless here as four of the "players" are already in well-established relationships and the other two are incompatible on a number of levels, which Arrow was smart enough to figure out beforehand.

I don't imagine that Alice and Arrow have much to say to each other that they haven't already. Chikane and Saya might continue their conversation from Chapter 5. The relationship most in need of further development here, obviously, is Himeko and Otaha's. It's a shame that Himeko's too nice to really hate anybody, she might have had a nice little caliginous thing with Otaha otherwise.
guinisee chapter 11 . 8/23/2012
going blushy...going blushy...I don't understand how you managed it, but that *doesn't* strike me as cliche while simultaneously *also* fitting character and situation, *DESPITE* the fact that it should be an unreasonably awkward and useless way of communicating blood rushing to one's cheeks. Your vast, *SO* unfair. Do keep it up :)
YukiGuni chapter 10 . 8/12/2012
Oh no! Not the puppy dog eyes! Lol! Great chapter! I'm lookin forward to the next one! :)
litokid-2 chapter 10 . 8/12/2012
I admit, I was expecting the..."big reveal" as Arrow connected the dots between the Kannazuki legend and our heroines last chaper to be a much bigger deal than you made it. She had a rather sedate reaction to finding out a legend to be real...

But I suppose that's sort of the point, whether you did it purposefully or not, isn't it? She's from a shrine family, and had already accepted the idea of past lives. There's bound to be a sort of willingness to accept myths as truth already.

With Ch.10 I feel the need to voice something about about your AmeMite series in general. I love it. To tell the truth, I didn't like the original Kannazuki no Miko series. It didn't explore some of the characters as much as I'd like, and the giant mecha REALLY didn't do it for me - both their inclusion and their design, which I found rather ugly. On the other hand, I did like the characters they had time to go through...and ancient legends made real.

Which is why I really like what you've done here. The happier ending, the deeper focus on character interaction, no giant robos. And here you've captured that spirit of ancient legend. That sense of wonder and antiquity, that sense that there's something bigger and deeper than what we know out there, something both darker and beyond our understanding yet hopeful and all-together beautiful. It's very appropriate that Himeko's the one to express that.

Anyway, the closet poetry fanboy I could no longer hold back aside, it looks like things are moving closer and closer to a head. Should be interesting to see if anyone else ever makes the connection now that the legend has been voiced.
Honulicious chapter 10 . 8/10/2012
Ooh 8 mysteries! Genius! I didn't evm think about it brought it up. He he

Himeko! Puppy dog eyes attack! ! Ha ha
Fuyu no Sora chapter 10 . 8/9/2012
*sigh* Fairly short, but I tried. I really, really hope I'm not losing my touch on top of everything else!

Anyways, review time!

I wonder if the people that joined the newspaper club are all aspiring journalists or if for some it's just a hobby or something. Also, I can't believe that I didn't think about this before, but why is it that the Photography Club had to lend them a member? Does the Newspaper club not have a photographer of their own? Or did the school purposely make the clubs this way in order to have more cooperation between clubs?

Amusingly, this ladylike, serene competence that is news to Himeko is also a new face that the reader has of Saya. Sadly we haven't seen much of her other than "her life sucks really badly" and "Alice's paranoid, but fairly loving girlfriend." It's somewhat hard to be able to form a proper image of what she's like, since she's currently being characterized by factors other than her own self, her own personality. She's being defined through the glimpses other characters see of her many facets (editor of the newspaper club, polite lunch companion, girlfriend to Alice, friend to Arrow, through Chikane's thoughts, etc.) so she remains veiled, in a way, to the reader. Either that or I'm not reading enough into this and should try harder! _- It's funny seeing a real "Miya-sama" lite, though. Most of the stories you write have been spent deconstructing the whole idea of what Miya-sama actually is for Chikane and then in AmeMite along waltzes in a girl that is the exact embodiment of that. Someone for whom that actually is who she is. Or at least a real part of who she is.

(Side note: Kokkuri-san is creepy! _ )

*chortle* Is it just me, or is it funny that Himeko has friends that are called "Hana-chan" and "Kana-chan"? Or am I just amused by the most random things ever? ;;;

Heh. Sword in the center surrounded by a ring of Hiragana, huh? Sounds suspiciously like the way Ame no Murakumo looks. _- It's obviously going to be related, but I just like that attention to detail you have about things like this. _ Oh, God, it just got even more obvious with the Sun and Moon characters being included into the mix! That' interesting choice for asking questions. Asking for protection, sure; I mean, we all know he's good at that, being the God of Swords and all...but answering questions? He was never much too forthcoming with his own priestesses! Okay, okay, so he's the resident Mahoroba deity, but still.

...Okay, God, it's too good. I burst into a great big couple of laughs when I pictured Himeko boggling because she came to the same conclusions (sort of) I did. You know it's bad when Himeko of all people can point out the flaws in your plan/game/whatever. Also, Otoha? Stop being outraged. It's becoming a defining characteristic and that's not good for you.

LOL! Even Himeko knows when to tell partial truths (the closest she will ever get to lying, it seems...) so she won't look crazy. Yes, Himeko, that's the truth; sort of. And that's actually a very good question. Should the mundanes (ahem, people with no connection to the supernatural that would more than likely not be inclined to believe it were she to speak honestly about who she is and what role she fulfills in the world) know about Orochi's story? Even if it is as an old legend? I mean, heck, somebody might get a crazy idea that Orochi is right and start praying to the God of Destruction if the story gets out...

*nod nod* You're right, Himeko...It's very confusing!

(Side note: I really, really love how you give each specific neck a particular type of hatred or malice. Little details like those are the most important, the ones that make a story more or less memorable!)

Himeko's posture being reminiscent of those in prayer...I wonder if it was the same during their first lives? If they were truly miko selected by destiny, or just normal shrine girls who happened to share a wish at the same time? A prayer made on the spot, desperation driving them on to beg for any god out there to listen to their cries?

...Is it terrible of me if I say I'm of the opinion that humanity had wrought their own fate by creating the very god they begged to be saved from? Because even if it is, sorry, but I'm sticking to my argument.

Ah, well, Himeko at least establishes a canon for AmeMite: They reached out to the Gods and offered everything they had in exchange for the salvation of their kind. It's probably the selflessness of the girls that which finally made Ame no Murakumo answer the prayers that were being sent out and why he lent his power to our protagonists. Also, thirty days and thirty nights is brutal; I imagine this is because neither had experience with swordsmanship, though depending on the time and their social status they might have had other weapons' training (I imagine Chikane handling a naginata. Maybe because I think of her as having been an Ojou like Shizuru).

...You know, were they originally miko or did they become miko as a result of binding their souls to Ame no Murakumo, serving as his priestesses? And if they were shrine maidens before, which god or goddess did they serve? Did they tend to Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi's shrines respectively or something?

Beautiful story, and wonderfully recited by Himeko! She definitely deserves some praise for her efforts! Hey, maybe she should be a storyteller. _- Something tells me that she'd be wonderful with children.

["It's bad manners to apologize for being cool enough to serve as a distraction, Kurusugawa-san," one boy said.]

I laughed badly at this. _-

Since you've mentioned that maybe Chikane might have her own version of the story, may we hear if there are actual differences? This one is probably, as Himeko guesses, built up by her according to her emotions and perspectives over how their story progressed, and she has a much more forgiving nature anyway. Chikane's might be bleaker, or more tainted by despair.

*snerk* It's funny that Himeko agrees with Otoha because she herself isn't what she expects when she goes and does things by instinct or unconsciously. Perhaps she still doesn't really have a good measure of who she is and what she's capable of.

*snort* *smacks Otoha upside the head* Don't go and steal Chikane's job, Otoha. Not just yet anyway. She and Arrow are the cynical ones, though mostly Chikane if my memory serves. Admittedly, even though Kojima and Higashiyama deserved what happened to them for severe public indecency, I have to say that I prefer Himeko's point of view.

Hmm...I'm not sure I'd be entirely inclined to agree with Himeko about Otoha's admiration being entirely genuine. Perhaps it's because what she admired is nothing more than smoke, a mirage, of sorts, that Chikane displays in order to keep people away from her.

*chuckles* You wish, Himeko. You wish. But you probably will stop being clumsy as soon as Chikane fully heals. Okay, and Otoha's facepalm was funny, too.

*shakes head* Nope. If I recall correctly, Arrow mentioned something about giving Otoha a good kick in the gut and throwing her back out of the garden if she dared show up, except she wouldn't be nice enough about doing it through the gap!

A poll would be fun. When people feel like their opinions are going to be taken into consideration, they're more likely to participate. (*grumbles* Look at the electorate in North America. Their excuse is "my vote won't make a difference, so why should I do it? *whines*" Grrrrrr.)

If I were to guess, Otoha seems to be mad because she's getting to know Himeko a bit more as a person now instead of the demonized version she'd made up in her own head. When the reality starts chipping away at the mental image and the real person is not the horrible monster that she suspected, she's not able to fully accept it, hence the anger. Am I right, in the ballpark, or did I just completely miss that? _

The things that only Himeko knows...if we tally them up, how many would those make? All those small details that are so important, that she alone knows perfectly well. To know someone in such an intimate way, their likes and dislikes, and yet being able to learn new things about them all while accepting their flaws, their failures, the missed opportunities and still embrace that other person...that can only be called love. Chikane had some big ol' blinders, but then again, to be fair it's not like Himeko actually realized her own feelings until the end. Still, it makes me happy that they ended up having a true happily ever after and that they continue making each other happy right now. Their romance is extremely sweet. _

*chuckles* Out of curiosity, why did Otoha give up and just giggle?

*snort* I like how Arrow just boggles at the mere idea that Otoha might be a genuine human being. That was really hilarious; thank you for that! _ PFFFFFFFFFFFT, wow, that was unexpected. I love that Chikane says "The high queen of what, Arrow?" mildly and placidly, probably wearing one of her serene ojousama smiles, because she's playfully offended that Arrow would take her 'title' away from her! _- Ah, and there's the obligatory remark from Alice. Oh, wow, that's funny. So this is where I remembered from that Chikane's supposed to be the cynical one and that Arrow was stealing her job! _

By the way, this:

["She does have incentive," Alice noted. "I mean, I always take kissing you seriously. I think the same logic applies."]

Is one of the most epic lines in the entire story, and that's saying something since yours is the kind of writing that's simply peppered with epic lines! _- No, Chikane, no, it would not be 'interesting'. It would be 'worrisome' that's what!

Oooh, do we get to see Alice's revenge?

Oh, brother, Alice assigned herself the role of Exploration Captain. This sounds like it's gonna end badly, but in a funny way. *chuckles* Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait wait. Himeko likes tests of courage?! I thought that'd be the kind of
Avarenda chapter 10 . 8/9/2012
oh god, not the dreaded puppy dog eyes!
Andrew J chapter 10 . 8/9/2012
I feel kind of bad for Orochi. Snack on a few maidens (as any monster is wont to do) and for the next thousand years you're the favored punching bag of Japanese popular culture. The dragon that fought St. George (for example) doesn't have to put up with that kind of abuse.
MissGardenia chapter 9 . 7/28/2012
Actually Alice, depending on how you sit, the pressure could end up being in your knees or more likely in your ankles if you're leaning backwards in seiza.

Here's hoping they can continue to stick it out rather than Saya deciding to break up because things have gotten too difficult (because those things happen, all too sadly).

It's probably better if you don't tell her that her incarnation has ended up as an actual Neck of Orochi sometimes. :3

Well, I'd say you need a paradigm shift Otoha, but on the other hand with your haircut we don't need you being jealous in a bush chanting "Makimakimakimakimaki" over and over.
Honulicious chapter 9 . 7/26/2012
ooh alice is trying to help out with their situation...what a good GF. too bad her idea didn't really work. mothers...they really do have a big mouth ;P hee hee

himeko and chikane are soo cute! especially when they tease each other or other people! how funny.

well, seems like otoha is trying to make things right a little...she defended nanase. but she is her fan too. but she is slowly realizing things. i wonder what this maiden's oracle is...or who reports these 'warnings'
Fuyu no Sora chapter 9 . 7/26/2012
Um, I don't quite get it, actually. A sandwich is a fairly Western thing, so is it just because Alice bought it at school that made it more Japanese and did not add another quirk or what? That puzzles me a bit. Besides, what kind of lunches did Carolyn made for her, that Alice felt they were too Western? Aww, it's very considerate of Chikane to have asked of Alice that she apologize for her rudeness. I'm curious as to what exactly she said to her mother, though, for her sixteen-year-old self to think that some of the things she said were pretty indefensible? Did she fight with her mother, have an argument or something like that?

[It was things like that that had made Alice if not necessarily believe when her friend talked about past-life memories, at least suspect that she wasn't completely full of crap.]

Wait, does this mean that Alice does not believe Chikane's story of having had past lives before? Even though Himeko actually exists? Or is it just weird to her and it does not really compute, so she chooses not to think about it? Oh, wait, or is it that she didn't believe Chikane back when they were 10 but she does now?

*chuckles* Well, yeah, extra life experience does help to give Chikane an added maturity that goes beyond what a teenager would usually have, but, ahem, a healthy, stable, loving relationship also helps a lot. You learn quite a bit of stuff about patience and indulgence when you're in a good relationship...and you also acquire a little something called "peace of mind" that is rather rare these days. So there's something to that.

Hm? Why does Alice want added maturity, other than the obvious "it would be nice to have some"?

Oh, about seiza position, that's just because they're used to it since they're very small children, right? I imagine Alice is attracted to Saya's Yamato Nadeshiko qualities and behavior in the same way that a full Westerner would be in the face of such displays, because we can't do it and, let's face it, it's nice to watch. Well, it makes sense that Chikane's ladylike elegance never held any appeal for Alice, unlike how it does for almost everyone else: Alice was able to see through her from the beginning, discerning astoundingly easily that Chikane's entire mask was just that, a mask. It was all something she did for the sake of being able to manipulate people into doing what she wants, whereas Saya is elegant and ladylike by nature.

Hey I'm curious as to what this "sitcom dad routine" that Alice's dad does is all about! What exactly does he do? I've never really watched sitcoms, so I've no idea. *chuckles* I also like that Scott asked Alice to pick a nice girlfriend to bring home because there's no chance his brothers would be able to get a hot girlfriend! _ Although hey, how would he know if Fred did manage to get a hot girlfriend if he's still in Canada? I guess they keep in touch through e-mail and stuff, right? But knowing his siblings, would he actually send them pictures of his girlfriend?

*sigh* I understand the circumstances, I really do, but it's a bit tiring just how obsessed Saya is with people who are not discreet. Granted, she might be right about them needing to keep a low profile, but really, it is an obsession at this point. Also, have I mentioned that I think Carolyn Ishida is awesome? Because she sounds really awesome and fun and outgoing and Canadian. _ Are we going to get to meet her by any chance? Maybe in a Side Story about Alice's family? Maybe in an omake? _ It's also just a tad insulting that Saya would think that the Ishidas wouldn't be able to keep their relationship a secret. I mean, seriously, let's think about this hypothetical scenario of someone saying insulting things about Himeko and Chikane and her daughter was included by implication...well, hey, guess what, Alice is already included by implication because she already likes girls! And any slighting comment made against someone who is for or in a same-sex relationship would obviously offend.

Gah, okay, it kinda sucks for Saya that she's pretty much shackled by her own insecurities, and it's pretty sweet to see Alice trying to comfort her, it's a rather messed up situation. *sigh* If she would at least allow the Ishidas to know about them, it would make things easier. It's extremely annoying, wanting to talk about your girlfriend and not being able to because of reasons X, Y, and Z.

On the technical side of things, it's true that there are some things about their relationship that they can't control, but adult support they could have. Again, it's a question of being able to have enough courage to trust Alice's family, but I don't think that's likely to happen. As I said previously, Saya does have a right to be wary of adults. It would just be nice if there was something that could be done for the two of them, but I can't think of anything right now. It's really a shame.

Pfft. Aww, it's a very silly joke, but I'm glad Alice could at least get Saya to giggle. Maybe those two will be all right after all. Just maybe.

*snicker* And now we move into the second part of the chapter. Can I say that I loved the fact that you introduced it with a hilarious one-liner from Arrow? It's especially amusing because while she's not a delinquent, she has an older sister that not only was a delinquent in her younger days, but she's now making a career as a professional bad guy, hahaha! It's also really cute that Himeko just doesn't really care because she's too busy admiring the scenery. I wonder if Chikane's taking notes on this? Oh, since Himeko has just said that she could stay up there and take pictures for hours, does this mean that one day Chikane's going to be looking for her and will eventually catch her taking snapshots of the entirety of Mahoroba? Aww, so cute. Himeko actually makes portfolios?

*chuckles* I like that Arrow's favorite kind of guy is the kind that actually looks like a guy, and not the beautiful androgynous kind. Also, I'm terribly sorry to say that I completely missed the joke that Himeko was trying to say and that Chikane stole from her. ;;; Also, it's awesome that Alice actually said the same thing to Arrow once! Great minds think alike? _-

*snerk* I have to admit, I laughed at Chikane's somewhat smug ["You might have had a point, before. I admit, I was insecure enough at first. But," she added, "that was then."]. Honestly, the girl is still extremely insecure and has a lot of issues she needs to work through, although we've seen that she's getting better, and it's actually rather refreshing and very, very good to see her being confident about her relationship. It's both amusing and made me want to go "YES!" to see her saying that. It's really, really great to see her being safe in the knowledge that her marriage (they're not married, but come on...) is strong and that there's no doubts to be had in that regard.

Arrow's reaction to Chikane admitting her past insecurities about being able to hold someone else's romantic attention is another one of those little details that continues to prove that it's really Himeko who knows her best, both the good and the bad, her triumphs and her failures. Which makes sense, really, since it's your significant other that's supposed to know you best. You're meant to trust each other to be able to have a relationship, and even more so one that is romantic in nature, but still.

I'm still cracking up over the October Confessional, by the way. _- It's just too funny, and I can hear Sister Miyako's booming "GRAH!" voice in my head right now. XD It's also incredibly amusing that Himeko's mind immediately jumps to Sister Miyako, since, well, there actually was an Orochi Confessional and it was Miyako dispensing 'God's favor' on the people that stumbled just didn't happen in their reality. And ah, the old "looks stunned as if hit by a trout" face. You still haven't written an omake about Arrow and Himeko happily discussing sumo while Chikane looks like she's been hit on the face with a trout and Alice laughs her head off, by the way. _-

And the 'secret' is finally out. Really, I wonder why it took all this time for someone to think about it. At least Arrow took it well, and yep, she should have put the pieces together before, but oh well. Hey, at least now she knows that the old legend isn't just an old legend, but there's a lot of truth to it. I also find it incredibly amusing that she immediately assumes that Himeko is the Solar Priestess. I do wonder why she made the assumption, even if it was the correct one. But yes, if anyone was to understand, the more likely candidate would be Arrow, and hey, not much explaining to do there. Although she might be curious as to what exactly is it that they've really lived through and what fighting Orochi is like. I mean, she might not want to inherit the Shrine, but she has to be curious. Besides, if Arrow finds out at least some of the things they've gone through, it would explain a lot about why the girls are the way they are.

Her assumption that Orochi's going to wake up that year is also rather funny. If that were the case, wouldn't that suck pretty badly? She just gets to find out her friends are the eternally reincarnating priestesses that save the world every other Tuesday, and then Orochi wakes up and starts wreaking havoc and rampaging. Thankfully this is a break the girls are getting from fighting demons and fulfilling their destiny again. *chuckles* Hysterically, Arrow actually hit the nail on the head when she says they got a vacation lifetime. Even if I have the suspicion that it's going to be more trouble and less vacation for Chikane once they get to be adults and she has to deal with adult responsibilities, the burden of being one of the future heads of the Himemiya Financial Group and all that comes with it.

Hmm, I have a lot of arguments against this whole "divine mercy is not just an ideal" thing that Chikane has mentioned, because life hasn't
Avarenda chapter 9 . 7/26/2012
Good chapter. I like that Arrow came to the realization that Chikane and Himeko arent just reincarnated lovers, but the lunar and solar priestesses.
Yukari Yakumo chapter 9 . 7/26/2012
...and now Chikane as a metalhead.
you *are* doing this on purpose. XO

Can't wait for the weekend BBQ though.
Love to see conversations with the in-laws. XD
MeiMeiChan chapter 9 . 7/26/2012
Me Gusta, You update, Me Happy!

The story is really getting better and better! And I really like your schedule, It's consistent. And I can wait patiently.

Goodluck , and keep up the goodwork!
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