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Fuyu no Sora chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
(I totally expected this would happen. My reviews will have to be divided into more than one part from now on!)

I chuckled at this exchange,

["My God, do you babble like this all the time? How does Miya-sama stand it?"

I think she thinks it's cute, Himeko thought, but didn't say.]

since we know that Chikane does think it's cute, and thinking of Chikane melting over Himeko's cuteness is always fun! Besides, Himeko’s ‘babble’ actually is pretty cute and there’s no harm to it, so I see no good reason why she should go and try to modify it for the benefit of a couple of annoying people! Heh, when it comes to the anonymous donations to the Photography Club, I'm sure that the checks do have the name Himemiya at the bottom! I do wonder how Himeko will find out…and what kind of thank-you gift she’ll give Chikane. I’m sure Chikane would preferably like something along the lines of “Loving Himeko with a bottle of raspberry-flavored dark chocolate and nothing else.” _-

*chuckles* So Chikane likes to play Lady Bountiful, huh? Certainly a suitable title for our favorite Lunar Priestess, but I still found it interesting. It’s certainly Himeko-like to have been a little slow about it, but to have finally have noticed what is it that Chikane likes doing. The intimacy of their relationship is such that they know each other’s habits by now, and I think it’s very, very sweet that Himeko managed to divine what Chikane does, but more than that, the reasons why she does things from the shadows. Sure, it might be appealing to Chikane due to her own nature as the moon, but it’s my thought that she’s simply kind and generous and, as Himeko so shrewdly (albeit, as I said before, a little slowly) noticed, likes making people happy. It’s also heartwarming to know that Chikane has *fun* doing these things, that she enjoys them, and so works at making elaborate plans all while taking immense pleasure in doing so. Whatever else she might, she’s definitely a selfless and generous person, though she has a terrible habit of looking only at her flaws and not her virtues. Then again, this is a characteristic that makes her all the more human-like because most people are like that as well. Thankfully she has a very willing, very loving Himeko who is dead-set on making her change her way of seeing herself.

Pffffffft. So Himeko ended up becoming an urban legend, eh?. I wonder if she should be happy at being (unbeknown to her) famous? Though she was probably more startled than anything else at hearing the story. We’ll know in two weeks!

Excellent chapter. I’ll be looking forward to the next one! _
Fuyu no Sora chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
Once again, very nice chapter! So Chikane exercises to be in top shape in order to be able to allow her body to perform the necessary movements (and to have the necessary wind) for actual combat. I guess my question of "was Chikane that confident in her feeling that this life would be that different?" is answered here, and if I had paid more attention to start with I would have noticed. Interesting; so despite having a feeling that this particular incarnation will not have them fighting, she's nonetheless preparing in case the Orochi show up and she needs to fight. Very Chikane-like, I must say, and in her place I would be quite paranoid, too, so it stands to reason that she would do this. Oh well, not like it’s a bad thing, as it provides some time that she can spend with Alice while still exercising. Benefits all around.

I winced when I read Alice's line of "when a good chunk of society thinks your romance is a perversion of the natural order, you a want a few happy examples." because it's true that a good chunk of society (and society overall, not just Japan or Asia itself) still think that a homosexual relationship is a so-called ‘travesty of the natural order’. I found that Chikane's agreement to it made me a bit sad, since we all know exactly where thinking that she was a freak led her to. I wonder what would have happened if she had not had that hesitance, that feeling that her emotions and desires were perverted and twisted, on top of everything else she had already been going through. What would have happened then? Would the story have turned out differently or would it have been the same?

I find it funny how easily Chikane blushes whenever Alice teases her about Himeko. It's cute and it helps to remind us that there are things that get to her, whether a little embarrassed or that simply draw out actual emotions from her. I like that you're touching on that. It's also interesting that Alice mentions the many ways in which the Himemiyas have influenced Mahoroba and why nobody will try to, at least within earshot, denounce Chikane and Himeko’s relationship. Money and position are useful for more than just forcing people to do what you want; it can also shut them up pretty quickly, as we’re seeing here. In this case, though, it’s a good thing so I’m not about to complain! Oh, I snickered at the part where it was mentioned that people are interested what Chikane is like in bed. I'm not surprised to see that she wears her princess mask in order to not have to deal with people, as they her fans are troublesome enough now, so it'd only be worse if she actually bothered trying to deal with them as people. I do find it funny, however, that she actually asked if people have nothing better to do with their lives. Having had to deal with raving fanboys and fangirls for about three lifetimes now, shouldn’t she know that they’re stupid enough to not have lives of their own so, nope, they don’t have anything better to do with them? *detests that kind of ‘fan’ and will not hesitate to snark about them*

From these subtle little hints you’re dropping every now and then, I’m coming to the conclusion that Saya’s parents are the kind of people that just about any human being with half a wit would like to see run over by a train. They sound like the infamous "bigots and fools of the world" that Himemiya Seiji was talking about in AmeMite I, chapter 8, though maybe, just maybe, they might have something resembling a good reason for disliking homosexual relationships. I’m not holding my breath and not expecting anything of the sort, though.

[For most things it's not that I have control, it's just that I don't care enough about them to be emotional.]

Hm, now that is interesting. As Chikane thought in AmeMite I, chapter 4, she's healing but she hasn't healed yet. I think the above phrase pretty much summarizes everything, as it’s true that you can’t be emotional about something if you don’t care a hoot what happens with or to it. It's good to see that she's recovering, however, and I liked the metaphor of Himeko's love shining down on the withered garden of her soul in order to breathe new life into it. It really manages to convey to which point the suffering of the cycles of reincarnation had taken its toll on her until there was nothing good, nothing human left within except for her love for Himeko. Though I found it a bit alarming at first, after thinking about it a bit, I saw it made complete sense when Chikane talks about Himeko and only things related to her as having “light, color, or *reality*” because, frankly, love being the only positive emotion left in Chikane after having her soul shattered from having to lead lives full of fighting and destruction, it only comes to reason that her object of affection and the things she loves would be the ones to have ‘light’ when everything else is ‘bleakness’. It’s kind of sad, too, because this reminder manages to make the reader recall the extent of the despair Chikane was driven to. I'm curious about the fact that her parents, Alice and Arrow hold some of that light and reality. This means that they are people that she appreciates for who they are and that she genuinely cares for, right? I also noticed that Saya wasn't included, and though I think I know, I *do* wonder why. Alice does a great job of diffusing the tension with a joke on how Chikane should say her sappy thoughts outloud so they can laugh at her, and I can just hear how deadpan Chikane sounds when she says "I'm sorry; I'll try to remember to open myself up to public mockery next time."! Awesome way to finish a rather heavy first part with humor! _-

Hurray for Himeko training to get in shape in order to participate in the kendo competitions! I really like that we're getting many kendo-related scenes and it's nice to see that Himeko is exercising, as this would also be useful for P.E. class as well as the sports festivals they have in Japan. Though in that same line of thought, I’m wondering if we’ll get to see the tournaments! Hm, it’s a bit sad but quite true that people have counted on her within her role of Solar Priestess but not on Himeko the person. Ah, well, at least now she’s experiencing it. I snickered at Alice's mention that the leg-o-mutton sleeves went out of fashion when Queen Victoria died; she would obviously know that since she's Canadian! I love how you so often insert these little details that remind us of the characters' personalities/backgrounds, since they're subtle but work perfectly.

Hmm, Alice defends her girlfriend. Very good, very good; I'll comment further when we get a better feel of their personalities and their relationship, but she definitely likes Saya a lot. I hope we’ll be seeing more of the girls, their interactions, their relationships, and, of course, more cute-and-lovey-dovey scenes for our couples, if you please! _-

Ha! Poor Himeko, still the talk of the school despite the fact that it's been some time since Chikane showed everyone that they're a couple. Well, I’m guessing it’s good practice since, when she and Chikane get married there’ll be a ton more staring and whispering going about!

I like Oomori Takuma, he seems like a nice boy. Aw, Himeko's modesty is cute to look at, and though she might think it's unfair to apply her swordsmanship to kendo, well, she should think about it this way: She wasn't magically given this talent; instead it was something that she herself had to work at for probably many hours a day, honing her skills in order to survive and to be able to fight against the Necks of Orochi, not to mention their respective gods, not to mention fighting with her beloved and then either killing her or getting killed herself. So it's not as if she hasn't earned her "talent", because she has done all the hard work necessary to achieve such a level of skill with a sword, and as a result she should not feel bad about putting those hard-earned abilities too good use! Come to think of it, Lillet Blan is very much the same with her magical prowess, since she's demure and thinks that her skills are not talent. Plus they're both blondes... and they both have purple eyes... *gasp* Could they have been separated at birth and thrown into two different universes/genres? The comparison also works in regards to their love interests, as they’re both cool, beautiful, stoic-ish girls! _-

Heh, with how high and mighty Otoha and the Fangirls (I noticed that Misaki and Kyoko are exactly the same fangirls as in the anime! Nice Continuity Nod!) I was actually glad to see Otoha and Himeko unwittingly teaming up to defend Chikane and Saya over the Seven Mysteries story, leaving the Fangirls speechless. As for Otoha herself, however, I was *not* amused to see her telling Himeko that she is a “nasty little slut who got her hooks into Miya-sama somehow” and was personally hoping that Ame no Murakumo would hear this and dispense Divine Justice and at least fry Otoha’s hair, dammit! That’s some way to talk to one of the two people that have been working tirelessly from the beginning of time in order to protect the planet. Having to defend people like *this* is it any wonder Chikane hates humanity with a passion and became Orochi herself? *rages*
qwAEUI chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
Cliff hangers make me want to claw my eyes out.

I loved this chapter, of course. I am really excited to see where this is heading! :) Your an amazing author, and I can't wait for the next update. Good luck!

PatientNumber10 chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
On the second paragraph I read "The LUNAR PRIESTESS..." then I was like what? I thought this lifetime was some sort of vacation for them. I was actually going to rant about your inconsistency but after a while I thought that maybe that they still don't know its a vacation? That must be it, I told myself. So sorry for doubting you. :D

And I've been meaning to ask this for a while now, but it got pushed back a little. About Otoha. Do Himeko and Chikane remember the original Otoha and compare your Otoha to latter? Like thinking how amusing-well, Chikane excluded, since Otoha here is antagonizing Himeko-it was to find someone from a former lifetime? Did I miss some sort of reaction in chapter one? I miss things when I read, unfortunately. They must be shoved into my face before I see them clearly. XD

And gah, cliffhangers again. I hope Himeko doesn't faint. It would be sappy and, and... lame. And predictable? And so, uneventful? Although I think my anticipated reaction would more uneventful than a faint scene...

Anyways, I shall be waiting for the update.
Akiyamayume chapter 2 . 4/19/2012

It's the event from the first ep of anime, manga right?

I wonder what her reaction will be... Pained? Tearful eyes?

Anyway, can't wait for your next update!
Blaise Knight chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
What! what was her reaction! someone tell me...
Yuki chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
MOAR! I want moar story nao!
anaile93 chapter 1 . 4/6/2012
I belive I must say FINALLY¡ I have been waiting for this since you ended Red String because you said (or writed XD)you would continue the saga. Leaving the fangirl squealing at side Im really liking the plot you are hinting for this sequel, it will be real fun seeing himeko working along with the "fangils queen" Otoha in order to unveil the schools seven mysteries wich Im pretty sure have high possibilities of been real or caused by some incident related to ame no murakumo, considering the place we are talking about, Im also looking forward to Alice and Sayas relationship development and how they are going to deal with sayas parents, himeko and chikanes interaction as well as their personalities totally heartwarming and in canon as always, Im anxious for knowing what is going to happen on the Himemiyas "casual" diner party.

I guess you have giving me a new reason for expecting thursdays other than being the day before fridays arrival
Blaise Knight chapter 1 . 4/6/2012
nicely done!
MissGardenia chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Yay, it continues!

Well, uh, at least she has no way of carrying around your head in a bag during the Bad End worlds? *laughs*

The whole seven mysteries thing really is common in Japanese school culture, isn't it? I doubt you played it, but it even shows up in Fate/EXTRA. (Of course, since it's part of the Fate setting...ish, naturally the mysteries are real.)

I really, really love Kensai!Himeko. I have the mental image that once her fitness level gets up to snuff, she'd be even better than Chikane. (Although Chikane would still be Archery club Captain, competent with a tanto, and so on. Probably Naginatas and horseback riding too, knowing her.)
Hotaka chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Hola, No tuve tiempo de leer tu historia durante el día Jueves, fue un día bastante agitado, pero recordé desde la mañana que publicarías una nueva historia así que deseaba terminar con mis deberes y dedicarme un 100% a leer el primer capítulo de la continuación de una gran historia. En pocas palabras, me encantó, porque hubo situaciones donde se manifiesta ese aire protector de Chikane con Himeko que llega incluso a amenazar casi de "muerte" como lo explicó Himeko (me gusta esos detalles donde describes pequeños gustos de su vida, en este caso, la lectura de mangas).

También me agradó la escena de Nanase Saya, ya que estuvo ausente en "Red String" con Otoha y con su novia Alice.

Finalizando con la vida cotidiana de la familia Kurusugawa y que la definición de "casual" no es igual que los Himemiyas xD

Por cierto esa imagen de Chikane en vestido de novia, fue tan.. ahhh como decirlo, lindo.

Como siempre sigues manteniendo el canon de los personajes principales de KnM agregando personajes que ayuden a crear una magnifica historia.

Ahora, me pregunto, ¿qué pasará con la asignación de Himeko y Otoha? eso será divertido de leer, también de la cena y el descubrimiento de los 7 misterios. Estaré deseando que lleguen pronto los días Jueves, al igual como lo fue con KnM no Shimai


PD: Perdón por escribir el comentario en español, pero ya sabes mi nivel de inglés es bajo.
MaddiOtaku chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
YEAH! A other KnM story by DezoPenguin! _ And it's off to a good start! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Anonymous chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
DezoPeeeeeeeeeenguiiiiiiin! I love your GrimGrimoire works and when I had some KnM cravings, I always (re)read yours and they never get old. I'm really excited to read a continuation of your KnM stories. Something about the way you write these two lovebirds interacting with each other just warms my heart.
Fuyu no Sora chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
*Insert ultra-epic-mega blush in here, please*

That's really nice of you to say, Dezo, but you shouldn't give me so much credit. / Although I'm glad I actually managed to help you keep going and am rather happy I can be of some use on occasion!

Onto the actual review now, though.

I liked that the intro was Chikane reflecting on her so-called selfishness. It's consistent with that part of her personality that constantly hounds her with her mistakes and rubs in her face the bad parts of her personality. It's a good thing she's slowly but surely managing to control it. The way she handled the fangirls was, by the way, quite fun. I did wonder if she was actually implying she would push Otoha (I laughed at her name when she was first mentioned in chapter 2 of AmeMite: Red String, by the way. The sheer irony of the implications is incredibly amusing.)down the stairs and thought it showed nicely how Chikane can still be threatening yet protective of Himeko while remaining polite, even if she lacked subtlety. The "She let the mask drop, then, her expression reflecting exactly what she was feeling." was also great; I suspect her face must have been terrifying to behold at that moment, and I wish I could have seen it. Though on second thought, maybe not, since I probably would have been scared. I also loved Himeko's reaction to Chikane's methods, getting all nervous and worried *for the people who were bullying her!* I swear, your characterization of them manages to pin their personalities down exactly and develop them in ways that could easily fit canonically. Chikane's protectiveness over Himeko making her go to the extreme of threatening someone is reminiscent of the "lingering shadow of Yamata no Orochi's Eighth Neck" as was mentioned in Red String, while Himeko worrying about the girls that were being mean to her just reflects her big, golden heart. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons Chikane loves her. Speaking of which, I suspect that our beloved Lunar Priestess has really toned it down since her past lives, since I think that if it were KnM!Chikane in this situation (secure in the knowledge that Himeko truly, really loves her, them being girlfriends and openly dating) Otoha and her clique would have really found themselves in the hospital...or worse.

"Himeko, on the other hand, was sure and wasn't happy about it." I also thought this was a nice touch. Again, Himeko feeling bad for the people that were bullying her was to be expected, but I think it was a very nice touch to have her chide Chikane a bit for her threats. She clearly realizes, though, that Chikane *is* getting better, since she acknowledges that her lover would have done worse two lifetimes or so ago. Himeko indirectly calling Chikane a yandere was hilarious, by the way, especially with the latter wincing more each time until she facepalmed and groaned, since it described her to a T. *snicker* Himeko didn't give up her rights to tease her about their first fully-remembered life indeed.~ Though this is a good thing, too, since it means that she's comfortable with those memories and comfortable in her relationship.

(You know, I still wonder about the incident that Arrow mentioned back in Red String. The one where Chikane made it impossible for "some stupid bitch" to exist at school when she spread rumors about Alice for being Canadian? What exactly did she mean by that? Did she make everyone ignore her or what? I'm very curious! p)

Now this is funny. Otoha is completely and fully smitten with Saya (I suspect she puts up a bit of a mask, like Chikane does. You did mention she was more relaxed around friends.) what with feeling that they were alone in the room and her earlier thoughts... My, my, I do think Queen Fangirl will have a harsh realization soon enough. Ah, so that's why the story is called The Seven Mysteries. I was curious! Oh, yes, also something that caught my attention: Seeing as there are third-year students in the Kendo team and the Newspaper Club, is it normal that second-years are their chiefs? With Chikane it could be rationalized in that she can easily beat the entire team in a real fight without so much as breaking a sweat, but as for Saya... maybe I can't see it because her character hasn't been developed that much yet. Still, I'm very much liking your OCs and their interactions not only with each other but with the Kannazuki leads and can't wait to see their storylines developed. *snicker* So Otoha will have to work with Himeko to unravel the truth behind the seven mysteries, eh? Oh, destiny has a sense of humor all right; and it seems she's having a torrid love affair with irony, since they seem to team up oh so often. Ha!

*sigh* I'm disliking Saya's parents more and more as I read on about them. Ugh, seriously, thinking of dropping the Himemiyas socially because they support their lesbian daughter? Nice. If they find out about Saya, I really don't want to know what will happen. I really don't understand how people can be so small-minded. Loved Alice's comments on how the Nanases didn't have the guts to try and sway the community in their favor, ha. On the other hand, Arrow's father's response to the situation was interesting. Alice is right in saying that it's because he's a priest that his reaction is a tad more surprising, seeing that religious preachers in general tend to be one of the bastions of conservatives. Arrow's line of "My dad's cool like that." made me chuckle; even though they have their differences she clearly respects her father. Hm, irony indeed when the only girl of the group who's not seeing another girl and who's actually straight is suspected of being gay. It's sad that even today someone's behavior will immediately get them pegged with such labels.

Oh, hey, some insight on Himeko's parents! It's things like these which flesh out characters, after all. Random little details like those give us information on the characters without taking up much space. It's also funny in the way it was presented, though now I'm getting ideas about how Eiko could punish her husband if he did something foolish. Instead of him getting the couch, he could get a soba plate for dinner! *snickers* Poor Himeko, having to work with Otoha for the Newspaper Club's story on The Seven Mysteries. Um... not to be mean, but would Himeko even know how to exorcise a ghost or spirit? She hasn't had to do something like that in the lives we've seen so far, so I'm wondering if it would be sort of like the ritual, in which the memory of how to perform an exorcism would come back to them? Hm, the Solar and Lunar Priestesses, miko of Ame no Murakumo, God of Swords, teaming up to kick butt against normal kendo students... yeah, good luck trying to beat them. Ototachibana Academy is almost guaranteed to be ranked number 1 nationally, unless something happens to Himeko and/or Chikane. Since Himeko has baseball rules memorized, I assume they often watch the games as a family. Does Himeko's mother like baseball, too?

Say, I was reminded of something due to re-reading chapter 8 of Red String and now Himeko's comments on having beaten Oomori Naomi: Are the Himemiyas and Kurusugawas ever going to know that the priestesses Mahoroba's legend are their respective daughters? Judging by Hayate's comments in Red String, since she didn't mention being told that Chikane is the Lunar Priestess, I'm working under the assumption that while the Himemiyas know of the legend of Ame no Murakumo and Yamata no Orochi, they're not aware they birthed one of the god's miko. The Kurusugawas wouldn't even know *that* seeing as they just moved into town and the legend is strictly one from Mahoroba, if I recall correctly. It would be interesting, in any case, to see their reaction if they were ever to find out.

Himeko's thoughts of the Himemiyas wanting to build a relationship with the Kurusugawas because they'll be in-laws in the future was also laughter-inducing. I really think that if this was mentioned to Eiko, the poor woman would faint on the spot!

Oh, I also noticed that the names of the stories are really appropriate, what with Red String being about Himeko and Chikane's reunion and the Red String of Fate that will always tie them together, and now "The Seven Mysteries" is appropriate because the story will revolve around the mysteries of the academy. I sense lots of fun in the nearby future, ke ke ke. _

That's all from me for now. I'll be (impatiently) waiting for the second chapter! _
Avarenda chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Yay, more KnM fics! You write the best ones.
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