Reviews for Assassin of Thundera
fuuko no miko chapter 10 . 8/9/2012
Considering this is one of my favorites of your written works I think it should only be appropriate that I post a review to it.

I love this work for many reasons. Other than my adoration of this orginal character of yours above anyone else in your piece of the imaginary universe. It has the elements of a good love story, which I am a sucker for, a good smattering of smut, tragedy, triumph and and a happy ending. Although with the kind of life Nikolia lives, there is always a question of is it truly the end and is it truly a happy one. It's got more plot and character than some so-called Hollywood movies out there.

And since I've poked and provoked Nikolia and Katerina plenty outside of the fanfic realm, I'm going to be quiet and not do that here and now.