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Mordamir chapter 4 . 9/1/2017
Hello there!

Finally found your story here. I wish I had read this way back when you've posted it. Cute, funny and refreshing piece, congratulations!
Thorber Stone chapter 4 . 6/14/2013
Flagpoles! Lois is a mastermind! Hahah! The amount of trouble she went just to get Chloe and Clark together, devious, yet so perfect. I think it goes without saying that I absolutely adore your writing and style, and you keep a very fresh brand of humor at every turn, along with a very easy-to-follow structure in the story. What amazes me is how you managed to make it in just four chapters, and yet it does not feel the least bit rushed.

Walter is definitely the most annoying character I met in this story, kind of wished Chloe'd just walked out on him altogether. And William was fine until he abruptly devolved into a grade-A loony at the last segment of their date. But now that I know they were paid by Lois, heh, I'd say they're grade-A actors.

I'm guessing Kelly is a random OC? She definitely feels three-dimensional to me, regardless of how brief her appearance was. But why was Chloe exploding on Clark in the first chapter? Was it PMS? :P I don't know, that part seemed abrupt, but it was very helpful in making things obvious to Kelly what Clark's problem was. And Lois enjoying the show was so...natural. Altogether, congratulations on another well-written story! :D
Loresign chapter 4 . 12/6/2012
LOL - Oh that's TOO perfect.

Totally great story. I lost it on that ending. I was laughing so hard, I fell out of my chair.

I just loved this story. I'm adding it to my Favorites. I'm going to love to reread this several times.

Thank you so much for writing it.
KirstyJoy chapter 4 . 10/30/2012
This was so cute! I was highly amused with Chloe's awful dates, but soooo enjoyed her one with Clark! :-) Nicely done! :-)
SailorMoonFanForever chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
This is a great start! It's so cool that Chloe and Clark are roommates!
Camelias17 chapter 4 . 6/12/2012
wow!I just loved it! Clark and Cloe are my favorite couple in Smallville. Besides it was pretty funny and the characters stayed like in canon.
BkWurm1 chapter 4 . 5/11/2012
Lois as cupid. Well, she does have a thing for guys playing with bows and arrows.

Well done. Lovely way to wrap up the dates from hell. I loved how Chloe was learning from the two prior disasters and dressed for the dash and avoided the whole seatbelt issue. It was like she was gearing up for a mission. :)

I love how easy and happy their date was.

Really Lois, money well spent!
shonnia22 chapter 4 . 4/19/2012
Oh man I knew knew knew that Lois had something to do with the blind dates from hell simply because she was the one setting them up. I definitely didn't think she'll go as far as bribing the cook, thugs, dates, and a police officer.

It was really adorable that Chlark managed to find each other on a dating site. The date was sweet. I love that Chloe thought Clark was playing around until he really showed her how serious he was with a kiss.

Thanks for another great story from you.
The Fallen Sky chapter 4 . 4/19/2012
Once again, you've bested me. I completely forgot about what I put Chloe through in The Death of Superman. Compared to that, you've been surprisingly easy on Chloe. Anyway, Chloe's dates are hilarious and very entertaining! And I think you were right not to have William try to hurt Chloe himself. The way it played out, I'm pretty sure William got a decent ass-kicking before Clark saved him. ;-)

WTF? Clark's dating that whore, Kelly, again? But at the end of the last chapter, he realized that he wanted Chloe and only Chloe. I seriously hope he hasn't changed his mind about going after Chloe. Hmm, maybe he's using Kelly as a smokescreen to keep Chloe in the dark about his real intentions? Although, Chloe's just speculating, so he's probably not dating Kelly. Maybe he's just looking for some advice from a woman on how to proceed with Chloe, and Kelly's the only woman he felt he could talk to. I mean, it's not like he could talk to Lois about his feelings for Chloe. In any case, it's nice that Chloe's happy for Clark, even though I don't really believe that's true. Still, she's being very mature about the whole thing.

I love the fact that Chloe's outfits for her dates have steadily gone from glam to plain. It's not surprising given the fact that each date has been worse than the last. I especially love that she's trying to justify, to herself, her choice of outfit. She's right about one thing, she's being practical with her choice, and she's still making a little effort to look good for her date. Personally, I think the outfit she's chosen for this latest date is the best to date. There's something very sexy about the casual look, especially when the clothes manage to show off the goods and are still comfortable.

I think it's interesting that Chloe's date is meeting her date at a place that's just down the street from her apartment. Again, I'm not surprised that she's trying to stay close to home in case something goes wrong, but it begs the question why she didn't do that for her other two dates. Anyway, I love that she's walking as slowly as possible to get there. Clearly, she doesn't want to go on this date, but the slower she goes, the longer it'll take to get this debacle over with.

Ooh, I love Chloe's username! I laughed my ass off when I saw it was Surlygirl86! She can certainly be surly from time to time! I also had to laugh at Chloe's worry that this latest date may turn out to be a girl. I actually would've liked to see such a date, purely for laughs, though. ;-)

I love how Chloe's mood changed as soon as she saw that Clark was in the restaurant. She's clearly in love with the big lug. I just wish she'd have the guts to tell him. Although, Clark's in love with her too, and he hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate, so I'll give her a pass. Anyway, I'm not surprised that Chloe thinks Clark's date is in the bathroom. She always jumps to conclusions and makes assumptions when it comes to Clark's love life. Still, I'm glad that she went over to him to say hello, and I'm not surprised that Clark heard her coming. Although, I have to wonder why he'd be listening for someone coming up behind him. Hmm, maybe he was expecting someone, perhaps Chloe herself?

Ooh, I absolutely love that Chlark are each other's blind dates! And the way they both realized it was so adorable! I'm so unbelievably happy right now! Although, if Chlark are each other's dates and they used the same dating service, what was Clark doing with Kelly? Unless..she was helping him sign up for the service and write his profile, wasn't she? Even if that's the case, what are the odds that Chlark would be matched with each other? I suspect there was more than just random chance involved in getting them together. Oh, and I thought it was adorable when Clark was sad that his date was a few minutes late. For a guy who's supposed to be a beacon of hope to the world, he's surprisingly pessimistic.

I love that Clark wants to go through with their date! It figures that Chloe'd just assume that they'd go home. I'm glad she decided to stay. And I love that she was marveling at Clark's gentlemanly etiquette as he pulled out her chair and pushed it back in after she was seated. But what really intrigued me was the fact that she seemed oddly aroused by Clark's physical strength. That's an odd thing to think about when he's just pushing her chair with her in it, but I guess that just shows how long it's been since she's gotten laid and how much she wants Clark to be the one to do the laying. ;-) Also, I love that Clark knew she was thinking something dirty by the way she responded when he broke her reverie. And, I love that Chloe didn't try to lie about or deny his assertion. It's so amazing to see how well these two know each other and how comfortable they are with each other.

I must say, Clark's being very suave on this date. I wonder if he's got any red rocks on him. ;-) Anyway, I'm curious as to why Clark pointed out the handsome man and his family to Chloe. On the surface, he was just making a joke, but I get the feeling that he was alluding to the fact that he'd like to be that family with himself and Chloe as the married couple who have a child together. Of course, that's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but it's still a lovely thought. :-)

I love that Clark insisted they dance. I also love that Chloe constantly seems to be questioning everything but ultimately gives in and goes with the flow. It's like she's struggling to believe that this is really happening, that she and Clark are on a date, and he's genuinely interested in her. I thought it was hilarious that Chloe thought it prudent to mention to Clark that he's got an erection. As if he didn't know that already! Still, I love that she was proven wrong about him freaking out when she mentioned it. Again, Clark's being very suave, and it's awesome! That said, I'm very disappointed in Chloe for thinking that Clark's comment about not being able to help the fact that he gets the occasional erection at inopportune times was a knock against her. I wish, just once, that she would consider the possibility that she's the reason that Clark can't control the timing of his erections. Still, it's nice that she didn't hold her perceived slight against him and ruin their date.

I love that Chlark shared their food with each other. Although, 'share' isn't really the word, is it? Still, I love the fact that they're comfortable enough with each other to just eat off the other's plate without asking and without getting upset over it. It's actually very sweet, IMO. Also, I love that they stayed at the table, long after they'd finished eating, and just talked about anything and everything. One would think they wouldn't have much to talk about since they live together, have been best friends for years, grew up together, and talk everyday, but the fact that they have so much to say to each other shows the strength of their relationship.

Blue was a dear, and I love that he thinks Chlark are a match made in heaven. I also love that Clark didn't correct him when he assumed they were a couple. Again, I'm not surprised that Chloe took issue with what Clark did, but I still have to wonder why she's so resistant to the idea that Clark's interested in her. Anyway, I love that they held hands as they walked home, and I love the little moments of levity they inject into situations that could turn ugly if left to fester.

I love the teasing exchange they have when they get to their door. I love how playful they can be, and I love that Clark didn't back down when Chloe pushed things into the realm of sex. And I really love that Clark was the one to make the first move. I'm kinda surprised he just kissed her like that, but knowing how long he's wanted to do that, it's really not all that surprising. Also, I'm certain that Chloe would've slept with Clark even if they'd never gone on a date. She's not a whore, but when it comes to Clark, she just can't seem to say no. ;-) Ooh, and I love that it was mutually understood that they were gonna have sex once Clark asked her which room she wanted to go to. I swear, those two are so close, know each other so well, they really do read each other's minds!

Lois, you scheming little... Why am I not surprised that Lois was behind this whole thing? It figures that she'd try to get Chlark together. After all, she only wants Chloe to be happy, and she knows that Clark is the only one who can truly make that happen. Plus, Lois would have to be blind not to notice how smitten with Chloe Clark was. I mean, the guy had a constant hard-on when Chloe was around, and you know Lois noticed it. ;-) I'm just surprised that Lois was able to get all these people to help, particularly Walter and William. I guess, Lois was honest about one thing. She really did spend a lot of money to fix Chloe up! I'm curious about one thing, though. What could Lois possibly do to Clark to make him pay her back?

Fantastic story! It was very cute and sweet and funny and very entertaining! You did a masterful job of getting Chlark together. Having Lois be the catalyst was a stroke of genius! My only gripe is the fact that we didn't get to see the remainder of Chlark's date. Yes, we saw the dinner, but I wanna see the dessert! ;-) Anyway, I love this story, and I thank you so very much for sharing it with us. You, my friend, are f-ing awesome!
kanahime-chan chapter 4 . 4/18/2012
Lois you sneaky little devil you...job well done
Aida013 chapter 4 . 4/18/2012
This was too funny and I loved the epilogue. Lois you little schemer. How much do you love your cousin!
SilverSnikle chapter 4 . 4/17/2012
Please tell me there's more to this story... I REALLY want to see how Lois plans to make Clark pay. :-)
shonnia22 chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Fantastic update.

OMG! I didn't think it was possible for Chloe to have an even worse date than before but you definitely proved me wrong.

I find it hilarious that Chloe's date walked around trying to get mugged just so that the Blur could save him... No wonder he was broke.

I find it funny that Clark has kissed Chloe on the lips and walked away like it's not a big did.

Can't wait for more.
BkWurm1 chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Gah! This is adorable!

Poor Chloe. That would be the second phone she lost wouldn't it and she didn't even get to eat the good pasta. Walter was weird but William is a flake. Two more dates to go!

"but she is Chloe, so she doesn't always let herself have all the things she wants"

Truer words have never been spoken.

I love how both of them can be so clueless. Great job!
The Fallen Sky chapter 3 . 4/14/2012
I wholeheartedly agree, Walter was the King of Douches! And based on the tone of the entire date, I could tell you enjoyed writing it. I just wish you'd take it easy on Chloe once in a while. If you wanna torture someone, I suggest Lois. ;-)

I can't believe Chloe let Lois guilt her into going on another date, let alone two more after this one. I realize Lois paid "a lot of money" for this service, but Chloe could've just paid her back and called it even. And I'd love to know exactly what Lois put in Chloe's profile that got her matched up with Walter. Also, it's nice that Lois tweaked the profile after that first disaster of a date, but I don't think I'd trust her to make things better. I swear, it's almost as if she's intentionally trying to set Chloe up on bad dates. Hmm, maybe she is. Perhaps Lois knows how Clark feels about Chloe and is trying to get them together. If that's the case, then she could've taken a more direct approach. Then again, if she did that, then we wouldn't have much of a story, would we? ;-)

I find it interesting that neither Clark nor Chloe ever really shuts their bedroom door. One would think that roommates of the opposite sex would keep their door closed, at least when they're in their own room, but the fact that Chlark don't, speaks to the open and trusting nature of their relationship and shows how comfortable they are with each other. In other words, their open door policy is so them.

Anyway, I think it's kinda funny that Chloe would ask Clark what he thinks of her outfit for her date with another man. On the surface, her seeking his opinion/approval of her attire is logical since he's a guy and can tell her if her date will approve of her choice, but considering Clark's in love with her, her asking him his opinion on her outfit that she's wearing for another man is kinda cruel, but in a humorous way because it's not intentional. Did that even make sense? Oh well. I love that Clark immediately got hard when Chloe showed him her outfit and did her little twirl. The boy's clearly got it bad for her, and I don't blame him. And I see Chloe's completely oblivious to her affect on Clark, which is exactly what I'd expect from her. I swear, the two of them are so clueless when it comes to how they feel about each other! Anyway, I love that Clark tried to hide his bulge by bending over and rifling through his drawers. Not subtle at all, but definitely something he would do in that situation.

I'll admit, I was disappointed when Chloe assumed Clark's odd behavior was due to his pining for Kelly like he used to pine for Lana. I realize Chloe's assumption was logical given Clark's MO with women, but I was really hoping Chloe would think outside the box on this one. Given that Chloe's a reporter and specializes in noticing things others often miss, I was kinda expecting her to pick up on the fact that Clark's odd behavior only occurs when she's present. Although, if she's not present, how would she know if he's behaving oddly? Good point. But, his odd behavior started before he started dating Kelly, and it's continuing now that he's no longer dating her, so obviously Kelly is not the reason for it. How's that for a logical argument?

I gotta give Clark credit for trying to talk Chloe out of going on this date. I know he's more concerned that she may find someone she likes than he is about her safety, but he makes some very good points about her dating history being very sketchy. Also, I see he's still not letting her get a good look at his front and the huge bulge that's still there. ;-) And I love that Chloe wants to be mad at him for scaring her and causing her to smear her lipstick, but she just can't. It's clear that she loves him deeply and finds it nearly impossible to stay mad at him, even if he deserves it. Which brings me to Clark not answering the door when Chloe was in the bathroom fixing her makeup. That was a pretty douchy move on his part, but I can forgive him because he's still sporting a massive tent in his pants and didn't want Chloe's date to see that.

I love your description of William! You really gave us a good picture of how he looks, which helped sell Chloe's gaga reaction to him. In fact, you did such a good job that I was seriously worried that William might turn out to be a catch, which would mean that Clark would be left out in the cold with a broken heart and a hard on.

Ooh, I so love that Clark was frantically trying to get Chloe to come over to him and that he was doing his best to hide his erection by keeping his lower half hidden behind the door. Chloe was certainly a good sport about Clark's odd behavior, though. I was kinda expecting her to be annoyed and angry with him and just leave with William. Speaking of William, I bet he was relieved when Chloe told him Clark was just her roommate, but I don't know if he totally believed her. I guess it doesn't matter, though. Clark's concern for Chloe's welfare was very touching and reminded me of an anxious, overprotective father sending his daughter out on her first date. I suspect his concern was also a last-ditch effort to change her mind about going. I say that, because Clark seemed disappointed and resigned when Chloe made it clear that she was as prepared as she could be and still going. What really surprised me was when Clark kissed her. I know it was just a quick peck, but he didn't kiss her cheek. He kissed her on the lips! I wonder if he did it out of conscious thought or if his subconscious, fueled by his feelings for her, took over and guided his action. Either way, he kissed her, and I love it!

Anyway, I love that Chloe's totally distracted the rest of the evening by the fact that Clark kissed her. Looks like Chloe's feelings for him are alive and well within her, even if they happen to be buried at the moment. I also love that Chloe's doing her best not to be judgmental about Williams vehicle or his choice of restaurant. She's not a materialistic person, and I love that she looks past the exterior and tries to the person within. That said, I, like her, was shocked when William took her to a dumpy-looking restaurant in the bad part of town. I realize the guy doesn't have much money, but he could've found somewhere cheap to take her in a part of town that didn't have homeless people dumpster diving and seedy people doing drug deals out in the open. However, I love that Chloe's meal was substandard and all she could think about was getting home to Clark and enjoying the delicious dinner he whipped up. Also, I love that William was a total blabber mouth and wouldn't stop talking. Personally, I hate when people keep droning on and on like that, but I love it in this instance, because Chloe's earlier interest in William was pretty much gone by this point.

Gawd, William is a freaking psycho! As soon as he wanted to take a walk with Chloe, I had a bad feeling. I was actually worried that he might try to hurt Chloe himself, so I was kinda relieved when he did his best to get them mugged in the hopes that the Blur would show up and save them and so he could meet him. I was kinda hoping Chloe would kick William's ass herself when he started yelling about how much money he had on him, but her running away was more in line with her character. Ooh, and I love that she yelled for Clark when she tripped while she was running. I also love that she regretted calling his name like that for fear that she might expose him as the Blur. That's so like her to worry about him even when she's in danger. Ooh, and I so love that she was expecting to hit the ground, hard, but she ended up on the couch in their apartment instead. Makes me wonder if Clark was lurking around in the shadows while Chloe was on her date, or if he was just listening intently for any sign that she might need him. Anyway, I know Clark probably went back to save William, but I hope he waited until William got punched a few times first. That a-hole deserved a beating for what he tried to do to Chloe.

I absolutely love that Clark just held Chloe after all the commotion was over. It was such a beautiful gesture/moment, and it was very romantic, but not overtly so. And I love that Clark checked her for injuries and kissed her, again. Then, he goes and turns on one of her favorite TV shows and sits down to watch it with her. For a BDA, he's doing pretty much everything right in terms of winning Chloe's heart, as if he didn't already have it. ;-)

**My review ran long, so I'll send the rest to you in a PM.**
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