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BlackFuzzehKing chapter 1 . 9/27
I have been a lover of Fairy Tail since I found it a little over a year ago, and Gajeel is is by far my favorite character. I have a tendency to withdraw into my mind, creating characters for myself and putting them into whatever universe I happen to be intrigued with at the time. Fairy Tail has been a staple for this habit, and while the character I have created for myself has his own extensive backstory, Gajeel has been the canon character I associate with the most. I have long kept this to myself, but reading your works has inspired me to "take up the pen(keyboard)" and try to put my fantasies into story. I realize these works are old, and I'm not even sure if you are still active on this site. I admit I am sad that some of your works appear to have been left in the "unfinished indefinitely" category, but I wanted you to know that your work has inspired at least one hopeless idiot. I wish you the best in your future ventures, and look forward to your future works!
sinfulxdaises chapter 17 . 9/1
AWWWW I LOVE THIS. I actually don't know what to review when everything about this is so perfect. HAHA don't remind me that this is an excuse SHHH.. I love that you included this plot along with the original plot. So amazing that everything fits perfectly! The relationship between Gajeel and Levy is so beautifully depicted and written, I can imagine every single moment they are together. The element of FLUFF and humour in this is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad that you continue even after they got together and your writing style is awesome. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH, AUTHOR-SAN (im not screaming)! For the awesome chapters and for including other couples and LILY adorable Lily. HEHEHE KEEP WRITING STAY INSPIRED it was such a lovely read *sending virtual hugs and kisses*
KatieBoom chapter 1 . 8/1
I read this in one long everning. Immediately I was hooked. Every aspect of this story had me reeling for more. Thank you so much for your time on this project.
iTanasha chapter 6 . 6/23
Oh My Gosh! I have been so selfishly devouring all these i cant even describe how amazing and full of detail and being so engrossed in your despriptions of my favorite characters! I have wanted to leave a review afterevery chapter but have been so greedily and eagerly moving on to the next chapter to devour more! I am soo satisfied and i can not express how well i feel you have written these characters natures, their real personalities and i love the character development! Thank you so much for the effort you put!
Forgot chapter 4 . 6/21
That is the most amazing written piece of the two of them I've ever read. Very well done.
Contest3Ribbon chapter 17 . 6/8
I know I'm incredibly late to the game but I just wanted to say, I LOOOVE this story! I've binged this and literally consider it my new canon now haha. I've also just finished the Grand Magic Games Arc and I gotta say everything lined up perfectly and as if Gajeel and Levy weren't OTP enough, this proves it - looking forward to reading more :)
bookina chapter 14 . 2/15
it is a first one! i've read a couple of GaLe until now and it is one of the few times where HE is saying That to her!
Serrena094 chapter 4 . 2/7
I swear , best impersonation of Gajeel i ever read ... 3
minchen0897 chapter 17 . 2/3
I love this story.
So much.
Thank you for writing this amazing piece of art and uploading it here, sharing it with us!
eccacia chapter 17 . 1/23
I'm marathoning FT right now and some time after I finished the GMG arc, I stumbled on this story. I love your depiction of Gajeel and Levy, especially Gajeel's struggle forgiving himself or allowing himself to be with someone he's already hurt, because he's scared that it'll happen again. Also, I am a huge fan of your arguing-and-then-kissing-the-hell-out-of-each-other scenes, here and in Hard Liquor - I probably read those parts like five times. Fantastic read. I know you're on hiatus, but I hope you keep writing because you're a wonderful storyteller, and I love the way you handle character development. Thanks for writing and finishing this!
Anime Affinity chapter 17 . 1/22
AMAZING JOB! I don't know if I couldn't stop reading it if I tried. Excellent story, great plot, with no holes that would bring up questions! Plz continue the good work!
allissrose chapter 17 . 1/8
This is a piece of art, really. I don't know how many times I'm going to reread this - I'll probably never stop, it's just that memorable in it's sheer...flawlessness from start to finish, and it just feels so complete and wrapped up and nice and...simply a really, really, good, wonderfully-told story.
hope.e.atkinson chapter 9 . 1/1
The moment in chapter 9 where Gajeel howls in misery and both Wendy and Natsu know what that sound means, definitely had me crying because dragons mate for life and Gajeel had just gotten really close to losing his mate. Miss Mungoe you are an amazing writer but sometimes you piss me off with these moments.
Elise chapter 17 . 12/28/2015
Such a fantastic story. I loved everything bit of it. Your writing is truly brilliant, and the characters spot on. The end of chapter 16 made me bloody cry, just like when I saw future Lucy in those golden fields in the anime and also when I saw the fan art you talked about (a while back). God. Cannot deal with that whole thing at all. Anyway, back to the review. I like the idea of the fic a lot, the matter of Gajeel being a spy was sort of left unresolved I felt (in the anime anyway...I should probably read the manga ').
Loved the whole headband thing. Gajeel does wear headbands more and more :P
Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be sure to read your other stories (once you find a good writer, you stalk them :D)
Fan chapter 17 . 12/5/2015
OMG fabulous my dear absolutely fabulous
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