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Guest chapter 532 . 8/7
It been a year since the last update so I am guessing that this story has ended. What a shame as it was a great story
Guest chapter 532 . 7/4
So that is it the end of the story
Guest chapter 464 . 5/21
will Araya hook up with any of the asari on the ship update soon please
Solov chapter 530 . 4/25
So you know, I got a Backdated Update to this story going back almost a year tagged M&S recently. Suspect that your computer has a Virus. Also, Update, please?
Guest chapter 532 . 4/5
please please come back
Guest chapter 532 . 2/10
could we have some more please
Guest chapter 3 . 2/4
I have been following this story for so long, I really hope you get the time to write more as its on of the best fanfictions I have read. Its inspired me to try my hand at writing a fanfic and for that I thank you.
henrikwm chapter 532 . 2/2
So, I've read this entire fic twice now. And it is truly great! The characters are rich and entertaining. The writing is sharp and on point. And it keep me on the edge of my seat every time.

I don't know why you haven't uploaded a new chapter in over six months, and since I'm currently writing my own fic, I know just how hard it can be at times. I don't know if your even reading reviews or even stop by any more. I just wanted you to know that at least one reader is here, waiting... Hoping.
Guest chapter 532 . 1/2
I know you are busy with your life but can we have some more I love this story
Guest chapter 532 . 11/6/2014
please can we have more
Kag chapter 532 . 10/8/2014
Suggestion for a character
(My Character):

Name: Kagé

Class: Human Infiltrator

Color: Black

Weapons: "scavenged" Black Widow, and M-12 Locust or M-6 Carnifex

Fighting style: Mostly snipes, but upon running out of sniper ammo, he constantly activates his cloaking device and switches over to his secondary.

Backstory: A gun for hire and a professional killer. Somehow found his way to the N7.

Notes: Silent unless giving orders or advising teammates.
antony1397 chapter 532 . 9/29/2014
Im hoping the next chapter comes soon, i NEEEEED ITTT
The Allusive Man chapter 1 . 9/13/2014
Character suggestions:

X3, aka "Three" - The third in a batch of twelve clones created by Cerberus as spare parts for Commander Jane Shepard. However, due to eezo mutations and difficulties arising from cloning Shepard's many chromosomal defects, most of the clones developed significant mutations during their growth. After transplanting limbs and organs from several other failed clones to make her "whole," Cerberus activated X3 and turned her into the prototype Phantom. As a consequence, she has a Frankenstein-like patchwork appearance, with scars lining her face and body. Oddly, she also has one green eye and one brown. She looks just different enough from Shepard that she is generally not recognized. Mentally, she is emotionally stunted, almost robotic. Over time, she came to question her place with Cerberus, and the direction Cerberus was taking. She also came to hate Kai Leng after a few brutal encounters. Eventually she escaped Cerberus with Annalise and Combat Engineer Meer (see below). Together, they joined the N7 program to fight against the Reapers, and most especially against Cerberus.

Annalise - human, blonde hair, brown eyes. A former vid star, Annalise abandoned her life of comfort and fame to join Cerberus after her family was taken by batarian slavers. Athletic and a talented sniper, she became a Nemesis operative. Early on, she was paired with X3. Even though X3 is socially very awkward and almost unreachable on an emotional level, Annalise just sort of "got" her. They became close friends, though X3 is largely incapable of outward displays of emotion or affection. Annalise's fervor for the Cerberus cause (which was based largely on a hatred for batarians) waned after the Reapers all but wiped out the Hegemony. When X3 urged her to leave with her, she did.

Engineer Meer - human, looks like - yep - Mark Meer. A charming, flirtatious jokester, especially around Annalise. A wizard with turrets and drones and whatnot. He teamed up with X3 and Annalise on many missions. When they ran, he went with them.
Guest chapter 532 . 8/24/2014
will we see the crew in the armax arena
Overseerneversleeps chapter 532 . 8/6/2014
Go elcor go elcor go! :D
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