Reviews for The Eternal American
Littwink chapter 33 . 10/23
A very plausible AU! I love all the coincidences you've tied together in the plot! Hope you'll write more someday.
Richard Robin Dick Grayson chapter 33 . 9/28
Please update again soon! I gotta know what happens next! This is the best Hetalia fanfiction I've ever read~! I really wish there was more like it but sadly there isn't, please update if you have the time or haven't lost inspiration for this it's such an amazing story! :D
~Richard Robin Dick Grayson
Guest chapter 33 . 9/18
Was Josiah, the Confederate States of America?
itsukyon11 chapter 33 . 8/25
Will you be continuing after 33? It's so good thus far...
Gwntan12 chapter 33 . 7/31
What. NO MORE?! WHAT?! COME ON! Well, anyway, ignoring my violent outburst that sorta tipped the table over -whoops- please update soon! This story really got me interested in history! I mean, this book is practically my History textbook!
Gwntan12 chapter 17 . 7/30
I'm pretty sure the two Italian brothers were Feliciano and Lovino, right?
Shizukana kyoku chapter 33 . 7/23
PLEASEEEEEEEE UPDATE. I am a history GEEK and this story is PERFECT except for the fact that you haven't updated :( Please please please continue! The amount of thought and research that must go into this story is incredible and I loved reading what you have so far so please continue!
Criminal Minds only mafia boss chapter 32 . 7/16
By the gods of writing! Please update!
Criminal Minds only mafia boss chapter 20 . 7/15
Oh! This is my second time reading this and it's the first time I've seen someone put real actual history into their stories! It's.. Delicious!
phoenixrisingdusk chapter 33 . 7/4
Ohhh, the pain that you authors cause when you don't update! I weep the tears of a fangirl...and that of a reader. There really aren't enough of these stories out there, and when I actually find one with a good plot and great writing style, I see that it hasn't been updated for 11 months! Then again, I am in no position to criticise updating speeds... but I really love this story!
Guest chapter 33 . 7/3
please update
Mayflowers123 chapter 33 . 6/29
I love this story and all I ask is that you please get around to updating?
Mayflowers123 chapter 30 . 6/29
I totally did the villain evil laugh when I read this chapter.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/21
Please Update I can not wait for another chapter so please!
Guest chapter 33 . 6/12
I really love your take on history with Alfred!
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