Reviews for How to Train Your Dragon a Girl's Way
Toothless is best chapter 69 . 8/23
Its been so long...
CrazyFan17 chapter 68 . 8/3
Gabriel should definitely be the first one to ride Toothless.
xSnowDustx chapter 68 . 7/31
Gabriel should
xSnowDustx chapter 68 . 7/31
Yes I think so because (although I love Hiccstrid) it isn't always necessary just for the sake of liking the ship. So I think G
Ainaines chapter 68 . 5/30
yeah, it's amazing! i love Gabriel i can't wait for first kiss or something!
Fire From Above chapter 68 . 5/28
Yes, let him ride.
Midnight510 chapter 68 . 5/28
Well Asher's not really close... Yeah I vote for Gabriel :)
Wow Eagle is really good at this stuff

Hope you can update soon !
Keiri Kagami chapter 68 . 5/27
Yes to Gabriel riding Toothless first
Guest chapter 68 . 5/27
No he shouldn't. You should do the hiccstrid theme halls realise that she still has feelings for ash. Please! If u put her with another person it just feels weird and wrong.
Amaya-chan07 chapter 68 . 5/25
Ok that's it! I give up!
I want Halla and Gabriel together. Sorry Ash I've tried but I want them together.

Great chapter! And I love how you write and describe each character's point of view so well. Great work!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
And I really hope that Halla and Gabriel end up together
Ainaines chapter 67 . 4/6
Wow Gabriel and Halla are so cute together! Please update soon, this is amazing story love it!
A.E chapter 67 . 3/27
This fanfic sent me giggling and high for a while until the atmosphere turned serious. Uh quick question is this fanfic supposed to be hicstid or hiccupxoc cause it seems more like hiccupxoc. Anyways I enjoy your work and I hope you will continue to update. To be honest I was glad it didn't end with a cliff hanger :)
A Lonely Rainbow Girl chapter 1 . 2/10
Nice. Lack of commas in the proper places, but I'm not against that. Just making a statememt...
And wow. 67 chapters? DANG. Yeeeep, totally reading this!
Like the name- Halla. Most use Hicca, which annoys the frigging tar out of me. 10 points for being unique!
Luna Uchiha666 chapter 67 . 1/15
Just finished reading your story in one day; and I really liked it. The new characters and a different plot, loved it. But the part of her mother roasting a live like; especially when in the second movie, shows that she's a live and well.

Either way, I hope to read more of this story soon and see what happens next. Keep up the good work!
Barleyguy chapter 67 . 1/9
Shite I'm caught up... Lol. I know you've heard quite a few reasons why I love this but here's a few more. Firstly the relationship between Halla, and toothless, along with Gabriel, and Ash. Also the chapter in Ashes point of view shed a bit of light on his reactions, and attitude throughout the fanfiction. And again giving Halla a back bone, and some fighting skill brings a lot to her character, as well as her not coming up with the saddle, and foot lever system overnight and instead figuring it out as she went, makes a lot more sense. As for what occurs with old one eye I was floored when I read it, A gripping battle scene for sure with an unexpectedly gory ending. I'm excited to read whatever comes next. Ohh yeah the political aspect of this, and how in truth the incoming winter would be essentially a deadline for Halla to figure out...anything. And this just came to me, Halla taking out one eye the way she did eventually leads to her plans for death I think it's called? That's pretty cool. Ok gonna shut up now I've rambled on enough so as always. Keep updating eh.
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