Reviews for Let Me Rest
Guest chapter 1 . 12/24/2014
So, I guess I'm not the only who though that Link's blabla reincarnation was incredibly covenient, heh ? All in all, a good idea to be exploited.
Silvara chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
- "I brought it into the world, therefore I must deal with the consequences of that action." He already had dealt with the consequences more than once. Wouldn't he logical course of action would be to bring the Triforce "back to the sky"?
- "The one before the three goddess came to be." Just a note, but the three Godnesses are mentioned by Hylia in SSword, beside, they are said to have created the surface word. So they already existed by the time the second Link, which is the Link of SSword, reunified the Triforce and could bear it.
- For soem reeason I can't remember, it may be unlikely for the Golden Three to be of lesser power than Hylia. I don't remember exactly where but either in the SS manga prequel, in Hyrule Historia or In the SS game somewhere, it is hinted that Hylia may have been entrusted by them to protect the world they created... Better check, though.
Well, I did my best not to give spoiler away...hope it worked. This being said, I absolutely love this fanfiction! :)

Also I had had some idea about the FD being no more than Link's alter-ego, helping him remember previous lives, revolting against Zelda and surpassing the owner of the Triforce Power for a long while ago. Now, at best, it will probably look like "Let Me Rest" /influenced/ me. Though, things turn out that I already had the plot of The Mask's Memory secretly all ready, before I even came to know this brilliant fanfiction existed. Not that the stories are much similar. My story is more based on romance and politics. So they are a lot different beside of these points...but I just thought of clarifying this. Heh, it seems that Skyward Sword inspire people in similar ways. It made me form a few different theories about the Fierce Deity too, like him being the first Link from Skyward Sword's prequel, but gone a little rogue when sent up in the sky, turning into a musician, crafting Majora's Mask and casting it down because most creatures are supposed to have been killed by Demise or be up in the sly. Another with him finding Majora's Mask by chance, donning it in hope for more power to be tip the balance during his fights against Demise's forces, and barely being able to tear it off but losing his mind a little in the process, then revolting on Hylia and being sealed by her into a mask.
I really like the way and the depth you used to develop your ideas. They are genuinely exposed and clearly explained, making the read very pleasent.
Okay I stop ranting. I hope to be able to read more from you soon. :)
bendystraws chapter 1 . 4/6/2012
I never thought of it like that. I really like it though.