Reviews for The Purple Samurai
Finn Timb chapter 60 . 9/23
Wow lo que sigue.
Guest chapter 60 . 9/17
Please update soon! I really have enjoyed reading this story so far! Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 59 . 9/9
Guest chapter 59 . 9/3
Thank you so much for the update. I honestly thought there wouldnt be any more chapters after a little while but Im grateful that you came back. Dont worry, this chapter was as good as usualLooking forward to the next
Finn Timb chapter 59 . 9/1
Gracias por la actualización. Mantenga esto, es una obra maestra esperando para ser terminado
Guest chapter 58 . 8/30
I'm glad you updated.
Fantastic chapter.
Update ASAP.
waiting for your update.
Guest chapter 57 . 8/30
Great chapter! This just gets better and better.
Update as soon as possible.
Finn Timb chapter 58 . 8/26
Otro capítulo y tan pronto. Me encanta escribir. Ahora no puedo esperar. Esto está mejorando
Finn Timb chapter 57 . 8/26
Gracias a cargas. Tu historia hace que mi día. Seguid así.
Finn Timb chapter 56 . 8/21
Muy buen capítulo. Me preguntaba si podría actualizar más a menudo
syd chapter 56 . 8/20
thats a wow story. loved it!
Guest chapter 56 . 8/10
Finally you updated.
Now please update as soon as possible.
Finn Timb chapter 55 . 8/7
Me encanta el personaje de Antonio. Gracias por este capítulo. Actualizar pronto
Guest chapter 55 . 8/2
Loved it.
I just can't stand waiting now.
Please please update as soon as possible.
Guest chapter 54 . 7/31
Update soon.
I really want to see what happens next.
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