Reviews for Emperor and Empress
Guest chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
All-in-all, this was a very cute oneshot fic. Of course, this is an A/U, but a very nicely done A/U. I enjoyed your insight into the inner workings of the kingdom of Shu. I also thought the misunderstanding about Shang Xiang's distress was a wonderful touch.

Because this is a nice fic, I thought I might advise you on some potential changes. It is considered poor form to have the action of prose contain contractions. People speak with contractions, that is normal and acceptable in literature. However, action really should be a bit more formal. I noticed the use of two objects at the begining of a prepositional phrase, and in one spot where Shang Xiang was asking a question, the sentence ended in a period rather than a question mark. Are these suggestions nit-picking? Yes. But, since you seem to take pride in your work, I thought I would give you some feedback.

Final verdict, great little story. I am super glad I took a few minutes out to R&R this before bed. Keep up the good work, and hopefully, I will be able to read more of your work in the future.

Peace and Out!
ReinaBlaka chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
Wonderful story, Teddy! Honestly I haven't written any reviews for such a long time, but still I'm happy to be getting active again!

This oneshot is just too cute and romantic. I myself am a great fan of Liu Bei x SSX fluff, and this story fills me with a sweet feeling. Though I think it would be more of a hurt/comfort story since SSX is feeling very down about the betrayal of her family, and Liu Bei is comforting her. Also, like the above reviewer said, married women in ancient China did not change their surnames, but SSX has always stuck out to me as a woman who does not want to follow the traditional rules set down for her, and instead wants to be different. So her calling herself "Lady Liu" would only signify how much she has come to love her husband.

Again, very nice writing! Keep up the good work, and maybe you could write about the moment when Liu Bei and SSX first met in DW5 (The "can we skip the formalities?" moment)...
alljuststories chapter 1 . 4/9/2012
A wonderfully sweet story. There are just a couple things I would like to point out.

Wouldn't it be expected, though, for Wu and Shu to fight against each other if Wei were to be defeated? After all, Liu Bei and Sun Quan both want to be the only ruler of an united China, and that couldn't be done if both of them were still alive.

Also, and this is just a minor problem, if Liu Bei were to succeed in uniting China, his dynasty would still, I daresay, be the Han dynasty. He was a member of the Imperial family, therefore, he is qualified to be the Han emporer, and that is also what he was striving to do: to bring the Han back to its former glory.

One last, equally minor, thing: the Chinese don't change the last names of the females after they marry. And Sun Shangxiang, with the fiery temper that she has, would not be happy to be called Lady Liu.

But good job! I love Liu Bei/Sun Shangxiang fluff :D