Reviews for Flying High
DeclanS chapter 105 . 2/25
So typical of their respective personalities. Martin serious minded, almost grim, focusing on the practical and medical matters, not seeing the joy in the celebration or appreciating the surprise. Louisa playful, exuberant but getting prickly when Martin fails to see things from her viewpoint, not understanding that he does not understand his role.
Good thing they were able to avoid the abortion debate. Might have been difficult for them both.
4runners chapter 105 . 2/23
Technically speaking it's just your hypothosis! Love it. Reminds me of my scientist husband's reaction to the news with BOTH of our babies.
Such a typical Martin and Louisa conversation, so often ending with one or the other stomping off.
reallybodmin chapter 105 . 2/23
Will he ever get it? Probably not. Will she ever just explain it? I hope so.
Susie Sagitarius chapter 105 . 2/22
I just today finished reading The Rosie Effect by author Graeme Simsion which is a sequel to his book, The Rosie Project. This chapter and story line is reminiscent of it, since the book is about an expectant couple where the man is on the autism or Asperger's spectrum (as has been postulated by some re: Doc Martin). A great read just like your story here.
ke0212 chapter 105 . 2/22
Poor poor Martin; he's completeley out of his comfort zone. I'd like to think that by now Louisa would have learned something about her husband and how he reacts when confronted with surprises, especially those of a medical nature - he's going to go into doctor mode until he's wrapped his mind around the news. She just needs to patiently wait it out ... but perhaps that's just not her nature and they will always have these misunderstandings ... ?
Apl9662 chapter 105 . 2/22
Poor clueless Martin. Louisa has to give him some time to get used to the idea. He always hides himself behind his medical knowledge, when he struggles with his feelings...She should know that by now and be a bit considerate with him...
Chapin chapter 105 . 2/21
Why must a happy occasion be marred by petty misunderstanding? Louisa can be a pill.
andithomas1 chapter 105 . 2/21
Martin is stuck on clueless! He might need a little time to see the emotional side of this because he is just to logical about everything.
robspace54 chapter 105 . 2/21
Martin needs time to sort it, get his head around it. Louisa may have done the announcement a bit differently with him, but on the other hand he does appreciate facts.

Great chapter!
heypolly chapter 105 . 2/21
How frustrating for both of them...Louisa needs a husband and father to her child...and martin is clueless how to walk this out...he has not had an interest in another child and she expects him just to jump on board... Whew! Txs for continuing this story! A nice surprise tonight
Mommyanne130 chapter 104 . 2/20
Love this cliff hanger! You have carried us to the edge so now is the time to write more.
4runners chapter 104 . 2/17
Martin and Louisa are always just a bit out of sync, usually because Louisa tries to anticipate what Martin's going to say or just doesn't make sure she really understands what he's saying. Can't wait to find out what the something odd is!
DeclanS chapter 104 . 2/17
Great line: "turned our meals into a scientific project"

Is she laughing not crying?
Is she pregnant not ill?

Can't wait to find out.
Guest chapter 104 . 2/15
Is she already pregnant!ahhh! He won't believe it! Can't wait for update!
RumpyBumpy14 chapter 104 . 2/14
These two...all he has to do is throw his hat on the bed!
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