Reviews for Flying High
4runners chapter 115 . 11m
Of course Martin kept James' scan photo. You could see in that episode how Martin treasured it. He looked at it as he did Louisa, but with a hint of wistfulness. Martin's honesty is a two edged sword. Louisa has felt both the sting and sense of security that comes from it.
Chapin chapter 115 . 7/28
Of course he has the scan and the yellow flower is not far off. Don't forget that at one time Martin wrote poetry, unfortunately to an undeserving woman. We continue to enjoy this story much.
Apl9662 chapter 115 . 7/27
Sweet. I've always asked myself what Martin would have done with the scan.. This seems a plausible place to keep it safe. I am looking forward to the chapter where they tell the good news to Ruth. She is a doctor though, so she might have captured some signs of pregnancy already.
heypolly chapter 115 . 7/27
sweet with james us pic...I bet he is glad to be out of town with all the news. great job
ke0212 chapter 115 . 7/26
Start spreading the news ... Suddenly I hear Frank Sinatra singing. Seriously ... Lovely chapter how they are communicating so well ... Will they ever be able to do that in our beloved show?
Susie Sagitarius chapter 115 . 7/26
What a nice Sunday surprise! So glad you brought JH's scan into it.
robspace54 chapter 115 . 7/26
Oh my. Poor Martin wants be so private but with Louisa's 2nd pregnancy all will know one again he is quite human and in fact does engage in marital relations!

Great chapter.
Guest chapter 115 . 7/26
So nice to find a new update and what a sweet chapter with Martin showing his sensitive side even though he tries to "hide" it. Of course Louisa can't wait to tell their news. Looking forward to the next chapter :-)
Bonnie Raper chapter 1 . 7/26
Just started this. Think I'm going to like it very much
Guest chapter 115 . 7/26
lovely to have a new chapter on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks.
Guest chapter 114 . 7/18
A new update in the not so distant future...:-/
4runners chapter 114 . 7/11
Poor Martin, I hope Louisa rewarded him after the brutal shopping expedition. He's walking on eggshells these days and really trying. Glad that the exam went well and all looks good so far.
DeclanS chapter 114 . 7/6
While their communication skills still are not stellar, these last few chapters demonstrate how much Martin and Louisa have improved with time. Nice that they could have some time in London for themselves and that they are enjoying working together as a couple over the course of this pregnancy.

Bet that James is having a terrific time camping in Wales.
Lovely writing as always.
Apl9662 chapter 114 . 7/4
I'm so happy everything looks allright with the baby. Nice to see Martin's behaviour - just like every other daddy-to-be! Nice chapter.
Guest chapter 114 . 7/3
So nice for Martin to be in on things from the start and experience fatherhood from the very beginning. Thanks for the new chapter, lovely read.
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