Reviews for Flying High
spottedhorse chapter 111 . 5/15
Wow, Martin is being the husband we all wish for, eapecially when pregnant! You captured Martin so well, especially with the way he watched James being driven away. And now they are off to London, just the two of them;-)
Chapin chapter 111 . 5/15
It is heartening to see Martin caring for Louisa like this. It is a way he shows his love and is perfectly in character. It is humorous how he is trying to hide the fact that he is doing it or at least not get caught in the act. Louisa would know that it was not she who ironed the blouse. Enjoyed the going to London interaction.
Apl9662 chapter 111 . 5/15
I can imagine Martin taking care of all sorts of tasks he thinks Louisa shouldn't do "in her condition". I wonder if she realizes enough what a wonderful man he is! Glad that James get a chance to go camping with the Fenns. Nice chapter, thank you.
BWagner60 chapter 111 . 5/15
I agree Louisa should let Martin help. It is a way for him to be involved-not shut out like with James. Oh a trip to London sounds wonderful.
4runners chapter 111 . 5/14
Martin is so sweet to be trying to ease the workload for Louisa. It's too bad that she sees his desire to help in such a negative way. Louisa needs to learn that she's giving to Martin by allowing him to do things for her. In the show, Martin is depicted as the one pushing Louisa away. I see the opposite as being true. And she's doing the same thing with this pregnancy as she did with the first by not allowing him to participate. He's having to be involved covertly.
heypolly chapter 111 . 5/14
Sweetness...she is going to London. This is true Martin here. Maybe Louisa will be able to loosen him up a bit in London. James will be having a ball...a camper for of kids! thanks!
Guest chapter 110 . 5/12
A new update in the near future, please ;-)
DeclanS chapter 110 . 4/30
Amazing that this story continues to stay fresh after three years of writing. Kudos to the author.
The shed sounds like a good alternative for Martin. He will relish his privacy, solitude and quiet. A place of refuge, especially when the baby arrives. Also a good place to get work done on evenings and weekends.
sueque12 chapter 110 . 4/26
How I've enjoyed reading this story, Bodmin! You're a very talented writer who knows these characters quite well, their peculiarities and idiocincrasies. I look forward to reading more of these well-thought out chapters!
4runners chapter 110 . 4/22
Martin definitely is a guy who can benefit from a man cave. His own little haven of civilization... away from all the clutter and noise.
heypolly chapter 110 . 4/20
Great chapter...enjoyed the dialogue...louisia expressing verbally martin's need for order in an encouraging way
reallybodmin chapter 110 . 4/20
Good one!
Apl9662 chapter 110 . 4/20
A really good solution a study apart from the house. Very good that Louisa sees the benefit of it. Now it's up to Martin to keep the balance and not to use it as a holiday retreat, as he puts it himself.
spottedhorse chapter 110 . 4/20
So Martin will have his own space, what a grand idea. And "Now we can remember this experience together." Together is the key, isn't it? How can they each be happy but together? I could see this happening, his expressions, her lip chewing... lol
robspace54 chapter 110 . 4/19
Together - experience things together. Isn't that what having a partner is all about?

Nice work.
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