Reviews for Flying High
DMLG Softy chapter 143 . 4/4
This chapter made me laugh more than once!
I loved how Martin had a Negative for every positive from Al, and how Al had a positive to every negative! I could just see the interaction and Martin's face!
The best expression though, must have been when James held up his "catch of the day" - all proud while his father is probably close to dying!
Apl9662 chapter 143 . 4/2
Poor Doc... he wants to prevent that Louisa overdoes working, but he sees a lot of problems coming ahead of him! Funny end. James’ youth is sooo much better than Martin’s. Good chapter.
hawthorn1102 chapter 143 . 4/2
Poor Martin...his voice of reason does not seem to be reaching anyone involved in this foreign student lodging project, not even Ruth. Hopefully, it won't turn into the catastrophe he is envisioning. At least James is having fun. Glad you are continuing this story.
ke0212 chapter 143 . 4/2
great chapter - from aunt Ruth's self respect jumping overboard with mucked up wellies to James' toad and the doc frustrated by every arrangement - a very enjoyable chapter
Chelsietx chapter 143 . 4/2
This was so true to life. Great update- especially the triumphant James and his toad! Loved it.
DMLG Softy chapter 142 . 3/16
Always super happy to find a new it IS one of my favourite stories!
hawthorn1102 chapter 142 . 3/15
It is nice that Martin is doing the best he can to be of help to Louisa. I had somewhat lost track of the story thread about the exchange students...I will need to back up a few chapters and catch up on that. I guess I was hoping in this chapter to find out how they managed to answer James' question about babies. Maybe they are stalling and hoping he will forget (I'll bet that doesn't happen). Thanks for continuing to write. I have very much enjoyed this story.
Chelsietx chapter 142 . 3/15
Your updates are always such a welcomed treat. I do enjoy this story. I really loved the, “no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”. Thanks so much.
DMLG Softy chapter 141 . 2/23
Lovely 2 chapters...
Louisa...insecure as ever...
Poor Doc, I wonder how he will explain it to James? Eagerly looking forward to that.
hawthorn1102 chapter 141 . 2/9
Delighted to have another chapter in this engaging story. Louisa's not getting much help from Martin in coming up with a way to safely answer James' question, is she? The only result was to give her something else to worry about...won't James be as smart as Martin? Naturally, Martin would be well ahead of any children his age when it comes to learning.
Chelsietx chapter 141 . 2/9
What a welcome update. I truly love this story. Thank you!
Guest chapter 141 . 2/9
Can't wait to see where this conversation goes!
hawthorn1102 chapter 140 . 1/7
It is nice that you have provided Martin an outlet and "safe haven" in his friendship with Roger Fenn (even though he wasn't much help with Martin's current dilemma). I have always felt the TV series missed the boat by not writing a continuing spot for Roger.
ke0212 chapter 140 . 1/7
Well Roger wasn't much help then, was he. I'm surprised that James isn't pestering the for an answer, but then young children can be easily distracted. Maybe he will forget ...
Apl9662 chapter 140 . 1/7
So ... even Louisa hasn’t found the right words for it yet. I like the final sentence: “find the baby under a gooseberry bush”. In my opinion, Martin shouldn’t worry too much about that. His son never ever would take a story like that for an answer in his question “how did it get into mummy’s tummy?”...
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