Reviews for Flying High
sueque12 chapter 110 . 4h
How I've enjoyed reading this story, Bodmin! You're a very talented writer who knows these characters quite well, their peculiarities and idiocincrasies. I look forward to reading more of these well-thought out chapters!
4runners chapter 110 . 4/22
Martin definitely is a guy who can benefit from a man cave. His own little haven of civilization... away from all the clutter and noise.
heypolly chapter 110 . 4/20
Great chapter...enjoyed the dialogue...louisia expressing verbally martin's need for order in an encouraging way
reallybodmin chapter 110 . 4/20
Good one!
Apl9662 chapter 110 . 4/20
A really good solution a study apart from the house. Very good that Louisa sees the benefit of it. Now it's up to Martin to keep the balance and not to use it as a holiday retreat, as he puts it himself.
spottedhorse chapter 110 . 4/20
So Martin will have his own space, what a grand idea. And "Now we can remember this experience together." Together is the key, isn't it? How can they each be happy but together? I could see this happening, his expressions, her lip chewing... lol
robspace54 chapter 110 . 4/19
Together - experience things together. Isn't that what having a partner is all about?

Nice work.
Mommyanne130 chapter 109 . 4/13
Nice to see Martin showing empathy for Louisa. Mood swings, morning sickness ...
DeclanS chapter 109 . 4/9
Martin isn't wrong. He and Louisa certainly beat the fertility odds compared to most couples their age.
DeclanS chapter 108 . 4/9
Acerbic yet funny joke from Martin. He's right about asking for a commission. One of Al's criteria for dating seems to be that she has to work for the Doc.
DeclanS chapter 106 . 4/9
Louisa is communicating her fears and needs to Martin. This guidance will be helpful to him as he navigates his way through the pregnancy. He will understand more clearly what she wants and she, by informing him, won't be so frustrated. Well done.
4runners chapter 109 . 4/5
Loved Martin's little joke at the end! Poor Martin dealing with his guilt over Louisa's suffering. It takes two to tango though, Martin!
robspace54 chapter 109 . 4/4
He made a joke!

Happy Easter.
Apl9662 chapter 109 . 4/4
Perfect last sentence! It made me laugh out loud. Our beloved couple beating all statistics of contraception.. I hope indeed that Martin's right. If not some research would be needed at the chemist's shop, I guess - to verify the quality of the contraceptives... Great writing job Bodmin, thanks and happy Easter to you too.
Susie Sagitarius chapter 109 . 4/4
This chapter made me smile. Not sure why, but maybe it seems like a slice of real life, or just funny with Doc thinking of Al getting Ana "up the duff". Keep up the good work!
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