Reviews for Flying High
DonlouGe chapter 127 . 7/17
Enjoyed this story, as well as your other stories. Once I begin, I usually can't stop till the end. With this story, however, it seems to be incomplete. Are you intending or able to finish (of course with the same HIGH quality ) this story till Louisa gives birth to the next child or twins or whatever? But, anyway wonderful storyteller you are. Thanks
DeclanS chapter 127 . 6/10
Not only does this author create believable and realistic dialogue but also manages to inject dry humour throughout the story.
The 'bun in the oven" conversations are hilarious. Well done.
DeclanS chapter 125 . 6/10
It is quite a challenge to keep a plot fresh and original after a 100 or more chapters of fan fiction. Yet this author always manages to do so by coming up with imaginative and inventive ways to propel the story forward, develop new situations for the characters so that they evolve and grow and keep the readers engaged.

Whether it is the second pregnancy or Louisa trying to find new ways to raise money to keep the school financially viable, there is always something interesting to read in every chapter. Great work.
bleen74 chapter 126 . 5/29
bleen74 chapter 126 . 5/29
Apl9662 chapter 127 . 5/29
This chapter made me smile. Looking forward to James's conversation with Louisa about the bun in the oven!
Susie Sagitarius chapter 127 . 5/29
So the Doc!: "He might talk to you about baking, though." instead of saying about the bun in the oven.
ke0212 chapter 127 . 5/27
he might talk to you about baking - this was a very enjoyable chapter. I laughed several times at Martin's prevaricating. He isn't in the habit of eavesdropping, but he's quite good at it for a beginner ... just so funny. Thanks for a good start to my morning
Rad chapter 127 . 5/26
That last line. Haha. Keep up the great writing.
Rad chapter 126 . 5/15
Such a sweet chapter! Love this story.
docmartinfan chapter 126 . 5/8
Very interesting between James and Al. As Martin is listening he probably fuming. Can't for the next chapter.
Apl9662 chapter 126 . 4/24
In the Netherlands, we have an expression saying "children with large ears", meaning that they capture things they shouldn't hear. It's well applicable here, for both Ellingham men. Funny! It's time for Martin to understand that he should buy clothes and shoes that are more suitable for the Cornish environment. I love the project Louisa and Ruth are working out.
robspace54 chapter 126 . 4/23
When a bun is not a bun... Ha! Good one.
ke0212 chapter 126 . 4/23
A bun in the oven - very cute trying to explain things to James - I had to laugh. So now Martin has to pretend he just arrived back at the farmhouse - very nice of Louisa to let him drop out of the decision ... and maybe he can get some more appropriate clothes for the farm?
4runners chapter 125 . 3/10
A creative solution to a problem, reminiscent of a scene from S7?
Your last line makes me anxious for chapter 126!
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