Reviews for Flying High
lemster1 chapter 139 . 12/3
Very good, seldom do I get to laugh reading FF, but this was one of those times.
ke0212 chapter 139 . 12/2
Now they're in it ... why, oh why, doesn't his mother want his Dad to explain? James is really going to be curious now. Great chapter
robspace54 chapter 139 . 12/2
Oh dear. Martin and Louisa acting as we expect them to act. Well done!
Susie Sagitarius chapter 139 . 12/2
Oh, this is so intriguing! Can't wait for the eventual outcome!
Chelsietx chapter 139 . 12/2
This is too funny! You have such an accurate picture of this family. Great job!
hawthorn1102 chapter 139 . 12/2
What a fun chapter! I laughed out loud at the conclusion..."I could explain, but your mother won't let me." LOL. I can picture him later, he and James secretly locked away in the consulting room, giving James his man-to-man technical explanation, without having to satisfy Louisa's sensitivities.
Catservant chapter 139 . 12/2
ROTL... sorry, I can't review, I'm laughing too hard...:'D
DMLG Softy chapter 138 . 11/30
Ah, I loved this was so funny and SWEET!
And so every parent has to explain pregnancy and how it "got there"..
And Boy, you are spot that's exactly how Martin would start explaining it!
robspace54 chapter 138 . 11/21
Oh my. Yes Louisa has to shut off her hyper-factual doctor husband before he tells the whole truth.

Nice chapter!
ke0212 chapter 138 . 11/20
Looking forward to the explanation - one all parents, or most anyway, have to give to curious young minds
Chelsietx chapter 138 . 11/19
This is sooo good!
Sueque chapter 138 . 11/19
I it! Can’t wait to read the next instalment! How are they prepared to explain intercourse to James?! Such fun!
Apl9662 chapter 138 . 11/19
Now this id a tough situation. I am pretty sure it’s time for them to buy some book that helps them explaining it to James. I am really looking forward to the next chapter!
Catservant chapter 138 . 11/18
Oh, that's mean, to keep me hanging like this in the middle of that scene LOLOL
hawthorn1102 chapter 138 . 11/18
LOL This should be interesting...two probably very different opinions on when and how to explain the 'birds and the bees' to James.
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