Reviews for Flying High
Apl9662 chapter 84 . 4/14
Nice, nice, i really enjoy this slow preparation. Glad that Louisa didn't buy really silly things for Martin..
ke0212 chapter 84 . 4/14
very sweet - Martin is getting excited about his date with Louisa...very nice
BWagner60 chapter 84 . 4/14
Oh yes Martin in his casual outfit with a rose on a moonlit night on the beach what more could a girl ask for.
Lemster1 chapter 84 . 4/13
Really an excellent chapter - several threads coming together. Nice touch with Al mentioning the flowers. Poor Ruth looking for some companionship reading medical journals, must be love if Doc could resist that. Looking forward to some sand castles.
Petworth chapter 84 . 4/13
Who knew there was so much to roses. Nice chapter.
Chapin chapter 84 . 4/13
Our author is fore playing with us, readers. How many chapters of this? On the other hand we wouldn't want to rush to the beach. And once there dear author - no interruptions please - no sand fleas or midnight hikers. We hope this is their night alone. The monkey was a nice touch.
spottedhorse chapter 84 . 4/13
Martin is carching on, finally! Wonderful.
BWagner60 chapter 83 . 4/12
I agree Martin and the beach all kind of possibility. Will be watching for your next chapter.
Apl9662 chapter 83 . 4/3
A candleligth date on the beach, wow. 2 Ellinghams with a complete new experience..nice!
Guest chapter 83 . 4/2
London a moloch? Maybe for Louisa, but will Portwenn be too much of a moloch for Martin?
lemster1 chapter 83 . 4/2
Somebody is going to have to get over their aversion to sand in the next chapter.
spottedhorse chapter 83 . 4/2
Why am I thinking Martin will enjoy this evening much more than he thinks he will, lol?
robspace54 chapter 83 . 4/2
A proper date? Will Martin fully appreciate this date on the sand? This may be a night of... ahem... interesting moments.
Chapin chapter 83 . 4/2
Enough said. No comment. Just waiting for 9:30.
Apl9662 chapter 82 . 3/24
Splendid chapter Bodmin, sehr gut! I like the way Louisa stands up for Martin and explains how great he is. I liked the end of the chapter too. What's next?
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