Reviews for Flying High
DeclanS chapter 117 . 8/26
Ruth shows great patience when talking with James.

Can't imagine Martin's face when Ruth says she will leave the farm for James to inherit. Martin probably wants him to follow in the footsteps of the Ellinghams, not be a farmer. Hilarious.
DeclanS chapter 116 . 8/26
Great exploration of how Martin feels on his days off, so very different than when he was single and a GP.

Really good description of how James is thriving in the countryside, making friends, visiting other places. Roger is probably one of the few people whom Martin will take instruction from about being a good parent.
reallybodmin chapter 117 . 8/24
Love this. Little James Henry. And Martin, bless him, still wondering.
spottedhorse chapter 117 . 8/24
Sweet chapter. And the way Louisa is with him, so much better. Very nice.
heypolly chapter 117 . 8/24
What a great chapter full of rich conversation. James Henry and Ruth convo was wonderful. .probably the first I have read due to him being a baby. Louisa's comfort and support was great..and received...thanks for continuing your story...
Guest chapter 117 . 8/23
What a nice chapter on all parts and the interaction between them. Thanks for this new update.
robspace54 chapter 117 . 8/23
Oh my dear Martin love and closeness can still elude you can't they? Cannot you see that she loves you for what you are, not for what she gets from you? The snogging and shagging are good no doubt for both of you, but it's more than the flesh and desire which hold you close. Being with her is not about balancing out what she gives you with what you give her. Poor man, still trying to understand.

Marvelous work at their dinner table, Bodmin. Great!
Susie Sagitarius chapter 117 . 8/23
I really appreciate the delicacy used in exploring the conversational topics in this chapter. Really well done.
maryjoeh chapter 117 . 8/23
Good chapter. Really enjoyed this tonight. Thanks!
Blue Morpheus chapter 117 . 8/23
Lovely family scene teaching James about Joan and life and reminding Martin of his love for Joan.
4runners chapter 116 . 8/16
Most parent's have a difficult time watching their babies receive injections. Martin will probably have no trouble with the sterile needle sort of vaccinations, but the immersion in pathogens that James Henry's just undergone has to be painful for this particular dad.
Susie Sagitarius chapter 116 . 8/16
Love the Roger Fenn character. And Martin being Martin. Thanks!
Guest chapter 116 . 8/16
Thank you for this new update, been eagerly awaiting it. It's good that Martin gets his "mancave" to retreat to from time to time when family life gets too chaotic. Hopefully he'll take Roger's advice to heart.
Apl9662 chapter 116 . 8/16
I love chapters where Roger shows Martin there are other ways to look at things. thank you. Funny that the sheep vlocked them just after this conversation.
Chapin chapter 116 . 8/16
I just knew James was going to jump out of the car, Martin with great panic, and herd the sheep off the road.
Not being in control is someting Martin has a hard time dealing with.
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