Reviews for Flying High
4runners chapter 121 . 11/16
Martin is learning what a normal little boy is all about, none of it neat and tidy nor sanitary.
How fortunate are the friends and family members of Martin Ellingham to have an ever vigilant doctor to constantly scrutinize them for signs of disease!
spottedhorse chapter 121 . 11/4
Poor Martin really can't relate to most of it, not even enough to understand why others might find it enjoyable or why they might be happy that he and Louisa are expecting another one. But at least he is learning to curb his tongue and test the waters before responding to a lot of what goes on around him. You capture that well.
ke0212 chapter 121 . 11/4
As usual Doc is relegated to a corner in the room, and after his trip to visit Ana's family, Al has learned that the corner does hold some benefits. Doc isn't looking forward to Ruth's on Saturday
Guest chapter 120 . 10/24
Just been reading your story again and their beach date in chapters 86/87 - is it time for a new date again soon before the little one arrives? Hope so...:-)
Guest chapter 120 . 10/17
Simply love this story of yours and thanks for this update.
robspace54 chapter 120 . 10/17
Trust... that word should help him.
4runners chapter 120 . 10/16
I love this story. Such sweet interaction between Martin and Louisa. It's good that Martin was finally able to voice his concerns about impending fatherhood.
Limaccia chapter 120 . 10/16
Gee, they're both awake, I would think sex would have helped relieve the tension and helped them sleep better.
Anyway, Louisa is right, Martin IS good at many things, and he can teach those things to James Henry & Isch. Maybe they won't be the usual things a father teaches, but Martin & the kids will be just as happy with whatever Martin teaches them.
Susie Sagitarius chapter 120 . 10/16
Lovely to have this new chapter. I must admit to hoping that Louisa would hear a bit more detail about Martin's parents and his experience. I'm wondering what else may have happened in his growing up beyond what we know from the canon.
spottedhorse chapter 120 . 10/16
They have come a long way in this story. But it wouldn't be Martin if he wasn't worrying. Hopefully Louisa can open his eyes to what he is good at as a father and remind him that it is the time spent with the child, not necessarily the activity.
Limaccia chapter 118 . 10/1
Oh, crud! Now that I'm almost completely caught up, you're going to have to start writing much faster!
Limaccia chapter 117 . 10/1
That's so sweet, James thinking his aunt would try to stick around and live long enough for him to be able to take over the farm!
Limaccia chapter 116 . 10/1
Great line about knowing what clothes look like after one has been in a pig sty! (Coincidentally, that pivotal catastrophe-after-catastrophe episode was just on TV this very evening)
Also, when you use "enervated," do you mean like "exhausted"? Or are you maybe aiming for something like "enraged," instead ?
Limaccia chapter 114 . 10/1
Limaccia chapter 112 . 10/1
I like Louisa's clear instructions: You're on top while we've still got the opportunity to do it that way!
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