Reviews for Flying High
Guest chapter 108 . 7h ago
comment about Al was funny...getting a commission...favorite line...lightened the atmosphere between him and louusa enjoyed!
robspace54 chapter 108 . 15h ago
Nice that in this story the Doc and Lousia act like the telly versions which I expect to read about. Neither one is a saint or a demon, and they have characters that make them unique. This conversation is just what the TV writer's would have them say.

Great chapter!
spottedhorse chapter 108 . 15h ago
LOL, Martin as only Martin can be. I love how he worries about so much and yet how clueless he can be at times. You've caught how self centered he seems to be yet in reality, he really is thinking about James and Louisa.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/28
Hopefully a new update soon :)
reallybodmin chapter 107 . 3/16
Wow! Great development.
robspace54 chapter 107 . 3/15
News of all sorts!
Chapin chapter 107 . 3/15
Ah, the third person Al has married in our stories. The fun of FanFiction. Has anyone asked Al his preference?
Apl9662 chapter 107 . 3/15
Ana marrying Al,great news! But Martin see all the complications coming along.. 4 weeks honeymoon will make the visits to Dr. Green complex and what when Ana gets pregnant herself? The childminder subject is on top of the list again. I love your writing style. It's as if you're present at their house, very good.
4runners chapter 107 . 3/14
Oh, wedding bells for Al! Martin and Louisa are assured of having a childminder for years to come now.
Poor Martin has a real challenge ahead of him to not get too involved in the medical side of the pregnancy.
spottedhorse chapter 107 . 3/14
Oh dear, things are getting more and more complicated. Love exchanges between Martin and Louisa.
heypolly chapter 107 . 3/14
Great hook up for Al...he gets first dib at all the single ladies under the employment of Martin...Enjoying the continuation of this story and watching the ellingham's get settled in their newest adventure with baby #2. ...and the bickering of a kind of couple! great job!
Mommyanne130 chapter 106 . 3/14
A new challenge for Martin.
Susie Sagitarius chapter 106 . 3/7
Clear instructions...Perfect! Thanks for another enjoyable chapter.
reallybodmin chapter 106 . 3/7
Good chat.
Apl9662 chapter 106 . 3/7
Martin behaves like any father to be - he is full od worries and the news came as a shock for him. But he corrects himself brilliantly and is very considerate with Louisa. He will soon discover how beautiful it is to have a baby together! Good, Louisa has learnt as well: she gives him detailed instructions, well done.
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