Reviews for AngelCross: Binding Darkness
RazenX chapter 3 . 7/26/2012
Good story so far. Just read the first three chapters, so I figured I'd give my thoughts.

For starters, I think the way you seem to be going about this crossover, by focusing on a few characters who are wandering the universe, was a good way to go about this. It means that you it is easier to develop the characters you have and the relationships between theme. Pairing TK and Kari (both light associated) with Riku (dark associated) seems to be a good group.

The plot seems interesting so far. I like how you put this after 1 but before CoM. Torsten and TK getting his keyblade were both good twists. Not much really to say since its only 3 chapters in.

Another good thing is that you managed to keep the characters in character. In the beginning with the relationship between Davis and TK, it seemed like I could watch it happen in 02.

Your writing style is nice, with good description (but not excessively so) and good interactions between the cast.

If there is one fault with the story so far, it is a pacing problem. I feel that these 3 chapters could have been stretched into multiple chapters, and that a lot of moments happened to quickly for the full effect. For example, when Riku first arrives, the group just instantly trusts him and invites him to a party. While I know the destined are trustworthy, it seems a bit odd that everyone just instantly accepts the stranger and invites him into his home.

Another example is what happened with Kari. It would have worked much better (especially because chapter 1 ended with her) if we actually saw what happened with Kari and Torsten. The last example would be this chapter. A lot of the "deaths" seemed to not really get a reaction, and just seemed to happen. When Tai loses for example, everyone just keeps fighting, with only Kari shocked. Would the whole group be appalled and heartbroken by seeing this? It is the same later with Ken.

While that was a problem, I think with the group just traveling to other worlds the pacing should even out. Just something to think about while writing.

Other than that, good story and can't wait for more-X
Starowner chapter 2 . 6/20/2012
Amazing Kaito! It's getting mysterious...Update soon xx
Starowner chapter 1 . 4/9/2012
Epic :3 I love Riku's entrance! Update soon Kaito! xx