Reviews for The Princess and the Pirate
Rebecca chapter 16 . 8/23
I was so hoping for another chapter where the skip into the future and you see natsu and Lucy better and natsu tells her off and then he hugs her really tight and he starts to tear up and then lucy tells him it's okay and the she kissed him and it surprised him but he doesn't pull away and kisses her back
Nalu4ever chapter 3 . 8/20
amazing chapter, the cliff hanger indulges me with curiosity and the drive to read on. Without Natsu we'll surely perish, or will he survive, is the question everyone's asking themselves right now...
Fairytailtrash2003 chapter 16 . 8/18
Amazing story.
mjdk chapter 11 . 8/15
I really loved this chapter. Great job.
FairyLover01 chapter 16 . 8/15
Please update! I've been waiting forever! Where have you gone, you can't disappear on us?! Please, please, PLEASE update tho! I really love this story and I want it to continue sooo bad! I seriously hope you update, or so help me- nah, I'm kidding, just playin'. But srsly, pls update.
Coca33 chapter 16 . 8/12
I love this story. I love reading pirate au's, and this is one of the best ones I have ever read. I love the way the characters relate to each other, I love the plot, I love this entire story! My favorite things about is Natau's overprotectiveness of Lucy, as well as the way Lucy has saved Natsu more than once. I love how the crew mates didn't make any snide comments on what Lucy was wearing when Natsu taught her how to swim. I could be completely wrong, but I'm guessing the old book Levy brought aboard the ship has information about magic artifacts, or some form of information on Lucy's key? Also I think it would be really cool if Natsu recovers before Lucy and she tries to get up and do stuff, or is bored laying in bed all day healing, and Natsu is telling her to stop and let her body heal, but she's determined to just act like it's nothing like she's seen Natsu do, thinking that if he can do it, she can do it with no problem, and Natsu doesn't know how to react, and he finally convinces her to rest because she has broken bones. Or when they wake up, the first thing they think of is each other. Just an idea! Thank you so much for writing this story. Seriously, it's one of the best fanfiction stories I have ever you! :D
Binky1987 chapter 16 . 7/27
Amazing! But I guess this story isnt continuing and that makes me sad
Aqua Belladonna chapter 16 . 7/9
Is everything alright? It's been forever since you've updated...
Celestial Iris chapter 16 . 7/5
I love this sooooooo much! I read this all in a day! Please, please, please update! The story is magnificent and is so unique and quirky. It is by far one of my favorites and I really hope you have the chance to update soon!
Cj233 chapter 16 . 6/28
So I read all of this in two days and it hasn't been updated since 2015. I'm going to cry now. Haha, but seriously you've done an awesome job on this story. I love the development and watching the relationships grow and the way that you've been building up the government plot and all of that.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/23
I know it's been a long time and all but if there's a teensy bit chance that this could be updated...
Please do!
chocolatecatsconfusion chapter 16 . 6/4
Holy Moses this story is SO good. I really hope you won't leave it unfinished because with a story this good, it's almost criminal. I hope you update again soon :) You've got almost 2,000 people rooting for ya ;)
Guest chapter 11 . 6/3
This chapter was pure gold. Amazing. 10/10
WinterKit18 chapter 16 . 5/30
Please update soon. I just found your story and it is amazing. I love it!
GodFatherQ chapter 16 . 5/27
Damn! This is one well written story! Sad to see that it has been about a year and a half since you last updated. I hate to think that it has been discontinued. I just hope that it is not the case! Please update! Even if it is not a chapter, just give us a status update, to tell us what you have been up to. Thanks a lot! This story is just as good as 'The Keys Of Fire', by Lonestorm, which just so happens to be mu favorite. So you know how I feel about this story!
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