Reviews for Against Moral Advisement
LinBates chapter 1 . 9/7/2013
I'm not sure I agree with your interpretation of Gwen's thoughts or emotions during that episode. An enchantment like that in my opinion doesn't give it's victim the chance or availability to think about what they are doing or how they feel about what's going on. I think an enchantment of that nature removes all thought and considerations leaving only an empty shell which is completely filled by the directives of the spell/enchantment. Which is why once the spell/enchantment is broken the victim is left with all the guilt and "why's" of their actions unless they learn they were enchanted! But even then the victim is left with the thoughts "were my actions totally outside of myself or did I have some secret long-buried longings for a different reality, different choices?" Leaving a knawing doubt, unless they are very lucky or very intune with themselves.

I must say I have always had one issue with this episode though! Over and over again we've been shown that Merlin can sense magical objects and yet he missed the bracelet? He latched onto Gilly's ring almost immediately, but not the bracelet? Of course I haven't reviewed this episode with that in mind! It's always possible that he didn't come into contact with it or possible it's magic was weak because it wasn't creating something out of nothing, just enhancing and redirecting what was already there. Just a few thoughts!
AGDoren chapter 1 . 4/23/2012
As an Arwen shipper there was plenty I disliked about this episode too. That said I do appreciate this story, good job.
deeannjay chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
Firstly, I'm sorry to see that no-one has yet reviewed this story, which is a shame, as it is definitely worthy of (positive) feedback!

Secondly, I really hated the way they took the Gwen/Lancelot storyline in Ep.4.09 and totally agree that robbing the characters of any feelings / choice in the matter was a very bad move. Having Gwen under enchantment was a bad enough cop-out, but having Lancelot not even alive to have a say in the matter was, IMHO, unforgiveable (and "killing" him again in the same episode - twice if you count his brief revival/expiry at the end - was totally adding insult to injury).

BTW, I liked your rather poignant reference to how Gwen "feels the life leaving Lancelot's body". As a matter of interest, was Gwen's awareness that he had died (or lack of awareness thereof)ever addressed in the following episodes? I have to ask, since I was so put off by Ep4.09 that I couldn't watch the rest of the season, although I did hear that the enchntment / shade aspects of the "betrayal" were not addressed further beyond the end of that episode.