Reviews for BlazBlue: Equestria Shift
TheEvilEye chapter 8 . 11/20/2012
Glad to see you ain't dead man... Are you on mlp forums?
Final Genesis chapter 8 . 11/20/2012
Hello, it's me again! Just remembered you asking about some weapon ideas for the Mane 6 while at fimfiction dot net - I think I've found a page that could give you some inspiration! Try going to maxwindy dot deviantart dot com - some of his humanised ponies look lovely! Hope it helps!

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Final Genesis chapter 8 . 11/19/2012
Good to see an update from you again after a while, and interesting that Rarity was close to being reunited! Nevertheless, I'll be fascinated on how she and Rachel get along, and what's gonna happen with Pinkie Pie and Taokaka next! :D

This is Final Genesis, signing out!

P.S: Keep up the good work! And considering the upcoming sequel Chrono Phantasma is being released in Japan this month, any chances of the new characters in the future, or just stick to Continuum Shift for now?
Final Genesis chapter 7 . 8/27/2012
I knew that's where Applejack ended up! Hope things go well for her too - especially being teamed with Iron Tager! I wonder how the rest of the Blazblue characters will interact (the ones who have yet to appear)?

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masterart chapter 6 . 8/9/2012
i hope six friends find each other i wonder happen to applejack?
Final Genesis chapter 6 . 7/2/2012
So that's what's happened to Fluttershy! This search party she's joined up with has definitely got some interesting personality quirks! LOL

I'll be interested to see how Applejack goes with Kokonoe and Tager after waking up!

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Guest chapter 5 . 7/2/2012
So we have our first confrontation, and poor Twilight's in the middle of it! Well, hopefully they'll reappear at somewhere else, safe and sound!

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Final Genesis chapter 4 . 7/1/2012
Something tells me I better get round to playing Continuum Shift! Cause interesting on how Makoto and Platinum's (in a way) are involved now!

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Final Genesis chapter 3 . 7/1/2012
Typos aside, why do I find that many of Taokaka's quotes never cease to amuse me? (giggles) So that's where Pinkie Pie is! Well, best of luck on your journey, you two! :)

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Final Genesis chapter 2 . 7/1/2012
Falling from the sky naked? Not a situation I'd wanna be in! I just hope Rarity knows what she's doing - some additional help would be useful especially in a big city like Kagutsuchi!

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SapphireLibra3 chapter 6 . 7/1/2012
Can't wait to see what Applejack is going to have to go through.

I wonder if the Mane six will have to fight at all.
Final Genesis chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Sounds like quite the intriguing crossover! Two of my favourite media items in this fic? This, I gotta continue reading! :D

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zackfair201234 chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
Love how the characters interact with their personalities
SapphireLibra3 chapter 4 . 5/23/2012
PLEASE CONTINUE! This is a really good start.
Kamen Rider Wizard chapter 2 . 4/13/2012
awesome chapter 2 can't wait for more...rarity meets bang first..god that was funny
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