Reviews for New Girl
Long Time Fan chapter 23 . 8/14
Sooooo... it's been 3 months since the date you promised the last chapter. Are we gonna get that update orrrrrr
Guest chapter 23 . 7/29
One eternity later...
Carlsburger chapter 23 . 7/15
Mate, you need to update.
MysticalWren chapter 23 . 6/28
wait my bad I thought the publisher date was the update date. xD sorry
MysticalWren chapter 23 . 6/28
I know it's been like forever since the last time you updated, but would you by any chance be willing to put up the last chapter?
MidoriAshandriel chapter 23 . 5/26
Can't wait to read the end *-*
I really love your story!
Guest chapter 23 . 5/16
It's almost may 17th. I know it's your birth week but...please don't make us wait moreeee
uqoxe24 chapter 23 . 5/16
Just found your story... Really hope I get to read a ending soon. Rock Lee has my full respect and is probably my favorite character in Naruto.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/16
Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a nice day.
It's a great story and can't wait for the last chapter, great work
Alice-Ann Wonderland chapter 23 . 5/7
I literally laughed so hard at your meta moment that I scared my roommates hamster. WE ALMOST THERE YOU GOT IT LEE! BELIEVE IT! I've been waiting so long for this moment coming up... I'm so excited :*
yifrodit chapter 23 . 5/7
No, I'm really going to miss this story. I can't believe Lee almost said I love you.
I can't wait until May 15.
Tinybitfanatic chapter 23 . 5/3
Tears of joy tears of sadness I don't know what they are. But if you're ready to move on I shall respect that wish. I only ask for you to make it a long last chapter the longest chapter ever T-T You have been the most amazing writer and I wish to read more of your work down the line. Are you going to start a new fic? Please do!

Ps: Keep in mind for the last chapter the rating on this story is M *wink wink*
Satirecat chapter 23 . 5/3
*LOUD SCREAMING* Ahhhhh I can't believe the next chapter is going to be the last! Between k owing that and what I just read I can't even make a good review XD (well than and it's like 6am here and I haven't slept yet... Lol)
Brooke2012 chapter 23 . 5/3
cant wait for the next one. Loved every word
Tinybitfanatic chapter 22 . 4/29
Um this isn't over right? It can't be over! Please for the sake of all that is good in this world please continue this lovely story. It is so hard to find a good fanfic especially of Lee and you are such a talented writer. One moment I was pressing the arrow for chapter 2 and the next thing i knew it was chapter 22 and there was a non-existant arrow that mocked my need for more of this story.
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