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Guest chapter 25 . 7/26/2013
i'm not following this story like i did before and the fandom, tbh. i hope yumi shows concern or flicker of it about sachiko being in the hospital. reading this chap still makes me want to have a sachiko/yumi ending as always when it regards to this fandom. :)
crageisfanficcrazy chapter 25 . 5/14/2013
oh look its chapter 25. i was out on a vacation. done reading this chapter. so i hope you post the next chapter. im still high from my vacation. maybe you should take a vacation too.. its going to do you a lot of wonders. ill be anticipating your next update. thanks for this :)
Rasta Lioness chapter 25 . 4/29/2013
Don't much know what to write, as I review. As always well written, and enthralling, however, don't like the direction in which things are going. What I mean is nothing negative, on you as a writer, it is more like reading a great book but not liking the fact the people you loathe will have a happy ending. It doesn't take away from the work itself, but kind of makes you scream. To evoke emotions from your readers is the goal and you have succeeded, bravo.

Question: Is your goal to do 'the right thing for' Sachiko? I am not sure she deserves it. I definitely know Ryu doesn't

I am not sure if Yumi and Ryu are the same. Ryu knew what he was getting himself into, whereas Yumi was blindsided. Ryu viewed Sachiko more as a possession something to be conquered, more like a challenge. He wanted to give her everything she wanted like buying her love more than anything, I see Ryu is more like Kyouiichi. I see it more like the relationship between Kyoiichi and Setsuna.

Once again I may be all wrong but those are some of the things I felt as I read this chapter. So glad it wasn't corrupted,

I am sure I will read through the chapter a couple more times and I may see it a little differently.
CelticX chapter 24 . 4/23/2013!

Next please ;-)
Shakkaho3000 chapter 24 . 4/19/2013
This story is so awesome! I love how you take a different approach from the norm. Please continue, you're a great writer.
crageisfanficcrazy chapter 24 . 4/15/2013
holy fucking shit... that wa C... suguru and that old man... face- off just like real gentleman. no fist fight but man that was awesome... it was just oozing with pride and ego while they were having that confrontation. PERFECT. on top of that suguru lost it and i love it. he finally let it out. god the way you describe he's facial expression and he smashed the teacups for god's sake!. those are priceless. there expensive i assumed again. those pent up frustration, planning everything and involving everyone. well he needed them. finally lead to this. i will say it again. man that was EPIC and very classy. love it... love it... love it... this is one of the hightlights for me in this chapter. see suguru is the man. he's the man. well he has people helping him. assuming again.

Satou Sei was grinning. she was needed. some friend she is but i kinda understand why she did it anyway. she was yumi's friend and still is (i hope so) afterall that she's done behind yumi's back.i mean how could you blame was watching yumi wither away like a dry plant. becoming somebody else and she can't do anything about it. yes she's there by her side but it was not enough. she wanted to help yumi. enter kashiwagi (i think)(assuming again) offer a plan and she agreed. if its going to help yumi move on and all the people around them start getting a life why not. why not indeed. now that is a tough decision. sei allowed herself to be used in a good or bad way. it was her decision. because it was for yumi and because she was a true friend. again im just assuming that this is how sei was thinking. ok. see your making me think and words are hard to produce especially coming from me. hehe

you know you surprise me when you made sachiko pregnant and i was totally flipping out. i was like no it cant be. it just not possible. who am i kidding she had sex with her husband. so sachiko got pregnant. you made her that way and i have to accept it which i did eventually cause its part of the story. now please dont let her loossseee the baby. i beg you. that baby is the only light i see in sachiko's future. good luck to the next chapter. love and peace :)
Rasta Lioness chapter 24 . 4/14/2013
The puppet master (Sei) is revealed, at last, now to find out what her endgame is.

Ryu is a bigger player than I believed him to be, don't like the fact that he is working with Sei (at least that is my feeling since he and her secretary found her collapsed in her office floor), now I can see how Suguru could be a pawn, I just did not believe him to be Ryu's pawn. Suguru's/Ryu's game seem at and end. Ryu got he wanted Sachiko at the head of Ogasawara Zaibatsu. I won't be too upset if that is the end of Ryu in this story, but I would miss Suguru seeing he no longer has a horse in this game (or does he?).

Wondering who the group gathered together was, going through my head trying to figure it out. I am still looking for an end game, and what exactly is Yumi in all of this, why is she the King? (something I can't figure out as of yet).

"Yuuki-san must not know that Yumi has found it." Did Yumi find it? Isn't the 'it' The Passing Wind? If it is I don't remember her finding 'it' I about to re-read the last two chapter, I hate it when I miss something so important.
wadys06 chapter 23 . 4/12/2013
sobre yumi me parece perfecto es una parte de ella que nunca había visto es como si envolviera a los lectores a sus estado de de animo y su sufrimiento es casi como si lo estuviéramos viviendo. simplemente me facina una versión fría, distante, bella y con mucho encanto y no lo de siempre de una yumi sumisas y su típica personalidad

sobre suguru genial, debo admitir que nunca he sido un fan de el pero ahora eso comienza a cambiar,.
gracias por el capitulo me encanta como escribes sigue así
crageisfanficcrazy chapter 23 . 4/8/2013
ok its official. suguru is beyond craziness just insane maybe with supernatural ability.
he does everything. he knows too much. blessed with too many talents and too much is always a bad thing. so how are you going to end it with suguru and the old man..
oh my god...oh my god. i cant wait for your next chapter...

yumi... what can i say about yumi... she has no idea what was going on with the people around her but now she might have an idea or more. especially when she said this line
"You'll regret this . . . motherfucking bastard." oh yeah. heads will roll. dun dun dun. drum rolls please.

the feeling i get when i read this chapter is the same as watching the new season of games of thrones .
nah.. don't change the ratings. it suits just fine. do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good reading material here it fanfiction especially since its all free. hard. for no reason i am going back to read it again. that's how good this chapter is to me. the later part of the story is like a slow motion going on inside my head over and over again. awesome. is someone gonna end up dying here? just asking ...
Rasta Lioness chapter 23 . 4/7/2013
By far my favorite chapter yet.

Loved Suguru through most of this chapter, was dubious towards the end. So much was explained in the chapter I felt myself crawling out of the rabbit hole, only to feel your hand grab onto my ankle and drag me back down again towards the end.

Yumi was bad ass in this chapter, written well once again. The interplay between Suguru and Yumi was superb.

I don't think you have to change it to an M rating, but I may be wrong.
CelticX chapter 23 . 4/7/2013
I'll answer the rating question first. I think you're fine with a T, especially given today's teens. They hear much worse in school every day.

As for the artist, you totally foold me, so well done there. I love being proved wrong, especially when the truth is so much more exciting and scrumptious than I would have considered. You've got me hanging onto the edge of my seat and desperate for the next chapter.

As for Suguru, you've had me hating him and then loving him, hating, loving, again and again, I'm soooo confuuuussed! But I love it. And I love Yumi just as much. I feel so much for her and what she's been put through. Suguru had to have gotten it right when he said that she had to be feeling that something was wrong with her since those she loved never stayed; and that they enjoyed how selfless she was. Was it sadism, or just simple selfishness that they were always more important than the one they cared for? I won't say loved, because love is putting that person before yourself. There needs before your own. In that way, I think that there are really only two characters in this story that I would say truly love Yumi: Yuuki and Touko. Others, like Sei and, to a lesser extent, Yoshino, may care for her deeply, but nowhere in the way that these two do. Right now I can't put Suguru into that tiny little grouping. Maybe later? I guess you'll have to tell me, but I agree with Yumi right now. He's a fan looking for recognition and respect from his idol. And don't ask me how much that blows my mind!

Okay, next chapter...PLEASE!
CelticX chapter 22 . 4/1/2013
As you say, breadcrumbs all over the place ;-)

I loved it. My only real question at this point in the story is, well, I think I'll save that for now. I don't want to give anything away to those that read reviews.

And thank goodness you're nearly finished with ch 23. Cause I can't wait!
serenityskywalker chapter 22 . 4/1/2013
interesting please update new chapter that was mind blowing
Rasta Lioness chapter 22 . 3/31/2013
A masterful use of the entries to summarize the story and still yet give a different perspective, bravo. Can't wait until next chapter.
I wonder tho who was Yumi referring to when she said "Who the f**k are you?" It feels to me that she is speaking to herself, maybe seeing herself in the paintings before her and not recognizing herself in them?
See what your story has done to me? I sound like a lunatic even to myself. I LOVE IT!
crageisfanficcrazy chapter 21 . 3/10/2013
yup they had a huge fight in one of your chapters ,yoshino and yumi , exactly what real friends do.. they figth for what is right for there love ones. sometimes it is just so good to be honest to what we feel. it clears out all the confusion. i hate maps . i get lost following them. hehe. that's why i use gps. and touko's reaction is nothing but right in there situation. if i was in her shoes i'd probably say something like that too "are you finished now" then i add more and be a little meddler. hehe.

you'd be like yumi.. numb and stupid like a shouder with no empty. making lots of terrible decision. you just tell yourself move on. move on. move on. like a mantra. once you start doing that it is a wake up call for you to fix your problem and not to find a rubber to tamper with it temporarily(im referring to the professor here. big mistake there). accept, fix and then you get to move on. i need to mention yoshino cause i wanted to say that she is one of my favorite character in this piece of yours. we need more of her in this story. hey is it sei? the third person.s ee im getting myself involve in your story.

so yumi had a moment there. so happy to see yumi finally letting out some of this emotion that's has been eating here from the beginning of this chapter. wow is there really another painter? my god. im surprise. again! is it suguru. well he knows everything. he created this ordeal for all of them. right? he wants something big. well that's me being assumptious.

big and very deep sigh... wow i almost forgotten that the painting exist in this story. its some sort of an instrument that connects everyone of them. to sachiko is that all she wants for yumi to acknowledge her again...sorry im still kinda hopeful for them. you know with all the things that's been happening. its a 1% posibility there might still be a chance to mend the hearts and hope for more. since im a firm believer that sachiko wins all the 's been patient and it comes with the territory cause that's how i view her character. sachiko wants to fix things with her and yumi.. see there is still hope. maybe its just me, i like to see things in a different perspective.

looking forward for your next chapter. silentreader you are so awesome i really hope you get more reviews since that will fuel your writing creativity cause i enjoy reading the passing wind... love and peace... now im going back to watching desert heart. im a bit of embarrassed to impose my thoughts on you. since im just reader and your the one who does all this things.
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