Reviews for The Story Of Us
norly m chapter 5 . 10/28/2012
Don't stop. I wanna see how Merlin reveal him being magic to arthur. Also how long the boys hold off till love triumphs. Love your writing. Write some more. :) from Malaysia.
allthingsmagical chapter 5 . 5/6/2012
Do you know that it has taken me an hour to read this chapter as I wanted to take in every word. I can not begin to tell you how much I LOVE this chapter. It was just full of merthur and that is what I love the most. Arthur and Merlin skinny dipping. ARTHUR IN TIGHT SPEEDOS!W hat are you doing to me? my mind almost exploded when that image popped into my head as I read that bit. And someone stealing theoir clotes. I love whoever did that as it meant more merthur naked time ;) lol

Awesomely amazing and one of the best Merthur chapters I have read in such a long time.

The wait of this chapter was definitely worth it and I will gladly wait long if the next is as amazing as this one. And I have no doubt that it will be as it is you writing it after all.

When I got the email saying you had updated, the biggest grin appeared on my face and when I saw how long the chapter was I will admit a small squeal.

I am very much looking forward to the next chapter and I applaud you on such an astonishing chapter that is, I think, by far the best one yet. You just get better and better with the chapters as the story goes on.

(I have just realised that since finding FF. This is the longest review I have given. And it was for your story XD)

Well done again on an amazing chapter and I am very much looking forward to the next.

Until then x
Silent-Ninja x chapter 4 . 4/15/2012

(as i have told you before...)

I love the depth to Arthur's character, the alcohol problems, his parent issues, and most of all him needing Merlin just as much as Merlin needs him... It makes him a brilliant and well thought out character, and yet again it is totally believable :)

I love the introduction of Gwen, and the taste of Gwen/Lancelot was great, a lovely little side story to keep us entertained :)

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for updating so soon! Loved it, and as usual, I cant wait for more...


Magpie1600 chapter 4 . 4/15/2012
This is so sad. Merlin needs a real love now. Arthur is selfish and greedy with Merlin.
allthingsmagical chapter 4 . 4/15/2012
You dedicate this chapter to me? I LOVE YOU.

Thank you so much, you didn't have to but I thank you for doing so. And what an amazing chapter this was, Merlin comfirting his friend whilst ignoring his own heart that is breaking for Arthur, wanting to be with him. So many times it is so close and yet so far. Will they end up together eventually?

Please say they will. Arthur and Merlin belong to only each other, No-one else.

Thank youfor giving us readers another amazing chapter and I can't wait for the next one :)

Update soon please :) x
allthingsmagical chapter 3 . 4/12/2012
Wow. I loved this chapter. Merlin's heart break you just want to cuddle him and tell everything will be fine. But Arthur kissed him! about time I say, will there be a happy ending for these two. I can't wait for chapter four... seriously. I want more.

Please update soon with what I know will be a fabulous chapter :)x
Silent-Ninja x chapter 3 . 4/12/2012
I loose my internet for 3 days and this happens? 3 CHAPTERS! Gods I think I died and went to heaven when I saw... Although due to the screaming my dad thought I was having some sort of fit, again, thanks to you and your damned amazing writing skills!

all I can really say is WOW! I got your first chapter, loved it, and was dying inside when I couldn't tell you because of the stupid internet *mutters angrily under her breath* but this story is GREAT!

I loved Merlins thoughts, even though they were really sad and angsty, they were completely believable! And i love Arthur ( who doesn't...), he's so troubled and gorgeous, just like in the show :D

All I ask is that you make them kiss properly in the next chapter or sometime soon! It was so close, it had me yelling in frustration, making my dog fall off my bed in alarm ;)

Still love your writing, and please continue updating so often, I love it! (...and you of course!)

Bailieboro chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Just chanced on your story. Liked the way you gave more depth to the character of Merlin. You've made him into a real person as opposed to a one dimensional figure. Please continue with the story.
allthingsmagical chapter 2 . 4/11/2012
Hey I loved this chapter, a gorgeous Merthur moment of Merlin telling Arthur (not using the obvious words) how he felt about him, and once again Arthur all but said 'thank you' :( I loved this hearfelt chapter. I loved this bit as well:

'Your cheekbones are kicking right off'

'Are they?'

'Oh Yeah'

'You liking them?'

I have heard Bradley and Colin say that :D

Well done on a fab chapter and I can not wait for the next one :)
allthingsmagical chapter 1 . 4/9/2012

Another story and can I say. What a start! I love this and a big grin appeared on my face when I read it will have 10 chapters. I truly can not wait to read more. I loved this first chapter, like your others stories it is like reading poetry how you write, Why couldn't have Merlin told Arthur then. TELL EACH OTHER HOW YOU FEEL AND KISS ALREADY!

This is going on my favorites list where it belongs and I cannot wait to read more. Update soon please :)