Reviews for Loginquitas
death7559 chapter 33 . 46m
Really, Big Tiny's dead? Can't any really cool side characters survive to their full potential?
death7559 chapter 20 . 5h
Why the hell did two good main characters die before their potential?
stacey40 chapter 14 . 10/28
I really enjoying your writing.
DreamsInOblivion chapter 20 . 10/26
Honestly I am really mad you killed off Carol, especially before she has the wonderful character development the show gives her. She had one of the best changes over the show than anyone in my opinion and the depth and moral questions her character brings will be sorely missed (such as whether burning the sick in the prison was justified). She is such a badass now and it is upsetting her character was written out of the picture prior to reaching her full potential and utilizing the great depth her character brings to the table. What a tremendous pity I will now enjoy this fic significantly less now that my favorite character was so prematurely removed :(
Guest chapter 18 . 10/12
Where's Toby in the flashbacks?
Guest chapter 43 . 9/28
I don't cry when I read a sad book, but sadly i can't say that anymore thanks to this story.
kris10oflegend chapter 41 . 9/12
I wanted to wait until I finished the story to leave a review but I can't. Absolutely fantastic! I have read through so many of these stories looking for a half ass decent one (its so hard to find stories that keep the characters in character and aren't just a play- by- play of the episodes) I am so happy that I found this one. It's just so...satisfying! I'm excited to read more!
MisstyxTB chapter 5 . 8/30
Like it lol hahaha mama car annoyed by playful kitty
MisstyxTB chapter 2 . 8/29
The Guy with the eye patch their talking bout or who? Nice btw
Ul'Yana chapter 13 . 8/9
Your characterizations are almost fine, but you made the governor out to be too evil in a way that he's not. His people killed for survival, that was the foundation of their group and his leadership. He killed for supplies, not for kicks and giggles. He certainly didn't rape. While he did have a sadistic side, it wasn't the type of sadism that you portrayed.

As for Shane, so far, in this chapter at least, he's a little too untrusting. Shane didn't openly disagree to the point where he was this unreasonable. He snapped easily, that's true, but not like this. He cares deeply for his people, although Carl and Lori more, so he wouldn't be this harsh. Also, he only really snapped after Daryl came back half dead with only a doll. Instead in this AU, Daryl succeeds and Rick is proved right in his judgement to continue the search for Sofia. Shane is untrusting, but he's not completely unreasonable.

Those are the only characters you got OOC, but they are big issues that I suggest you think about, because as it stands, you make it seem like you are villianfying these characters to make your OC more likeable with a tragic past. It's an issue that I personally as a reader, find difficult to continue the story. Also, you made Daryl a bit more of a hardass than I picture, but the change is a writer's freedom in this case, so it's fine.

Other than that, the story is good. Your OC is likeable and your way of introducing characters is decent.

I suggest you think harder about the villains, because a writer should know the good points and bad points in their characters, even if they don't like them.
mattdombast chapter 41 . 8/8
mattdombast chapter 29 . 8/8
Kick ass
mattdombast chapter 28 . 8/8
I kinda want Shane to find someone
mattdombast chapter 27 . 8/8
I hope the Jones live
mattdombast chapter 26 . 8/8
Kill Thomas Andrew dexter
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