Reviews for Cultural Relativity
Filigranka chapter 1 . 11/16/2012
Oh mymymymymy, it's sooo stereotypically Eastern European in any possible way. "West? West is just the bunch of stupid, arrogant bullies, lazy, spoiled dictators and colonialists, which, accidentally, rule the world; kids, really, one should forgive them". Well, Victor wants to rule the world too and he is not very forgiving, but let's just call it a personal trait. ; - ) This thin line between arrogance and inferiority complex, between fear and need/admiration of power, between suffering and ruthlessness, mymymy, sooo true.

And, of course, the western blissfully ignorance is portrayed very well - it's not conscious cruelty, which would make Doom a victim, which would be far too easy explanation. No, his colleagues simply don't understand and don't know, they can't and won't understand, and he has no patience nor empathy for their lack, their happiness, their carefreeness (something similar is taking place in the newest X-Men film* [Last Stand?] between Eric and Xavier, though I'm not really sure if it was a director's intention; and Eric is a very, very patient man). A pity, really, he should. ; - )

Great story. It's hard to find a fic which takes into consideration character's origins.

(and forgive me my English, please)

*Something much more similar is described in thousands novels about IIWW and totalitarian regimes, but I doubt if they were translated into English. Well, and their authors definitely went into "forgive-them" mode.
NoMatterHowMuchYouFeedTheWolf chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
This was amazing.
madbrad chapter 1 . 4/10/2012
Whew. Okay, Victor's personality may, in some part, be due to circumstances and environment out of his control ...

... but at this point his a deadly little bit of vermin, isn't he? Every pore screaming his contempt for every other person in existence, it seems.

I don't have much pity for him as of the end of this story.